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Wittenberg / Re: Calling Council of Governors
« Last post by xpb on Today at 12:14:06 AM »
In that case, I believe @Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir is the new Chair of the Council of Governors.

So will a session be called for said council?   Should such an entity rate a forum?
Yes.  When we passed the Seneschal Election Bill this is one thing I wish we had done differently.  Before it was Clarked I always imagined a Seneschal election to be open to all Members of the Ziu, so yes, I welcome this amendment.

The second point, I believe, happened because of the statutory timings of the budget, but in practice the extra month has proved unnecessary.  So, again, I support.
Speaking as the SoS who had to inform the party leaders of the rules around the last Seneschal election I think these changes would be great.
The Senate / Re: 55th Cosâ 5th Clark (March 2021) Senäts debate and voting thread
« Last post by GV on March 03, 2021, 05:13:29 PM »
Për on the bill in question

GV, Fiôvâ

There are two bills in this Clark...

You are indeed correct!  I've made a notation in the incipit to this thread and have edited my own votes thusly.  My bad for reading the version I used originally a little too swiftly. - GV
The Hopper / Re: Fifth Covenant - Inadvertent Reversion
« Last post by Viteu on March 03, 2021, 04:51:19 PM »
Man, it's embarrassing to get a reminder of how little the Ziu (me included) actually reads this stuff.  :(

I'm as guilty as anyone, I fear.

I'd ask this also get clarked.

Is this a bill? In this threads current form I don’t see anything to Clark.

This is on me. I said I'd submit a bill and never got around to it. I'll throw something together
PER on both.
Yeah, both of these things would be improvements.
What support would there be for the following amendments?

1) From Section 5, paragraph 2:

The method of election of a Seneschál shall be Ranked Choice Voting. Each member of the Cosâ shall have as many votes in the election as the seats which he hold in the Cosâ, but shall cast his votes as one bloc and have no divided conscience. The candidates for each such election shall be only the recognized and commonly known leader of nominated by each political party which shall have earned representation in the Cosâ at the most recent general election.

(Rationale: a party might want to nominate someone else than their "recognized leader" as Seneschal, why not)

2) First sentence of Section 6:

The second Clark of every Ziu may entertain business as normal, but especially shall occur after a month of recess following the first Clark.

Why do we need a compulsory month of recess? If an incoming Seneschál needs a while to get their Cabinet together, they can ask the King/Regent for a month of recess under OrgLaw IV.9. Having each Cosa last 8 months, during two of which the Ziu can't consider legislation, seems to drag on people's patience.
I will try to get it fixed. MPF is unable to help me today so hopefully tomorrow we can get it looked at. The link I provided in my main thread on voting is accurate though.
Nope, exactly the same results
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