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Our 43rd Independence Day

Started by King John, December 26, 2021, 06:10:44 PM

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King John

Our Forty-Third Independence Day

On this, the day of Talossa's independence, we celebrate our nation.  No one could ever have predicted this outcome in 1979/I.  The quirky dream of an American boy has led to a rich and long heritage which is embraced by people all over the world.  Who knows what the future might yet bring?

During these past forty-three years, we have seen enormous changes.  We have transitioned from demagogue to democracy; we have moved from a small conclave of Wisconsinites to a global community; we have turned from clumsy copying to cultural innovation.  Talossa has faced schism after schism, and yet we have emerged as a united nation.  So whatever does lie ahead, I am confident we can handle it if we hold fast to our strengths.

These things remain true when we consider our current difficulties.  We must work hard to preserve this country that we love.  We must do this not for ourselves, but for the countless others out there, yet anonymous: those people who are Talossan in their heart, though they might not yet know it.

I have worked at resuming a healthy level of activity, and I will redouble my efforts in the new year.  I can report personally that I have retired from my often-demanding work only recently, which will afford me the leisure time to devote myself more vigorously to my duties (as well as to the delightful demands of being a grandfather).   I call on all Talossans to do the same.

—  John Regeu

C. M. Siervicül

Happy Independence Day! Sa viva el Regeu, es sa viva el Regipäts Talossan!


Happy retirement, John!  What was your career, if I may ask?