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Re: A Florencia Renewed It seems the appointment did come, although on Old Witt. Congratulations, Breneir, and welcome back to full activity!
December 04, 2019, 05:14:49 PM
Re: Nimlet Session Azul

Do we plan a New organic law for our province?

I think its Time no?

December 23, 2019, 10:03:40 AM
Re: Nimlet Session - The governor should be elected every cosa election.
- We should introduce delay and rules for the Nimlet.
- The nimlet should be the one who name the Senator in case of vacancy.
- The Custaval should not be able to vetos a Nimlet resolution without the Nimlet be able to remove it by a 2/3 votes.

This is just a short list.


December 27, 2019, 11:47:57 PM
A Citizen's Proposal of Honors I occasionally have email correspondence with citizen J.K. Kelley, who, coincidentally, is an active member on the coin forum on which I advertised our five louis coins and kindly vouched that it was legit. I recently received this message from him and he asked that I post it.


How many Talossans have received orders of knighthood? According to the wiki, the number is twelve for the Order of the Nation. The text:

The Crown recognises worthy citizens, offering them admission into the order for long and dedicated service to the nation, or for particular acts of valour in the defence of the realm.

I submit that Royal Archivist @GV is extraordinarily deserving of this honor. So much so in fact that, if he doesn't qualify for it, I can't think of who might.

For years, and with only modest assistance, GV been gathering up every Talossan archive he could find, putting them into some semblance of order, and making the information available to all. You probably saw his recent publication of the texts of the Big History and Ar Pats, complete with Talossan name repair so as to protect the public anonymity of those who might desire it. I'm a professional editor, and I can tell you that this must have required enormous amounts of work and dedication. You certainly didn't see me stepping up to do any of it.

He has done this work without embroilment in the political mudflinging that so pollutes the Talossan political environment, for no compensation, on his own time and initiative. Without his efforts, much would have been lost or mislaid, and far less would likely be available to the public. That meets any rational standard for dedicated service. As for length of service, he showed up not long after my original involvement in Talossa. How long ago? He first appears on the scene, according to Ar Pats which he just republished, in 2002.

He's been at this for seventeen years. That's almost long enough for a Dandelion to be born, grow up, and attain adult citizenship. That's "long" by any reasonable definition of the term. All this time, he has done his best for reconciliation, historical preservation, and cultural progress. So far as I'm aware, he doesn't have an enemy in Talossa. I am confident that you, and a majority of any segment of the population one might select, would agree that GV has been one of the best things ever to happen to the Kingdom, the Republic, and again the Kingdom. I have a difficult time imagining any grounds on which even a small minority could dissent from that statement.

January 06, 2020, 01:54:02 PM
Re: Nimlet Session I wish to apologize personally to the Governor and generally to the people of Florencia for the overall quietness on my part. Certainly I have not done a good job to transition to the New Wittenberg.

To my esteemed colleague, Mr. Mximo: there is a draft proposal yet of a new constitution for our beloved province, and it will be ready soon for presentment to the public. I, the Governor, and the sitting Constable have worked on it in the past 6 weeks.

Having said that, I want to address the following...

- The governor should be elected every cosa election.
- We should introduce delay and rules for the Nimlet.
- The nimlet should be the one who name the Senator in case of vacancy.
- The Custaval should not be able to vetos a Nimlet resolution without the Nimlet be able to remove it by a 2/3 votes.

The draft, as it currently is constituted, does introduce rules for the Nimlet. Check.
It also introduces the ability of the Nimlet to override a veto by 2/3 votes. Check.
Unfortunately, however, it would inOrganic at this time to allow that a Senator be chosen in any manner by the Nimlet.
Lastly, why should the governor be elected at all?

January 09, 2020, 10:17:38 AM
Newsweek article on micronations and Coronavirus quotes your Seneschál Ha ha ha, he actually looked it up on l'Översteir :D

Azul from Talossa!

The Greater Talossan Area roughly overlaps with the East Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the Kingdom itself—founded in 1979, when 14-year-old Robert Ben Madison, first in a line of elected kings and queens, declared his bedroom a sovereign state—is one of the earliest and most successful examples of a primarily online micronation, with more than a hundred active citizens around the world. Since 1995, Talossa has developed an elaborate government and culture, with a two-chamber legislature, cabinet ministers, political parties and its idiosyncratic invented language.

"We are like any other micronation out there in that what we do is very tongue-in-cheek and gives our participants a chance to make a difference in a unique societal framework," Talossian Jeffrey Ragsdale told Newsweek.

According to Talossan Prime Minister Daphne Lawless, Talossans haven't had an in-person meet up for several months, ensuring that "community transmission of COVID-19 in Talossa is zero."

"Talossans are pioneers at social distancing," Prime Minister Daphne Lawless told Newsweek, citing the exclusively online nature of their government and civic life. "For our Big Neighbour, the United States of America, I wish nothing but the best of health and welfare."

The Prime Minister ended our email correspondence with a Talossan proverb: "Voastra soleu ispéu da sürvivonçă, c'è despasar acest malignh crisomileu din la Casă Biancă."

Using their online lexicon, their proverb translates loosely to, "Your only hope for survival is to get rid of that orange goblin in the White House."

April 10, 2020, 07:21:46 PM
Re: Financial Update, May 11, 2020

Can you share a bit more info about Varo? I am familiar with Ally Bank but not this particular institution.

Varo Money is a app-centered "fintech" startup base in San Francisco, something like three years old, that just got formal regulatory approval to be a "real" national US bank.

That kind of background means I'm a little bit concerned that if we swapped to them, we could have troubles as a result of them going under.  Not lose-the-deposit troubles, since they're FDIC insured (that is, the US government backs depositors to $250,000, an amount we're well under), but still various possible difficulties involving access.  That made a switch not worthwhile given that it translated to a bit over $3/year in interest at our current balance, but if Ally cut rates again this year and if Varo Money stayed where it was, then it might have become worthwhile, which is why I was keeping an eye on them.

You might notice I used the past tense there.  They've dropped their rate to 1.41% since my last post, which not only means the immediate incentive went down, but indicates that they will indeed drop rates pretty much in concert with the overall market (including Ally) in the future.  Which isn't remotely surprising, but also means it's not worth the hassle of a switchover, or risks that might attend their going under.

May 16, 2020, 12:22:46 AM
Caution: Election results ahead! In about 30 minutes, the database will reveal the preliminary results of the elections here:

Keep in mind that these are preliminary results. There is always a chance that the result could still change before certification.

Also, the database will only post the raw senate votes. The calculations may in some case be quite complicated. I will likely post the full senate calculations on witt somewhere in the coming days. Of course, using the information in the database anyone can theoretically figure out who won.

Somewhere in the coming days (probably tuesday) I will contact the Electoral Commission about certification. This could then still take a while. The deadline (I think) is 14 days after the election results. It is possible they will be certified earlier, but please don't assume this will be the case. Patience is key here.

As for now: enjoy election night!

August 01, 2020, 07:03:35 PM
Re: Nimlet election Well thanks...

The Chancery does not report to the nimlet, yet without consultation you wrote a provincial law telling the Chancery what to do. Nothing is stopping you from going to the CpI if you think I'm breaking the OrgLaw. I've tried to explain my perspective on this. Fine if you disagree with my interpretation, but please don't call me obnoxious.

(Edit: I'm fine with stubborn though)

August 02, 2020, 11:45:42 AM
Re: Legal Questions There is not much appeal in the role of legislative janitor.
August 02, 2020, 01:02:29 PM