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Had a go at making a new version of the National Anthem Had a go at making a new version of the National Anthem.  I can't seem to embed SoundCloud here, so you'll have to use the direct link for it:


For the music people:
Arranged using:

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 (hardware MIDI controller)

Cockos Repear (DAW)

VSTi Soft Synths: NI Analogue Dreams, Xfer Serum, ProjectSAM TFO, Versilian Upright Piano, Sketch Chromatic, Sketch Cello, Sketch Trombone, Sketch Timpani, EW Harp II, Manda PowerDrums and TS-808 (a TR-808 clone).

Other Plugins used: ReaXComp, ReaComp, ReaEQ, ReaVerbate, ReaVerb and BlueARP.

May 16, 2020, 02:19:13 AM
Announcing the League of Centre Conservatives Are you ready for a conservative party that actually does something?

For years, the representatives of Talossan conservatives in the Ziu have left much to be desired. Rarely did they ever take part in political discussion: As far back as the 50th Cosa, it was in fact the MRPT, not the RUMP, that did most of the campaigning in favor of a non-figurehead Monarchy. The 54th Cosa's attempt at conservative representation, the ZPT, was so hapless that it did not even claim its Cosa seats at all!

Talossans passionate about preserving the Monarchy deserve better representation than that.

Centrists, too, need an alternative to parties that embrace plans to disassemble the Senate and the provinces.

Finally, it has been ages since the Government had to deal with any serious opposition. Even if you are not a conservative, or if I am not your preferred spokesperson for Talossan conservatism, you have to admit I have been active in Talossa for more than five years, and that I know how to lead the effort to hold the governing parties to account. I know how they work; I've been in Government with them for the better part of those five years! Know your enemy.

Here in the League of Centre Conservatives, we have a very simple manifesto:
- We believe the King should be more than a powerless figurehead
- We believe the provinces, and their representation in the Senate, is an important facet of Talossan culture and politics
- We believe the Government should have to face an active opposition

Without the LCC, anyone more conservative than the Free Democrats (a serious chunk of Talossa's population, I'd say) would have no representation in the upcoming election. This is a large group of people to try to unify, consisting of many viewpoints, experiences, temperaments, prior political movements, etc. I named it "League" for a reason; I am not demanding your loyalty or writing a novella-length manifesto. The goal here is simple; give some amount of representation to a group of Talossans who have lacked it for a long time.

We are in pretty desperate need of citizens to hold our Cosa seats. Whether a citizen for one day or twenty years, if this message resonates with you, post here or send me a message.

Long live the King!

July 09, 2020, 08:05:59 PM
The most important Senäts election in years This is something that, to my discredit, I hadn't worked out until yesterday, when I realised why it was so vitally important that Ián Tamorán get on the ballot for the Cézembre Senäts seat.

The answer for that is: given the seats up for election this time - if the incumbent Senators win in Cézembre and Maritiimi-Maxhestic, conservative or at least anti-reform forces will have a blocking majority.

Let's look at the current makeup:
- the four Senäts seats not up for re-election are two Free Democrats, and two Senators who, in the 54th Cosa, voted CONTRA on everything the Government proposed, no exaggeration. One is acting out of personal bitterness because the Government tried (unsucessfully) to hold him to account for lying on his immigration form. The other is an embodiment of extreme Monarchist reaction, a former UC justice who resigned under threat of impeachment, who holds the current Seneschál personally responsible for driving Talossans away, due to my repellent personality or skill in voodoo hexes or something.
- it seems safe to predict that the Free Democrats will win this time in Vuode, and the NPW in Benito.

That's FreeDems 3, NPW 1, Absolutely Negative Forces Of Obstruction 2 so far.

What about Cézembre and M-M? Sir X. Pol Briga is a Talossan with a long-standing record of achievement who has earned great respect. Nevertheless, he was a reliable support of monarchist conservatism for most of that time, and he was parachuted into the Cézembre seat at the last minute by royal appointment - after the elected Free Democrat senator was disqualified due to a muck-up in the framing of the OrgLaw. With no disrespect, I think we can safely predict how Sir Pol would vote on any further democratic reforms.

As to Ián Plätschisch, I don't have much bad to say about the incumbent Distáin. But he has clearly set out his shingle as a voice of (centrist?) conservatism this time. He has already indicated that he will vote against even letting the people have a say in referendum the future of royal powers, never mind any actual changes to those power. (It's also important to note that, should he be defeated in the Senäts, he will no doubt take up Cosa seats and continue to contribute very well.)

In summary, then: If X. Pôl Briga and Ián Plätschisch are re-elected to the Senäts, that's 4 out of 8 Senators committed to blocking any OrgLaw reforms, and in some cases to blocking everything we do at all. Even if Free Democrats and Peculiarists get a thumping supermajority, this "Gang of Four" could ensure the status quo for a whole Cosa term.

Please don't let them.

Vote for Ián Tamorán in Cézembre.
Vote for Cresti dal Nouacastra in Maritiimi-Maxhestic.

Grült méirçi.

July 15, 2020, 06:08:25 PM
Re: The most important Senäts election in years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me58aT9CbK8
July 16, 2020, 08:22:56 PM
The LCC Executive Platform When I wrote the manifesto of the League of Centre Conservatives, I was as big-tent as possible; after all, we are now the only party in a space that used to be occupied by two, and sometimes three, different parties. Therefore, I left out details of how we would govern were we to win the election. However, it's important that voters know we have a plan, beyond simply being a pro-Monarchist party, and therefore we present
The LCC Executive Platform
-We will reintroduce the Prime Minister's Days of Observance program, which was so popular when I implemented it during the 52nd Cosa that it got its own TalossaWiki page. I pledge to eat as many weird sandwiches as necessary, not only to encourage editing the wiki, but also other initiatives such as a fundraising drive, interaction with new citizens, etc.
-We will create a clear list of what government positions are open and how to apply for them. I also won't hesitate to fire anyone who is not doing anything with their post (I've done it before); vacancies are OK because there is the possibility someone will come along and get active in the post.

-We will continue to find fun uses for Talossan social media accounts, such as the excessive celebrations of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Istuporaziua on Twitter and the "This Day in History" series on Facebook
-We will create a refreshed version of "What's Happening in Talossa?" to make it easier for new and returning citizens to get involved.

-Ministers will be expected to lead by example and coordinate and participate in cultural initiatives outside of Government.

-We will investigate partially diversifying the Kingdom's portfolio, which currently is held exclusively in a savings account, into higher-yielding assets
-We will conduct a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Kingdom

-We will market our coins and stamps to members of the micronational community
-We will investigate ways to become involved in programs in the Greater Talossan Area

-We will produce physical manifestations of Talossan citizenship, such as ID cards, citizenship certificates, and donation certificates
-We will attempt to arrange a trip to Cezembre for citizens who are able to attend

July 22, 2020, 06:46:43 PM