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Re: Glheþinaziun d'ar friul noveu I still hate the traditional orthography, because it has so many redundant diacritics.
December 06, 2019, 08:26:59 PM
Re: Wittmeister's Feature List
Can you change the default "stay logged in" time to be 480 minutes instead of 120?

Incidentally, we're having issues with the Discord shoutbox embed, which probably began tonight when the developers answered my request for a CSS slot and messed something up in the process. I'm in touch with them to bring it back.

December 10, 2019, 07:48:21 AM
Re: The Speech from the Throne (40th Anniversary) Good speech. Thumbs up from this minion.

If you do get another, please adopt a rescue dog. Lots of people want a puppy. It's the castaways that need a loving home.

My last 8 dogs (we've generally kept a pack of 3-4 at a time) were all adopted in the age range of 9 months to 3 years and gave our family lots of love in the 3.5-13.5 years they lived.

Our 5 year old Labrador died unexpectedly at the end of September and we're still feeling the loss. We got him from a kill shelter on December 19, 2015. Probably the saddest circumstances and the most rehabilitation we've ever endured in rescuing an animal, but I'd change nothing. Sometimes you get ~4 years. Sometimes you get ~14.  Every day with each of them was a gift. Well... is. We currently have two. Both were surrendered by people who didn't realize the responsibility of large breed dog ownership until they had 70 pound, partially-trained young adults rampaging the house.

~ SP

December 26, 2019, 08:55:09 AM
Re: Talossan judicial precedents Everyone. Stop. You're misunderstanding.

A motion to reargue/renew does not undermine stare decisis or judicial precedence.

This motion is available at all NY's court levels. They're quite common at the trial level, and maybe success is more possible but still rare. It does not upset stare decisis because it's usually the court got the facts or law wrong. The last time I saw it happen was I had won a motion to sever and then a motion to dismiss. In the underlying action, the clerk never removed my client from the matter. When the law secretary wrote up a new order after other motions, somehow I was back in a second third-party action. Surprisingly, my adversary, who lost her motion, moved to renew to clarify the parties. I was taken out.

The motions are also made at the appeallate level. They are not a bad thing. They're rarely granted. They don't hurt stare decisis because it's usually done pretty quickly.

Now, if the Court issues a decision and interprets a new law, but goes the other way, they could hurt. The Court should explain why it upsetting stare decisis.

Stare decisis is very strong in NY, and I think my analogy got misconstrued. NY courts can fix something if they got it wrong, but it's not like this is common place. So can we take a step back here?

January 20, 2020, 10:04:38 PM
Re: Was Reunision a mistake? I fear if the NHMA passes we will essentially have a Monarchy in name only.

Also, I don't think it would have any chance of passing if all citizens that were active eight years ago had remained active and present. (Not in itself an argument for or against obviously, but it does leave somewhat of a bitter taste, for me anyway).

I don't think reunision was a mistake though. Certainly, not having reunision would have been worse.  Also, a lot of the analysis tracing current politics back to pre-reunision days completely overlooks how for a long time post-reunision politics wasn't dominated by the powers that existed in the Republic or pre-reunision Kingdom.

But plenty of mistakes were made after reunision (I played a role in some of them) and this is going to be another one.

May 08, 2020, 06:09:13 PM
Re: [ZUÁVS] Overview, recruitment, and Promotions While we are very sorry to hear of Sir Alexandreu's resignation, the good news is that we already have an application for the vacant post of El Capitán da l'Altahál! We hope to announce something shortly after Cabinet discussion.
June 16, 2020, 06:47:04 PM
The most important Senäts election in years This is something that, to my discredit, I hadn't worked out until yesterday, when I realised why it was so vitally important that Ián Tamorán get on the ballot for the Cézembre Senäts seat.

The answer for that is: given the seats up for election this time - if the incumbent Senators win in Cézembre and Maritiimi-Maxhestic, conservative or at least anti-reform forces will have a blocking majority.

Let's look at the current makeup:
- the four Senäts seats not up for re-election are two Free Democrats, and two Senators who, in the 54th Cosa, voted CONTRA on everything the Government proposed, no exaggeration. One is acting out of personal bitterness because the Government tried (unsucessfully) to hold him to account for lying on his immigration form. The other is an embodiment of extreme Monarchist reaction, a former UC justice who resigned under threat of impeachment, who holds the current Seneschál personally responsible for driving Talossans away, due to my repellent personality or skill in voodoo hexes or something.
- it seems safe to predict that the Free Democrats will win this time in Vuode, and the NPW in Benito.

That's FreeDems 3, NPW 1, Absolutely Negative Forces Of Obstruction 2 so far.

What about Cézembre and M-M? Sir X. Pol Briga is a Talossan with a long-standing record of achievement who has earned great respect. Nevertheless, he was a reliable support of monarchist conservatism for most of that time, and he was parachuted into the Cézembre seat at the last minute by royal appointment - after the elected Free Democrat senator was disqualified due to a muck-up in the framing of the OrgLaw. With no disrespect, I think we can safely predict how Sir Pol would vote on any further democratic reforms.

As to Ián Plätschisch, I don't have much bad to say about the incumbent Distáin. But he has clearly set out his shingle as a voice of (centrist?) conservatism this time. He has already indicated that he will vote against even letting the people have a say in referendum the future of royal powers, never mind any actual changes to those power. (It's also important to note that, should he be defeated in the Senäts, he will no doubt take up Cosa seats and continue to contribute very well.)

In summary, then: If X. Pôl Briga and Ián Plätschisch are re-elected to the Senäts, that's 4 out of 8 Senators committed to blocking any OrgLaw reforms, and in some cases to blocking everything we do at all. Even if Free Democrats and Peculiarists get a thumping supermajority, this "Gang of Four" could ensure the status quo for a whole Cosa term.

Please don't let them.

Vote for Ián Tamorán in Cézembre.
Vote for Cresti dal Nouacastra in Maritiimi-Maxhestic.

Grült méirçi.

July 15, 2020, 06:08:25 PM
Re: Announcing the League of Centre Conservatives I made a thing xD
July 18, 2020, 04:36:36 PM
New Job Vacancy site - NOW LIVE We now have a working job vacancy site, which has passed alpha testing and is now ready to be unveiled.   ;D

This new resource has been added to the main Kingdom website at as shown below:

You can also access the site with this direct link:

This will allow all job opportunities within the kingdom to be posted in a single venue, hopefully making it easier to get people involved in projects. 

Please consider these new pages to be in beta, which means some tweaking may be required to make them work perfectly flawlessly, however, we believe that any such tweaks should be simple cosmetic ones at this stage as the actual functionality of the site seems to be all working.

At present, all jobs being posted will require admin approval.  This is simply to eliminate spambots from attacking the thing. 

Any problems or issues please report below.

July 19, 2020, 07:44:10 PM
Royal Bank & Post online store tweaked (coins&stamps) The Royal Bank and Post pages for stamps and coins have been amalgamated to create one single webpage to function as an 'online store'.  Previously, these items were on seperate solo pages of their own. 

However, that particular tweak is secondary to the removal of the solo pages from the top down menu on in favour of a much more prominent web banner on the sidebar as shown below:

(In doing this I found a little bit of an issue that may require some tweaking by @Istefan Perþonest - The PayPal link for stamps leads to a lovely little order form, while the link for coins does not.  If the Burgermeister could take a look at this and let me know if a snazzy form for coins could be created like the one for stamps?)

July 19, 2020, 07:52:13 PM