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Re: Opening the Cabana!
As Premier of Maricopa, it is my pleasure to officially open our new home on Witt!

This is a great day for Talossa.  We are free of ProBoards!!

As a former Maricopan Governor, I heartily wave to all of you.

December 03, 2019, 05:24:14 PM
Re: Opening the Cabana! Darn, I was hoping to be the first haha!
December 05, 2019, 07:50:04 AM
BREAKING NEWS: Seneschál completely safe
December 08, 2019, 10:05:51 PM
[Interior] [Provincial] Council of Governors - Call to Order WHEREAS the Free Democrats were elected with a mandate to form the Council of Governors as stated in their manifesto for the 54th Cosa, and
WHEREAS the parties, the Free Democrats, Awakening and Magnifying Passion and the Peculiar Nationalist Party, entered into a governing coalition and as part of that have agreed upon a Programme for Government, and
WHEREAS the Programme for Government includes the mandated Free Democrat policy to form the Council of Governors, so

THEREFORE in accordance with El Lexhatx D.9.1., which states, "The Minister of the Interior shall call the Council into order no later than the first day of the first Clark of each Cosa term",

I, the Right Honourable Éovart Grischun, the Minister of the Interior for H.M. Government, hereby call the Council of Governors (el Cußéglh del Governadéirs) to order, on this the 19th day of December of the year 2019.

FURTHERMORE, I bring to the attention of the executive officers of the provinces the following text as quoted from the same statute as above, which reads: "Each provincial executive shall accept his or her seat in the Council no later than the last day of that Clark".

ADDITIONALLY, I say, the government appears to have zero authority over the actions of the council, however, the government requests of the council, once formed, the following mission and timetable:

a) REQUESTED MISSION FOR CG: As stated in H.M. Government's Programme for Government; to recommend a future for provincial governments, including suggestions for further mergers.


  • Prior to first day of first Clark: Minister of Interior calls council to order
  • No later than last day of first Clark: Provincial executives accept their seats on council
  • Last day of the month that the first Clark concludes within:  If applicable, Minister of Interior to act in accordance with LEX.D.9.1.1 and LEX.D.9.5
  • No later than the last day of the second Clark: The council to meet the obligations of LEX.E.9.2 and LEX.E.9.3
  • No later than the first day of the fifth Clark: Forward final recommendations and reports to H.M. Government so that enough time exists for the government to Hopper and Clark any Bills resulting from those recommendations and reports in the final sixth Clark.

EVEN-MORE-SO the government reserves the option to seek a statutory instrument from the Ziu to enforce the sought mission and timetable.

Relevant Statutes:


El Lexhatx

D. The Government

9. The Ziu authorises the formation of a Council of Governors (el Cußéglh del Governadéirs in Talossan, abbreviated CG) to be comprised of each provincial executive, whether he or she is called "Governor" or not.

9.1. The Minister of the Interior shall call the Council into order no later than the first day of the first Clark of each Cosa term. Each provincial executive shall accept his or her seat in the Council no later than the last day of that Clark. (51RZ9)

9.1.1. If the executive of a province does not accept his or her seat by the specified time, the Minister of the Interior may appoint a resident of that province to the Council, who shall serve until the executive of that province accepts his or her seat. The Minister of the Interior shall not appoint him or herself to the Council in this manner. (51RZ9)

9.2. The Council shall meet and operate under rules of its own design. (51RZ9)

9.3. The Governor-General of Talossa shall be the leader of the Council, chosen by a majority of the Council members (who are the collective governors and provincial leaders of Talossa). In matters provincial, the Governor-General shall serve as a liaison to the Government of Talossa, to serve at the behest of the Council of Governors. (32RZ10) (51RZ9)

9.4. If a member of the Council ceases to be a provincial executive, he or she shall immediately lose his or her seat in the Council. The new executive of the province shall have one month to accept his or her seat in the Council, after which the Minister of the Interior may appoint a resident of that province to the Council, who shall serve until the new provincial executive accepts his or her seat. (51RZ9)

9.5. If a province is without an executive, the Minister of the Interior may appoint a resident of that province to the Council, who shall serve until the province elects an executive and that executive accepts his or her seat. (51RZ9)

December 20, 2019, 02:38:30 AM
A Citizen's Proposal of Honors I occasionally have email correspondence with citizen J.K. Kelley, who, coincidentally, is an active member on the coin forum on which I advertised our five louis coins and kindly vouched that it was legit. I recently received this message from him and he asked that I post it.


How many Talossans have received orders of knighthood? According to the wiki, the number is twelve for the Order of the Nation. The text:

The Crown recognises worthy citizens, offering them admission into the order for long and dedicated service to the nation, or for particular acts of valour in the defence of the realm.

I submit that Royal Archivist @GV is extraordinarily deserving of this honor. So much so in fact that, if he doesn't qualify for it, I can't think of who might.

For years, and with only modest assistance, GV been gathering up every Talossan archive he could find, putting them into some semblance of order, and making the information available to all. You probably saw his recent publication of the texts of the Big History and Ar Pats, complete with Talossan name repair so as to protect the public anonymity of those who might desire it. I'm a professional editor, and I can tell you that this must have required enormous amounts of work and dedication. You certainly didn't see me stepping up to do any of it.

He has done this work without embroilment in the political mudflinging that so pollutes the Talossan political environment, for no compensation, on his own time and initiative. Without his efforts, much would have been lost or mislaid, and far less would likely be available to the public. That meets any rational standard for dedicated service. As for length of service, he showed up not long after my original involvement in Talossa. How long ago? He first appears on the scene, according to Ar Pats which he just republished, in 2002.

He's been at this for seventeen years. That's almost long enough for a Dandelion to be born, grow up, and attain adult citizenship. That's "long" by any reasonable definition of the term. All this time, he has done his best for reconciliation, historical preservation, and cultural progress. So far as I'm aware, he doesn't have an enemy in Talossa. I am confident that you, and a majority of any segment of the population one might select, would agree that GV has been one of the best things ever to happen to the Kingdom, the Republic, and again the Kingdom. I have a difficult time imagining any grounds on which even a small minority could dissent from that statement.

January 06, 2020, 01:54:02 PM
Re: Was Reunision a mistake?
The day is not far when the present government will try to turn this country into a Republic. Reunison destroyed the Constitutional fabric of the Nation.

Perhaps having a Republic is a good thing (if you can keep it)!

May 15, 2020, 02:22:24 PM
Resignation as Secretary of State Fellow Talossans,

yesterday I informed the Seneschal and His Majesty of my intent to resign as Secretary of State.
I will not leave immediately, but will stay on my post until the election results have been certified by the Electoral Commission.

During my time as Secretary of State, we managed to get more comprehensive election rules, set precedents on a number of matters, including the correct enforcement of the laws surrounding write-in parties, and managed to draft a new wittiquette for the new forum.

However, there are also a number of things I had hoped to achieve, but never got around to, most notably including a further expansion of chancery staff, reform of the hopper, and a completed witt moderation guide. Perhaps a future SoS will be more succesful in these regards.

Many thanks are due to Marti-Pair Furxheir. Doing this job simply would not be possible without his continued efforts on the Talossan database.

When I became SoS I renounced my party membership, including access to party fora and discussion groups. I have also tried to refrain from making any public partisan comments, especially during election season. This has been a source of frustration at times, and I will be relieved to speak more freely from now on. Even so, I don't regret it as it is important that the referee of Talossan democracy should not be seen to have any partisan allegiance. I can only strongly advise my successor to do the same.

During the coming weeks I will try to assist my successor as much as possible with their new task.
Afterwards I will finish the Talossan Music Top 20 (which I hope many people will participate in) and then most likely take a temporary break from Talossa.

It was a priviledge serving this Kingdom as Secretary of State.

¡Sa viva el Regeu! ¡Sa viva Talossa!

Glüc da Dhi

August 01, 2020, 07:40:13 PM
Retirement from the Bench Azul,

After careful consideration and upon consultation with the government, I have decided to retire from the Uppermost Cort as I plan on assuming another public office that is in conflict with my current role.

I have loved my years on the bench and while I am sad to be leaving the Cort, I look forward to the next adventure.

My retirement is effective upon taking up my new office and said office will be announced in due time.

Thank you and I wish the best to my soon to be former colleagues on the UC.

August 02, 2020, 09:57:09 PM
Re: Placeholder Act to Remind Me to Write an Act A modest suggestion:

Select the 59 Talossans who have been citizens for longest. Reduce that number to 26 (1+9+7+9) by lot. Allow each of the 26 to nominate three other individuals. Any Talossan who receives at least two nominations goes into a pool, but if the number of those is less than 30 then the 26 selected by lot get to make another nomination until the number is at least 30. The 30 are reduced by lot to 16 (7+9) who become the members of the college, then any members of the council of regency (UC) who are not already members by nomination get added as ex officio members. The senior judge of the UC presides over the college with the title of moderator.

Then you make the college assemble in person and lock them in Merrill Hall in Abbavilla until a new king is selected. After each unsuccessful ballot they send up red smoke from the chimney (does Merrill Hall have a chimney?). A successful ballot is marked by green smoke, and the appearance of the moderator of the college on the balcony of Merrill Hall (does Merrill Hall have a balcony?) to announce habemus regem!

Seriously, though, I do like the suggestion Eiric made.

August 07, 2020, 07:55:12 PM
Re: Placeholder Act to Remind Me to Write an Act I like the smoke idea, but make it simpler: AD and I just go into a room and smoke bowl after bowl of weed (listening to Pink Floyd and Yes on repeat) until we agree on a King. Problem is that if the weed is good enough it'll be Mickey Mouse.

Nah, seriously, ESB has a good idea.

August 07, 2020, 08:29:38 PM