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The Lobby / A Speech to the Ziu from a Citizen
« on: August 15, 2021, 01:04:30 PM »
Senäts, Cosa, Government, and people of Talossa, I have some thoughts about our current crisis of activity.

The Ministreu del Interiör has rightfully pointed out that the "number of new, active citizens in Talossa is worryingly low."  This isn't a new phenomenon.  Over the past few years, we have seen a steady decline in the number of new citizens who have immigrated and remained active.  There are a variety of explanations on offer, but I believe that the most significant part of the problem is that there's nothing to do.

Now, obviously, we do have big passionate bursts of activity.  In particular, these bursts come at two times: at election time or when divisive legislation is proposed.  But while these contests of power, control, and vision are interesting for many of us, they also are necessarily periodic and frequently bitter -- and even worse, they have become increasingly either tribal and angry.  That's why they won't work as a broader solution to our problem.  Consider the plain syllogism, after all: "We need to have stuff to do; bitter fighting is a thing to do; we need to have more bitter fighting."  Contests of power and vision can't be our complete civic life.

For a very long time, this wasn't much of a problem in the country because our history has been dominated by two phases.  From the Dictatür Atx of 1979 to the Interriét Atx in 2003, our founder King Ben I was the unchallenged engine of weird ideas and interesting plans.  He was always around and usually interested and sometimes interesting.  There were frequent contests of power and he could be very difficult, but he was the sharp and enduring rock of the nation: land on it, sail around it, or crash upon it... it'll still be there tomorrow.  And after the Axhitaziun Atx until Reunision, there was so much elbow room to invent a new way to do Talossa: people took the old traditions and ideas and just ran with them.  The Berber of Seville, Talossapolia, and all of those things took advantage of an atmosphere of amiable camaraderie that took hold as a rump nation rebuilt itself.

Neither of those conditions are replicable today, exactly, and it seems foolish to try.  We need a new path forward.

We're taking some good steps.  Reviving the TalossaAssistant program will help new immigrants feel a personal connection to engage them.  Creating some physical aspects of the Talossan experience will help it feel more real.  Looking for alternative sources of steady funding so we can eliminate party registration fees will lower the bar for political participation.  Regular video chats are interesting for some people as a way to connect with each other. This is all to the good.

We've been taking some steps that are more questionable.  It would be a mistake to raise the vote threshold to join the Cosa, for example, since we have had a lot of folks (Casalmac'h, da Dhi, Briga, etc) who have run individual and silly parties/campaigns, some of which actually took off because they hit on something that really interested people.  The Government probably also shouldn't try to be reporting the news, since that just gives people even less reason to actually stay personally involved or do it themselves.

So, what should we be doing instead?  I don't think we can mandate fun or bribe people into it.  If Talossa isn't interesting to someone, we lack the force or funds to change their mind.  Instead, we should concentrate on making our soil ready for the seeds that will come.  Make our nation receptive to new growth.

The most important thing that we should be doing is keeping track of our success.  As far as I know, we don't even bother tracking the number of immigrants per month/term, and we don't bother keeping tabs on who sticks around.  This is a fundamental step: we are never going to know what works unless we bother to collect the numbers.  Start a spreadsheet open to the public, put in the names of successful immigrants in the month and year of their entrance, and then put in another column for "still active at six months?" and a second for "still active in a year?"  I'd suggest that this should be the task of the Prime Ministry itself, to emphasize its importance.  It is absolutely vital.

We should revive the Zuavs.  In the time I ran it, a dozen people joined and did things they hadn't been bothering to do.  One zuav made a bunch of wiki edits and another wrote a language paper for the CUG, for example.  This will help ensure that efforts get recognized, so that things that get accomplished or created receive some recognition.  People like ranks and achievements -- that's why they're a big part of video games.  The Zuavs also serve as their own form of visible activity, looking and feeling cool while requiring very little investment on the part of the Government.  That's all going to help us.  Let's build on success, rather than letting it stagnate for another year.

And as one last point in their favor, the Zuavs mitigate the problem of making worse versions of cool things.  I entered my four-year-old's painting in last term's art contest, but mostly out of patriotism.  If running or entering contests/tournaments/clubs counted as an achievement for rank advancement, it would help provide a reason for joining our Talossan versions.  Right now, leading a prayer for Talossans United for Christ is an act of obligation or boredom, since that prayer's less interesting/fulfilling than one in your actual church (I'd assume, anyway).  The Zuavs adds a nudge to make these things even better.  Let's try to create those sorts of virtuous cycles wherever we can, where doing good stuff is rewarded with even more good stuff (for that matter, Zuav rank should be considered a major a point in your favor when it comes to knighthood).

We should centralize our civic life.  Create private boards only accessible to people in the Government, and hold discussions and Cabinet meetings there.  Create private boards only accessible to people in a political party, and encourage them to hold their discussions and meetings there.  This is a change of tune for me from some years ago, since I used to encourage the proliferation of Talossan stuff.  We're too small for that now.  When we had forty active citizens, it was good to spread out the flavor of Talossa.  When we have fourteen, we're just watering ourselves down.

I believe these three steps will help us take advantage of organic ideas and interest that develop, since they will make Talossa into a place where you can see people doing stuff themselves, and where initial steps get rewarded with cool experiences.  If I think of any further ideas, I will add them here.  If you don't know me, and want to know my history here for the basis for my opinions, don't hesitate to say so.

I am open for questions, additions, or criticism.

Maritiimi-Maxhestic / 19th Convocation
« on: June 14, 2021, 11:05:22 AM »
Convocation of the
Provincial Assembly of

To commemorate today, the holiday of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Istuporaziua, I hereby act as Grand General Secretary to convene this 19th convocation of the Provincial Assembly of Maritiimi-Maxhestic.  The Assembly is constituted of those citizens who acted to claim their seats during the latest assembly call, and closes with the end of the national balloting (CBLA.C.1).

The Assemblypersons for this term shall be as follows, listed in alphabetical order:
  • Alexandreu Davinescu
  • Jordan Placie
  • Ian Plätschisch
  • Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial

With the new convocation, my term as GGS ends.  I wish to suggest the following initial agenda, however.

1. Nominations for Grand General Secretary.
2. GGS vote.
3. Formal thanks to Ian Plätschisch
4. Consideration of the vacant post of M3.
5. Consideration of the vacant post of GSU.
6. Consideration of the election laws and the brief Assembly Call period.
7. Names for parishes.

Wittenberg / On Behalf of His Majesty: The Election and the Chancery
« on: June 04, 2021, 07:06:38 PM »

På l’Eleziun es la Cantzelerïă

Quand qe l'årstið d'eleziun termina, Noi cherent à profrar Noschtri gratüleschaziuns àls partis es els individuais qi tent partiçipescu. C'e'n schixhilet del pätriotismeu à cuntestar es àð ascar voschtri citaxhiéns cuncuriais per lor votăs. N'importa come voi eda voastra parti tenetz chelchelescu, tenetz chelchelevescu com'iens Talossan. Noi anticipient la Cosa nouă es l'eleziun da Noastra Seneschal, es Noi empenent à travalar ensembla cün lor per el sucçeß dal naziun total.

Noi cherent ocsa à profrar Noastra gratitüd àl secretar d'estat, el Þonoresc Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva. C'e unfáþil à dirixhar ünă naziunal. Si zeviént ün ispectamaintsch da focüs es criticamaintsch, mas reçeita ün früstüglh del guagnhoc'ht material. Þaraþias, Dr. Nordselva.

Noi vançadrent piusutra à Noastra Ziu arivind qe c'estadra propreu à subvehar la renc'hă del óifisch da Dr. Nordselva. Noi vançadrent piusutra à Noastra Ziu arivind qe c'estadra propreu à subvehar la renc'hă del óifisch da Dr. Nordselva. L'óifisch es el titreu dal Cantzelerïă tiennent cambiescu över temp, es ça þonör fost ocså cambiar. Ívenðo el Tableu dals Renc'hăs isch ünă zeviçù maravetxal, Noi sentient qe non c'e in accordançéu cün la zignhità eda l'entità da Noasta Secretar d'Estat, q'o renc'hadra sub cadascu uficial altreu àl nival naziunal, es Noi vançar q'el Lexhatx estadra amendat svo àð el duceu dal Cantzelerïă va osprei el Cadì Vellitor.

Sà vivadra Talossa!

              —  Ian Regeu

On the Election and the Chancery

As the election season concludes, We wish to offer Our congratulations to those parties and individuals who took part.  It is a mark of patriotism to stand for election and ask your fellow citizens for their votes.  No matter how you or your party fared, you have succeeded as a Talossan.  We look forward to the new 56th Cosa and the election of Our Seneschal, and We pledge to work in concert with them for the success of all the nation.

We would also like to offer our gratitude to the Secretary of State, the Honourable Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva.  It is difficult to run a national election. You become the subject of focus and criticism, but little material support.  Thank you, Dr. Nordselva.

We would suggest to Our incoming Ziu, further, that it would be proper to elevate the precedence of Dr. Nordselva’s office.  The office and role of the Chancery has changed over time, and so too should its honour.  While the Table of Precedence is a ceremonial device, We feel that it is not in keeping with the dignity or importance of Our Secretary of State for them to rank below every other official at the national level, and We suggest that el Lexhatx be amended so that the head of the Chancery follows the Senior Justice.

Long live Talossa!

              —  John Regeu

Posted by order of His Majesty by a Guaír del Sabor Talossan.  Apparently there is no working computer today at the Lupul home.

Wittenberg / Republic Records
« on: May 27, 2021, 12:08:15 PM »
I've been working on a history of Talossa, as some folks know, and I'd like to find out more info about the Republic.  I have some info written out by CCX about their government during one period, and there are snapshots online of many of the now-vanished sites.  But there's a ton of basic info that just seems to be gone.  Is there a version of the Republic's message board anywhere?  Are there any other primary records?  For example, where are the election records and legislative records?  Is all of that just lost or inaccessible?

Wittenberg / Resignhaziun
« on: April 20, 2021, 06:42:04 AM »


With the advent of some excellent news, I hereby resign as regent to His Majesty, King John.  I have done my best in His Majesty's service these six months, and I have been honoured by the opportunity.

              —  Sir Alexandreu

Cézembre / Sacreu es Unviolaval
« on: April 15, 2021, 12:34:23 PM »

Sacreu es Unviolaval

Speaking on behalf of His Majesty, King John, I wish to first say that the great love and passion of the citizenry of Cézembre should be a model for all of the nation.  Even as opinions sharply differ and new ideas are introduced, everyone is committed in their love of country.

I think I should speak up in a few regards, however.  First, I urge that Cézembre's efforts to differentiate itself should never extend to secession in any form.  The Organic Law said of our sacred lands that, "Aceasta teritoria isch sacreu es unviolaval. Ça non serà cedada, reduçada eda smesada."  In English: This territory is sacred and inviolable. It shall not be ceded, reduced or broken up.  We are one state.  I believe I can say without qualification that His Majesty would never countenance any laws or actions which contradicted that sacred unity.  I further believe that His Majesty would decline a separate provincial title of royalty which was independent of the Talossan throne.  His Majesty is Regeu da Cézembre because he is Regeu dal Talossa.

That said, I know His Majesty favors efforts by citizens of Cézembre to affirm their support for the monarchy.  If that is the will of the province, then I speak for His Majesty to urge only that this goal be focused on ways in which the monarchy can be strengthened and supported within the bounds of our national traditions.  The Royal College of Arms needs assistance -- who among you will step forward and offer to help?  Or assist the other provinces with some of your marvelous innovations -- surely there are some in Vuode or Maritiimi-Maxhestic who might wish to claim their own homestead, much as you have done here?

Cézembre has been an active and diverse province for my entire time in Talossa.  I have no doubts that this will continue, for it is a mighty place.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu da Cézembre

Wittenberg / Happy Easter
« on: April 04, 2021, 07:49:06 AM »

Happy Easter
Pasqeu Feliceu!

Today is Easter Sunday, and a happy holiday to all who celebrate it!  This Christian holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after three days, and is considered the holiest day in the calendar.  Unfortunately, many of the traditional Easter events in Talossa have been canceled this year due to the ongoing pandemic, although there are still nearby events in America, as with the Bunny Train in East Troy.  Happy Easter!

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Wittenberg / Ceremony of Investiture
« on: April 03, 2021, 07:01:31 PM »

Maravetx d'Avestür

Lexh.F.40 directs that "once per Cosa, and during the final Clark of a Cosa, the Sovereign shall conduct an Investitures Ceremony where the recipients of these awards shall be announced. The Sovereign shall formally present award insignia to those recipients on behalf of the body conferring the award."

It is my pleasure to announce on behalf of His Majesty King John that the Pirmalaiset Maravetx d'Avestür (First Ceremony of Investiture) will be held on the 20th day of April 2021/XLII.  Any national or provincial government office or civil service office may request that the Crown award any decorations that they wish to bestow, and such requests will be granted to the best of my ability as long as they are received at least by the 18th.  Requests may be public, as the national government has done, or in private, if you wish to surprise the recipient. Some unexpected awards are already planned. All awards will be granted with due pomp.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Wittenberg / Chag Sameach
« on: March 27, 2021, 11:30:10 AM »

Chag Sameach!
Feliceu Festival!

A happy holiday to all who celebrate today!  Talossa's Cestours have a long Jewish tradition, with the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee showcasing some of that rich history to people who visit it in Maritiimi-Maxhestic.  Their YouTube channel also offers Museum Moments, a series of short videos which relay information about key moments in Jewish history, usually with a Milwaukee/Talossa theme.  If you have a chance, visit and learn.  And a happy festival to all on this Passover!

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

The Lobby / Regent's Address to the Ziu
« on: March 26, 2021, 08:27:02 PM »

El Rexhaint sè Aireçù àl Ziu

Þonoreschti Membreux dal Cosa es Senators:

A bill has been proposed and presented for your consideration in the upcoming Clark entitled "The Talossan Law Repatriation (Crimes Repugnant to Talossanity) Bill," sponsored by our Most Honourable Seneschal, Dama Miestră Schivă.  I am here to object to this bill with my most strident opposition.  It addresses an important issue, establishing an entirely indigenous Talossan law.  But I urge you to reject the bill, and return to work on the problem with more thoughtful consideration.  This proposal is deeply flawed.

Much of the proposal is unobjectionable.  My concerns are centered on its third provision:

3. A Talossan citizen who is convicted in another jurisdiction, by a credible judicial authority, of an offence incurring penal servitude which is repugnant to the values expressed in the Covenant of Rights and Freedoms, shall be guilty of the crime of "repugnant behaviour bringing Talossa into disrepute", and be liable to a punishment of severity in strict proportion to the severity of the said offence.

My objections are manifold and serious.

The proposed law is inorganic.  Talossan citizens are afforded rights of due process, but little actual process is afforded by this provision.  If charged under this provision, a citizen found guilty by a foreign court is automatically deemed guilty of a Talossan crime.  While they might contest the fact of their conviction, or might contest the "repugnancy" of the crime in question, they have no opportunity to challenge the actual conviction itself.  That's a serious problem for those Talossans who live in places with judicial systems that are questionable or flawed.  Further, the law as written could possibly make things such as euthanasia illegal, in direct contravention of the Covenants.

The proposed law is unethical.  It would leave it entirely unclear what would sort of behavior would be illegal under Talossan law.  Any conviction for any crime could hypothetically be subject to prosecution under Talossan law.  The Government is unlikely to seize upon flimsy crimes such as jaywalking, but what about more serious crimes such as tax evasion?  Is that illegal under Talossan law?  No one could say for sure if this bill were to pass, since it would depend on the whims of the Government and judge to decide what they thought was particularly "repugnant."   The Covenant's theoretical prohibition of "activities which injure, endanger, risk or compromise the physical health, privacy, or tranquility of other persons" is very broad if considered as a crime.

The proposed law is impractical.  Is abortion a crime under this law?  Unclear!  The Eighth Covenant guarantees it, but the Sixth Covenant overrides the Eighth!  We've never considered the Covenant of Rights and Freedoms to be a list of crimes, and it doesn't make sense when you read it that way.  In some places, for example, affirmative action is illegal.  Is that a Talossan crime?  Maybe!  Is it illegal to have a scholarship fund for LGBT youth?  It sure is in Iran, and maybe in Talossa!  If you're a politician, is it a crime not to announce a dirty secret from your past "which reasonable voters might find helpful, profitable, or informative?"  Maybe!

I will be grateful for any questions that this body might have, or for the assistance of those who can find ways in which my reasoning is in error.  I repeat that I favor the overall goal being sought; my concerns are only with this particular approach, which is fatally flawed.  I urge you to reject it.  Discussion of the bill as it has evolved can be seen in this initial thread here and then in the Hopper here.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Wittenberg / Appointment of Regeu-Hamiltă d’Armeux
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:57:43 PM »

Appointment of Sir Cresti M. Siervicül, UrN as Regeu-Hamiltă d’Armeux

The College of Arms is a long-treasured Talossan institution.  Quaint and sometimes silly with its traditions and blazons, it also has a serious edge to it: the armorial achievements of citizens reflect their values and the honour that they show through their citizenship.  I can think of no one better to lead the College, with its twin values of silly pomp and serious honour, than Sir C.M. Siervicül, UrN.  A Talossan at heart since 1996 and by law since 2005, Sir Cresti has served as Seneschal and un Cadi del Cort pu Inalt, among many other offices.  An enthusiast for del Glheþ, he has translated numerous works and helped guide its development.  He is known by all to be kind, upright, and an honourable man.  It is fitting, then, for him to help others to better reflect their own innate honour as Talossans, by moderating the Coletx d’Armeux that assists our citizens and institutions with their armorial achievementd.

And so, acting on nomination by the Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan:

Com’el rexhaint per la Coronă, perventüră apüntéu Sir Cresti M. Siervicül, UrN, àl óifisch del Regeu-Hamiltă d’Armeux, es lo comandéu à servar el Legeu Orgänic es sieu Regeu àl miglhor da sieux capacitaes.

Acting as regent for the Crown, I hereby appoint Sir Cresti M. Siervicül, UrN, to the office of Squirrel King of Arms, and enjoin him to serve the Organic Law and his King to the best of his abilities.  Done under my hand in the name of King John, Regeu del Regipäts Talossan, this second day of January in the year 2020/XLI.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Wittenberg / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2020, 05:50:12 PM »
Happy New Year to all Talossans everywhere!  I hope that we all have a wonderful 2021!


Announcement Regarding the Royal Talossan College of Arms

Over recent years, we have observed the quietude of this great College with dismay.  For many years, Talossans of every stripe delighted in seeking a grant of arms, and for many it was one of the formative moments for their life as a new Talossan.  They found their people and they were given the opportunity to choose important symbols for themselves as they added this laurel to their identity -- a visible new sign of belonging to their new community.

Even further, the process of obtaining arms was a boon for the whole nation.  Seeking out the College and engaging in the process required detailed conversations about ideals and history.  For many Talossans, the conversation has been among the first few chats they've enjoyed with their compatriots, and it was often a chance for the country to get to know each new immigrant a bit better.  Flush with success, the honoured citizen might turn their attention to some other aspect of civic life.  All profited from the process, and we are the poorer for its diminishment.

In the coming days, the Crown will turn its attention to assisting the leaders and members of the College to reform and reinvigorate their ranks.  No one shall lose their place in the College; that's not something that's done.  But we will be acting promptly to show Talossans a revitalized Royal College of Arms.  We all owe it to each other and to our nation.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Vuode / Announcement Regarding the Royal Cunstaval of the United Provinces
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:50:15 PM »

Announcement Regarding the Royal Cunstaval of the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg

With great regret and with a fierce eagerness to reverse this decision at the slightest inclination of its object, the Crown hereby discharges Çesli da Chilseu from her longtime position as Royal Cunstaval of the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg.  Efforts to contact her have not succeeded, and we hope it is a rich and happy life that occupies her time, though her gain is our loss.  Çesli has served her nation as Seneschal in the past, and has given nine years' service as Royal Cunstaval for her wonderful province.  We hope that future days see her return to activity in the Kingdom of Talossa and the United Provinces once more.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

Atatürk / Announcement Regarding the Royal Cunstaval of Atatürk
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:27:35 PM »

Announcement Regarding the Royal Cunstaval of Atatürk

At this time and for the foreseeable future, the Crown shall be declining to appoint anyone to the vacant office of the Royal Cunstaval of Atatürk.  Instead, pursuant to Constitution of the Glorious Province of Atatürk, the Crown will continue to exercise the powers of the Royal Cunstaval with kind care for the excellent citizens of the province.  Any Atatürkeys who need the support or seek the succor of the Crown shall find it.  Please contact me if you have any questions via Private Message or publicly, here.

              —  Sir Alexandreu, Rexhaint d'Ian Regeu

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