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Wittenberg / Legal Issues Not Directed at Anyone in Particular
« on: October 12, 2020, 08:28:28 PM »
Just a thread to collect legal questions for my own interest.

Wittenberg / D&D
« on: September 19, 2020, 11:24:10 AM »
It recently came up in the immigration board that there are some folks interested in playing D&D.  I'd be happy to DM a one-shot in 5th edition just to start, using Foundry VTT.  It's okay if you're new, since I have a lot of experience with newbies and 5e is really remarkably easy to play.  Please post here if you'd be interested.  Play hours would be something like 8-11 pm EST on some weeknight or another, depending on scheduling.

Wittenberg / Legal Questions
« on: August 02, 2020, 08:48:30 AM »
The new Article VI has a Section 5:
The second Clark of every Ziu may entertain business as normal, but especially shall occur after a month of recess following the first Clark.  The Seneschál shall have the express duty during the said month of recess to form a government and prepare their legislative agenda, and shall announce publicly both the roster and the agenda at least before, if not sooner than, the last day on which a member of the Ziu may submit a measure to the second Clark.

What does the first sentence mean?

And also it seems that the Seneschal must personally stay in power through a whole Government, even if they're ill or can't otherwise do the job, since they can't legally be replaced without a new general election (Section 7  "No election for the Seneschál shall occur, except during the first Clark of a newly seated Ziu.")?  Am I reading this one right?

Wittenberg / [ZUÁVS] Overview, recruitment, and Promotions
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:13:45 PM »

Ben morgun, buna vhespra, es azul.
Good morning, good evening, and hello.

I wished to consolidate all information about the new Zuávs da l'Altahál Rexhitál on Wittenberg.  This thread will be an overview of current policy, recruitments, and promotions.

Els Zuávs da l'Altahál Rexhitál is the new face of the Talossan military, to the maximally operable extent that I am permitted.  We will reward rank for real achievement.  When you see someone with a rank in the Zuávs, then you will know that they did something to earn it.  We will be a cultural organization, working to defend the throne and the country by creating, propagating, and promoting interesting creative and practical work of a Talossan nature.

This is not a political organization.  It is not affiliated with any party or movement, and while els Zuávs are subordinate by law to the elected government, we will act independently and apolitically.

This is not an empty organization.  You will be rewarded with pompous ranks and awards that mean something, because you will receive them only for real achievements.

This is not a violent organization.  Violence is anathema to els Zuávs.  We are waging war, but it is a war on apathy and philistinism.  Our battlefield is the waiting world, ready to be changed into something Talossan.

All outstanding officers and enlisted men and women of the Zouaves with enlistments or commissions prior to Oct 27, 2019/XXVIII have been discharged, with thanks from a grateful nation.  Further, all existing regulations, provisions, or other guidelines of any form, barring those found in laws currently in effect, regarding the Zouaves and published/declared before the same date are declared null and void.

The Zuávs Mission is defined as follows: "Els Zuávs da l'Altahál Rexhitál work to defend the throne and the country by creating, propagating, and promoting interesting creative and practical work of a Talossan nature."  All officers and enlisted men and women of the Zouaves shall be expected to direct their efforts towards this mission.

All of those who apply to join the Zuávs will be granted the rank of Private, without exception, and may begin advancement immediately.  Only new activity is eligible as an exhibition, but there are many approaches you can take to the creation, distribution, and promotion of Talossan culture.  An incomplete list might include:
  • translating a poem or story
  • creating and populating a new category of articles on the wiki (not a single article, sorry!)
  • recording a Talossan song
  • making a suite of promotional posters to encourage people to immigrate
  • conducting a well-organized public opinion poll
  • creating a new website to promote some aspect of our language or culture
  • publishing a significant body of opinion columns in a magazine or newspaper (generally five of significant length would be a reasonable tranche)
  • editing and presenting a full edition(s) of a magazine or newspaper (generally consisting of five articles or columns in total)
  • arranging or giving a promotional interview in another country's media regarding Talossa
  • a set of articles examining different aspects of Talossan history
  • or significant advertising in five or more places about the wonders of Talossa.

If you're unsure if something will qualify, please ask!  My answer will rely entirely on whether or not the activity creates, distributes, or promotes Talossan culture -- and that's a very broad category of approaches!

Enlisted Ranks

All enlistees begin with the rank of Private.  While this may seem humble, it serves as an immediate notice that you intend to improve your country in a real way.  Few Talossans can say as much.

Private Second Class
   Promotion to Private Second Class (PSC) is predicated on any single good-faith exhibition of creation, contribution, promotion, or preservation of Talossan culture.  For example, translating a single poem, creating and populating a new category of articles on the wiki, recording a single Talossan song, making a suite of promotional posters, or similar activities would each be sufficient to merit promotion.  Activities unrelated to culture, such as writing laws, will not ordinarily be considered as justification for promotion.  Failed attempts will also not merit consideration.

Private First Class
   Promotion to Private First Class (PFC) requires five exhibitions of a similar calibre.  They may each be of the same nature, or they may be varied among many avenues, as the Zuáv pleases.

   Ten approved exhibitions are necessary for promotion to the rank of Specialist (SPC).  Despite the title of the rank, there is in fact no requirement to specialize in any particular field of achievement.  However, should a Specialist so request, they might be recognized as an expert in one particular regard.

   Twenty approved exhibitions are necessary for promotion to the rank of Corporal (CPL).

   Thirty approved exhibitions are necessary for promotion to the rank of Sergeant (SGT).
All sergeants must, further, pass the Sergeant’s Exam, a language exam focused on Talossan English phrases to be customarily used.  It is expected that you will consistently employ these phrases in the place of their English equivalents when socially appropriate.  The Exam may be retaken as many times as necessary, but promotion to Sergeant will not be considered without a passing grade.

Sergeant First Class
   Forty approved exhibitions are necessary for promotion to the rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC)

Master Sergeant
   The highest enlisted rank may be reached after fifty approved exhibitions.  An enlisted Zuáv at this rank will have made a lasting and distinct impression on Talossan culture; their place in Talossan history is assured.  This is not an exaggeration.  Only a score of people in Talossan history have ever reached this level of achievement.

Officer Ranks

Second Lieutenant
   Officers in the Zuávs are expected to help administer the organization, and will be assigned tasks as necessary.  These tasks will generally be supervisory in nature.  Master Sergeants who wish to advance to Second Lieutenant (SLT) must pass the Officer’s Exam, a basic language exam focused on brief conversational Talossan, before they are eligible.

First Lieutenant
An SLT who excels at their position will be promoted to First Lieutenant (FLT).

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