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Topics - Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat

Wittenberg / Dark Days for Talossa
January 17, 2024, 07:45:04 PM
Each citaxhién lost
causes Talossa to mourn.
Lacrimetz, Ár Päts!

Carlüs Vilçafat
Metrefieir Laureat

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Government News
  • 2023 Biannual Census Results
    The Biannual census has been concluded and the results have been posted! If you want to see all the interesting demographics and data breakdowns, checkout the results here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Changes to the Scribery
    A couple of changes were made to the Scribery. First, unfortunately Royal Scribe Üc R. Tärfâ was dismissed.
    Wittenberg thread
    However, it's not all bad news as Sir Lüc da Schir, UrB was appointed Deputy Scribe and as far as I heard, is doing a wonderful job!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Scribery Openings Available
    Speaking of the Scribery, if you would also like to be deputized as a Deputy Scribe, the Scribery is looking for you! I'm pretty sure it comes with a shiny deputy's badge and everything, but I'll have to double check with the Avocat-Xheneral on that one.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Embassy Established in Mexico
    The drama unfolding around the first Talossan Embassy has been palpable! A real will-they-won't-they story... (spoiler alert: they will)
    Wittenberg thread
  • Updates to Infotecă
    Infotecă has gotten a face lift, with adjusted trendlines and graphs thanks to user feedback and domestic procrastination! Come check it out here
    Wittenberg thread
  • 59th Cosa Election
    The election for the 59th Cosa both began and ended in Setemvar. Hopefully you "rocked the vote" whatever that means!
    Polling Station: Wittenberg thread
    Discussion Thread: Wittenberg thread
Culture News
  • Fora Talossa Presents: The 59th General Election Party Debate
    Related to the 59th Cosa Election, the latest episode from Fora Talossa features one of the most friendly debates I've ever seen between Bråneu Excelsio and Miestră Schivă, UrN. You can check out the video here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossa Mentioned in Ohio Paper
    Talossa got some free press in an article of the Clevland, Ohio based paper "Scene"! (We will pretend that the most prominent picture at the head of the article does not feature The Republic of Molossia)
    The article can be found here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Cultural Activities Planning and Brainstorming
    A forum post has been created to brainstorm potential cultural activities. If you have any bright ideas please feel free to share them!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Oatly Looking for Video Participants
    Calling all oat milk lovers! Oatly the oat milk brand is looking to see if any Talossan's would like to participate in a video they are creating. Check the Witt post for details and I will just skirt past how it's possible to milk an oat...
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Hospitality Network Continues to Grow
    It's great to see so many Talossans across the globe willing to meet with travellers passing through their area. If this sounds fun to you, please add your name to the list!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Weird Movies
    If you like weird movies, we've got a whole forum post full of discussion and suggestions for you! And "The Room" has only been mentioned once (by yours truly) which tells you the kinds of connoisseurs of weird we're blessed with in Talossa!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCA Strava Group Art Challenge Continues
    The TCA Strava Group is still looking for entries into their art contest! Try to create a beautiful picture in red lines based on your Strava activity and share it with the group!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Music Quiz
    Our very own Glüc da Dhi S.H. has created a music quiz on Sporcle based on the songs nominated in the Talossan Music Top 20! You can find the quick here
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT 2023 Leg 3 Results
    The third leg of the TCAT 2023 season has finished and the results have been posted! Come see how your favorite (speedo clad) team did!
    Wittenberg thread
  • What are you playing?
    Despite apparently being alone in my interest in D&D and other table top roleplaying games (yes that single response on the census was me!), there is a greater interest in video games. If you are interested in PC or other video games, come let us know what you like!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Football League
    The Talossan Fantasy Football league is in full swing! Come see how your teams are doing or feel free to give tips, especially on how to use the ESPN fantasy league website because all it does is give me errors when I try to do anything!
    Wittenberg thread
Immigration News
During Setemvar XLIV we received 14 immigration applications from:
  • Ben Hershlim
  • Autumn Town
  • Alan Richard Dortch
  • Veer Shah
  • Sergio Flumignan
  • Quinn Anthony Weisse
  • Alan Hottel
  • Avra Wallace Cohen
  • Leslie Ann Brown
  • Andy Marko
  • Rogel Rancel Gil Andueza
  • Sheryl Lynn Agner
  • Yanier González Amaró
  • Murray M. Coffey
  And we welcome 2 new citaxhiéns: Ivan Mollov and Bentxamì Puntmasleu
Maricopa / Carlüs per El Senäts LIX!
September 08, 2023, 04:08:50 PM
I would like to take this time to announce my run for Senator for Maricopa, the hottest spot north of Havana!
Despite being relatively new and still feeling my way around the laws and politics of the realm, I hope that what I lack in knowledge, I make up for with vigor!

I am an active member of the Kingdom and wish to advance fun and engagement, not just overall but specifically in our province, which is, let's face it, the best one! Hopefully this fact has been evident in my representation of Maricopa across the Talossan Sporting World! (with varied success)
I am a member of the TNC, but I'm not interested in political games. I prefer to simply be earnest and honest because open communication is more important than "toeing the party line".
With all of that being said, if I am elected Senator I pledge to always put the good of Maricopa above all else, and to always be open to the input, discussion, and guidance of my fellow Maricopans.

- Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat O.SPM (U.PSM)
Wittenberg / La C´hronicǎ Guscht XLIV / August 2023
September 02, 2023, 11:52:25 AM

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Government News
  • Seneschal Visit to Buenos Aires
    The Seneschal took a visit to the sunny city of Buenos Aires! Thankfully(?) the coupe ended up not happening, so the Seneschal was able to return to a peaceful Kingdom without fear of being taken into custody.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Scribery opening -- want to help out?
    If you would like to help out with scriberous duties, the Ministrà dal Xhusticiă is looking for a Deputy Scribe!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Seneschál announces awarding of Prime Minister's Patriotic Award
    A hearty congratulations to Bråneu Excelsio who is the recipient of the Prime Minister's Patriotic Award for directly increasing the Kingdom's Talossanity!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 58th Cosa Dissolved
    As is custom, King John I issued His Writ of Dissolution for the 58th Cosa before elections begin for the next Cosa.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Preparations for 59th General Election
    It's already that time again! Preparations are already getting up and running for the next (59th) Cosa!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Pedaling for a Cause
    Back in Mai Ministreu Excelsio ran a campaign (biked a campaign?) to raise money for the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. He said he would ride his bicycle around Fundida Park for those who donated and he has now delivered! Check out all the glory in this video on Youtube
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Seventh Clark
       Two bills were passed into law during the Guscht Clark:
Culture News
  • August 2023 Euro-Haxh to Cézembre!
    The August 2023 Euro-Haxh to Cézembre was a success! Checkout the Wittenberg link for lots of info and useful links! There is also an expedition report on Youtube
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society
    Things are heating up in the Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society discussion! If you have an interest in any or all things comic books, you should come join the club!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Embassy established in Mexico?
    The application for the establishment of an embassy in Mexico was filed with the current Ministreu dels Afaes Útphätseschti, which was summarily rejected by the Minister. However, after at least 80 minutes of backlash, the MinFOR decided to take up the application for reconsideration.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Mximo to the Max!
    There were several public announcements made by Mximo surrounding his run for Florencian Senator.
    See his senatorial run announcement: Wittenberg thread
    Mximo explains why he loves Talossa (and you should too): Wittenberg thread
    Finally, Mximo makes a pledge to Talossa: Wittenberg thread
  • Maricopan Poker Tournament 2023
    Another congratulations is due to Bråneu Excelsio for winning the fourth annual Maricopan Poker Tournament! The C3PO trophy is still MIA though... so if you have any tips on its whereabouts we will pay you in high praise!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Favorite Holiday?
    A prospective citaxhién started up a conversation surveying Talossan's favorite holidays! If you haven't already, come join the discussion!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCA Strava Group
    A Talossan Strava group has been created: Talossa Desports C'hlub. The C'hlub has also started a challenge: "draw the nicest, biggest or funniest red-line picture on Strava's map while walking, running or biking"
    Check out the Witt thread to join the fun!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Peculiarism vs Derivatism 2023 Epic Thread
    The discussion continues this month on what exactly "peculiarism" and "derivatism" means and whether Talossa is, or should be, one or the other!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Cycling Association Tour
    The Tour de France leg of TCAT 2023 has wrapped up and leg 3 Espain has begun with a splash!(or with a <insert bicycle pun that I can't think of at the moment> )
    Leg 2 Tour de France wrap up: Wittenberg thread
    Leg 3 Espain: Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Hospitality Network Continues to Grow!
    More Talossans are adding their names and cities of residence to the Talossan Hospitality Network! If you are willing to meet up with traveling Talossans passing through your area, don't hesitate to add your name to the list!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Football League
    Not to be confused with Talossan Futbol, the 2023 Talossan Football League is Talossa's one stop shop for fantasy football (of the American persuasion) so come have a ball!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Music Top 20 [Round 3 Voting]
    The 2023 TMT20 continues with round 3 of voting, so clear out your ear-holes and come vote for your favorites! Who knows, you may even discover some new favorites!
    Wittenberg thread
Immigration News
During Guscht XLIV we received 12 immigration applications from:
  • Willow Clarke
  • Robson Luiz Matiussi Junior
  • Asa Ward
  • Terpugov Kirill Andreevich
  • Unnikrishnan Parangath
  • Valliammai Krishnan Parandhaman
  • Tadana Kastom
  • Antonio José Torres Fuster
  • Kevin W. Puls
  • Ivan Mollov
  • Marden O'Hara
  • Shay Achern
  And we welcome 2 new citaxhiéns: Zacrïeu Sverdeu and Ian Feliceu
Wittenberg / La C´hronicǎ Juliă XLIV / July 2023
August 02, 2023, 03:56:38 PM

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Government News
  • Seneschál announces awarding of Medals for Culture and Merit
    The Seneschál has announced the recipients of the Senechál's Medal of Culture and the Senechál's Medal of Merit!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Restoration of Citizenship: Erschéveþ da Schir
    To much fanfare Erschéveþ da Schir has taken the appropriate steps to restore her citaxhienità!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Bi-Annual Census
    It's time to raise your hand and be counted! Please make sure to respond to the census which not only ensures that you keep your citaxhienità, but also helps inform the government of your skills and interests to make Talossa better for everyone!
    Wittenberg thread
    Link to Census form here
  • Preparing for the 59th Cosa General Election
    The Chancery is gearing up for the next election coming in Setemvar! Check out the Wittenberg post for details!
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Fifth Clark
       One lonely bill was passed into law during the Juliă Clark:
Culture News
  • Talossan Geocaches
    If geocaches are your thing, we've received word about several Talossa related geocaches! Check the link for details!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT Tour 2023: Leg 2
    Check out the roller coaster ride that was TCAT 2023 Leg 2: Tour de France! Make sure you don't miss Leg 3 coming soon!
    Second watch along: Wittenberg thread
    Leg 2 Tour de France: Wittenberg thread
  • Aßociù da Futbol Talossan -- 2023 Regular Season
    The 2023 Regular Season of La Aßociù da Futbol Talossan continues! Come cheer on your team to victory!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Peculiarism vs Derivatism 2023 Epic Thread
    Do you have an opinion on Peculiarism? What about Derivitivism? Bråneu has thrown the gauntlet so come duke it out with your fellow Talossans and prove once and for all that you are the most peculiar human derivative!
    Wittenberg thread
  • ¡Nunca Voiatxa Soleu! Enxhoietz el Resteglh Internaziunal del Acöghl Talossan
    Are you willing to meet up with other Talossan citaxhiéns passing through your neck of the woods? Add your name and city to the list and join the network!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Music Top 20 [Round 1 Voting]
    The voting phase of the newest iteration of Talossan Music Top 20 is underway, so come vote for your favorites!
    Wittenberg thread
  • August 2023 Euro-Haxh, join the Talossan Expedition to Cézembre!
    A visit to our very own Cézembre is being planned for August, if you would like to join the Euro-Haxh let us know on Witt!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Founding of Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society
    A new (hopefully long lived) society was founded this month: Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society! (a.k.a. comic book collectors)
    Wittenberg thread
  • Presenting Vol. 3 of the Talossan Book of Cuisine!
    Get your appetites ready because the long anticipated third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine has just been released!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Journalism
    Interest in Talossan journalistic organizations is on the rise, and as Ministreu dal Cúltură I must say that I approve!
    Wittenberg thread
Immigration News
During Juliă XLIV we received 14 immigration applications from:
  • Juan Manuel Félix Guajardo
  • Shreyas Reddy
  • Muhammad Jaffer Rashid
  • Akshat Kapoor
  • David Sosa Valdes
  • Zachary Bills
  • Ash Anthony Almanza
  • Rebecca Leib
  • Thanh Phat Tsan
  • Rania Nemri
  • Kobie
  • Gerardo Becerra Victorio
  • Ilya Cherewyk
  • Gabriel Mathew Williams
  And we welcome 1 new citaxhién: A.M. Marhaen!

Wittenberg / Talossan Geocaches
July 12, 2023, 11:00:14 AM
In case anyone is interested, I was contacted by someone who has setup several Talossan geocaches!

I've never tried geocaching myself, but this is the information they provided:

QuoteBTW, if anyone is interested in the Talossa geocaches, the cache page for the final one is at  It has the links to the cache pages for the other eight caches that must be completed and found in order to get the information necessary to locate the final.  To see the cache page and play the Wherigo cartridges, you would have to register at  Registration and the Geocaching and Wherigo apps are free but limited in the number of caches you can see.
Wittenberg / La C´hronicǎ Gün XLIV / June 2023
July 03, 2023, 03:50:58 PM

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Government News
  • Citizenship Milestone Certificate Applications
    Applications were opened this month for the current government's Citizenship Milestone Certificates. If you've been a citizen for 5 or more years, then you qualify to receive one of these beautiful bilingual certificates! Simply fill out the request!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Cultural Initiative Support Fund
    Do you have a project idea that would influence or expand Talossan culture!? The Ministry of Culture is offering cold hard cash to support these types of projects! Simply fill out the form and claim your piece of the pie!
       Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Fourth Clark
       A whopping 2 bills were passed into law during the Gün Clark:
Culture News
  • Aßociù da Futbol Talossan 2023 Season
    The 2023 Season of Futbol Talossan continues! Check out the results from the Qualification match and see how your favorite team (probably one named after a celestial body) is doing!
       Tornamaintsch dal Qualificaziun Results: Wittenberg thread
       Regular Season: Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT 2023 Leg 2 - Tour de France!
       The second leg of this year's TCAT Season, covering the Tour de France has just begun! Let's hope that this leg has a happier ending than the first!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Lüc's Game Night
       Hopefully you were able to make it to Lüc's game night on our Discord server! If not, that's OK, hopefully this was the first of many more to come!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Take the Euro-Haxh to Cézembre!
       The Royal Tourist Office of the Island of Cézembre was officially opened this month, encouraging citaxhiéns to take the Euro-Haxh and see a beautiful piece of Talossa!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Preview!
       We got a preview of the third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine! I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering in anticipation!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Fora Talossa: Currents Episode 2
    Currents Episode 2 presents the song Silicon(e) which is "a song from the queer estrogen-fuelled Zolo Progwave duo, Vostok Lake. One half of which is esteemed Talossan Miestră Schivă, UrN"! I had to quote it because I couldn't have put it better myself!
       Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 ARMADA Regatta
       Join many Talossan's from July 14-16 for the greatest tournament of Diplomacy: The ARMADA Regatta! Check out the Witt post for more details!
       Wittenberg thread
Immigration News
  During Gün XLIV we received 18 (the NEW second highest in recorded Talossan history!) immigration applications from:
  • Muslim Nabi
  • Michael H Glyn
  • Ralph Dean VanLoton Jr.
  • Abhishek Kaul
  • Jason Allan Clark
  • Joseph P Specht Jr
  • Elder Nathaniel Ndukwe
  • Kathy H. Armstrong
  • George Edward Sandler
  • Safwaan Sharief
  • Daniel Ferreira da Silva
  • Petro Storozhuk
  • Huynh Thi Mong Trinh
  • Paul Eugene Fegan
  • Alex Huynh
  • Dana Prakoso Eka Saputra
  • Samantha Stewart
  • Ahmad Mufid Marhaen
  Unfortunately we did not welcome any new citaxhiéns this month.


Citizenship Milestone Certificates Applications

In a nation which regularly winnows its citizenry, and in which there has been so much turmoil during our times of tribulation, it is commendable to hold firmly to your citizenship.  To honour those who have stood with their adopted country for many years, the Ministrà dal Cúltură is pleased to make available certificates endorsed by the heads of state and government, sent right to your mailbox.  We hope everyone who qualifies will take advantage of this free service.

The Senseschal and Ministrà dal Cúltură would like to thank @Mic'haglh Autófil, MC EiP for his work creating the Citizenship Milestone Certificate.  Here is the preliminary design -- we hope you agree that it looks beautiful and dignified.

We are happy to further announce that the program's first issuance will be next month, and we are opening up the application process now!

In order to claim your citizenship certificate, please fill out this form.  You will need to provide your current valid mailing address; this information will not be shared, pursuant to privacy laws.  There is no fee for this service.

Citizens for at least 20 years:

15 years:

10 years:

We have attempted to list and tag all those who are eligible for certificates in these tiers.  If you or someone you know has been omitted, please don't hesitate to let us know.  Please ask any questions you might have, either here or by contacting the Ministrà via PM.


Citizenship Milestone Certificates

The Ministrà dal Cúltură is pleased to announce a new initiative to be launched this month: citizenship milestone certificates!  On its own initiative, the Government is undertaking to honour the longevity of some of our citizens who have been with us for many years, providing them with a signed certificate from His Majesty the King and the Seneschal which can be put on fulsome display in their home.

This is purely a voluntary program, but all citizens who have been Talossans for longer than the set periods will be eligible.  Current plans are to offer these honoraria to citizens who have been with us for more than twenty years, more than fifteen years, and more than ten years.

Please stay tuned for more details, and to see the certificate design revealed!
Ministrà dal Cúltură


Cultural Initiative Support Fund - Request Form

The Ministry of Culture is pleased to announce the opening of the Cultural Initiative Support Fund!
We have budgeted 66¤40 ($100 USD) for use in cultural initiatives started by you!

In order to claim a portion of the fund, all you have to do is fill out this nifty form:

Request Form


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Government News
  • The Rise and Fall of The Organic Law Party
       May saw the rise of the Organic Law Party.
       Wittenberg thread
       Sadly, this political party was disbanded as quickly as it was organized when its founding member Viteu resigned his citizenship because of what appears to be the catalyst for the foundation of the party in the first place.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Restoration of Citizenship: Vitxalmour Conductour
       In a turn of good news, Vitxalmour Conductour has reclaimed his citaxhienità!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Immigration Social Media Ad Campaign
       MinSTUFF and MinImm are planning to join forces and begin a social media ad campaign focused on stimulating the Kingdom's immigration numbers even more!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Appointment of Grefieir d'Abbavilla
       Congratulations to Üc R. Tärfă, who has just been appointed as Grefieir d'Abbavilla!
       Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Third Clark
       Six bills were passed into law during the May Clark:
       The Cjovani Ziua Auservada Bill: Wittenberg thread
       Legal Repair Act: Wittenberg thread
       The Second Catchment Area Reform Act: Wittenberg thread
       Ün proxhet per regular els Prüms Diktats: Wittenberg thread
       Ün proxhet per inovar el CRL: Wittenberg thread
       National Skills and Social Connections Survey Act: Wittenberg thread
Culture News
  • 2023 Talossan Cycling Association Tour 2023 Leg 1
       The 2023 season of TCAT kicked off to much applause and excitement! Which, ever so slowly, mutated into the gnashing and weeping of Ghenna as day-by-day cyclist dropped like so many crumbs from a biscotti, grinding most team's point generation to a screeching halt!
       Check out the aftermath here: Wittenberg thread
  • CENTRASEIRĂ - Giro d'Italia 2023 Episodes
       If you haven't listened to them already (and why haven't you??) check out Lüc and Glüc's (or Glüc and Lüc's) Centraseiră podcast episodes on TCAT 2023 Leg 1: To Hell and ba... I mean Giro d'Italia!
       Episode 1: Wittenberg thread
       Episode 2: Wittenberg thread
       27 May Watch Along: Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Cycling Association Strava Group
       Yet another exciting development from this year's TCAT season, the creation of a TCAT group on the Strava activity tracking and sharing app! (I'm a fat neckbeard so you know I had to google it, but it sounds exciting!)
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossaware Store Expanded Shipping
       We can now cover the world with Talossaware! (with the exception of North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and.... Guadalope?) Our apologies to any Talossans in the diaspora of those countries.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossa Talks: Audrada/Breneir
       Enjoy the newest installment of the series Talossa Talks between Audrada and Breneir!
       The video is on YouTube here
       Wittenberg thread
  • Pedaling for a Cause: Join the Talossan Flag Ride!
       The MinFor has started a donation drive wherein every $5 (3¤3333 aka a brock-and-a-boudreau) donated will send him peddling through Fundidora Park displaying the bicoloreu! That's not all though, so check out the Witt post for more info!
       On a side note: Though technically unconnected, I can't help but think that this current donation drive was influenced by the wild success of this year's TCAT season.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Return of Aßociù da Futbol Talossan
       With the glorious return of our friend Mic'haglh Autófil, comes the new season of Futbol Talossan! This year not only sports teams (haha!) from each province, but also from several Talossan organizations! So come root for your favorite!
       Wittenberg thread
       2023 Tornamaintsch dal Qualificaziun: Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Still Accepting Recipes
       The third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine is still collecting recipes! If you can eat it or drink it, then send it to us!
       Wittenberg thread
  • School of Humans Podcast Update
       The current Seneschal had a conversation with one of the producers of the School of Humans Podcast and will be giving a full interview during his visit to MicroCon this summer!
       Wittenberg thread
Immigration News
During Mai XLIV we received 16 (the second highest in recorded Talossan history!) immigration applications from:
  • Sandro Eduardo Luan González
  • Agustin Gino Del Basso
  • Tarun Batra
  • Kholod Evgeny
  • Szymon Семён
  • Rakhmanin Glib
  • Mack Patrick
  • Emilio Rosas Campos
  • Karl-Heinz Meintjes
  • Arynov Aryn
  • Ruban Alphonse
  • Theodosia Bennett
  • Michael Perrin
  • Tyrsson Silverwolf de Tolemac
  • Michael J Bzdawka
  • Lord Isreal Christopher Haggerty I

  And we welcome two new citaxhiéns: Naseer Ahmed and þerxh Sant-Enogat!
El Glheþ Talossan / Translation of BHAID
May 08, 2023, 03:26:42 PM
I would like to translate the name of BHAID into Talossan. Using L'Översteir, I put together the translation below. Please let me know if this is correct or what needs to be corrected. Thank you!

Bureau for Humanitarian Aid and International Development

El Büreu per l'Agüd Þumanitar es Developind Internaziunal

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Government News
  • The Kingdom Donates to the white helmets
    Severe earthquakes have caused terrible devastation in Syria and Türkiye. In order to assist with local aid efforts, the Kingdom has donated 33¤20 ($50 USD) to the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets).
    Wittenberg thread
  • Rule Regarding judicial service in the Ziu
    After much contentious deliberation, a rule has finally been promulgated regarding members of the Judiciary also serving in the Ziu.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Seneschal announces delegation to Microcon 2023
    For the first time in several years Talossa will be represented at MicroCon! If you have the time, you should come out to see the Senechal!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Delegation of Web Administration of
    MinTech has made an official delegation of web administration for to Ieremiac'h Ventrutx. I can't wait to see what they do with the place!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Call for Bills for the May Clark
     The bills to be voted on next month are being gathered for inclusion in the next Clark.
    Wittenberg thread
Culture News
  • "Fischia il Vento" and "Bella Ciao" Day
     In honor of Üc R. Tärfâ's 20 edits on the Talossa wiki, the Seneschal declared 25 April 2023/XLIV, to be "Fischia il Vento" and "Bella Ciao" Day!
     Check out the thread for some beautiful Italian songs!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan playing card designs revealed
    Our very own Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial, UrGP developed and shared a uniquely Talossan deck of playing cards!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Media Call: School of Humans podcast
    External interest in Talossa is apparently increasing with producers of the School of Humans podcast reaching out to discuss what talossa means to its citizens.
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Talossaware Store
    Come check out all of our cool Talossan Wares in our new webstore
    Every purchase helps support the Kingdom!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Still accepting submissions
    The third installment of the Talossan Book of Cuisine continues to accept submissions. Make sure to get yours in soon!
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Episode of Dialogues: Cosa Reform
    The second episode of the Fora Talossa series Dialogues was released! The subject this time: Cosa Reform.
    Wittenberg thread
  • TMT20 Special Edition Results Announced
    The results of the Talossa Music Top 20 are being announced. Come see where your favorites rank!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Cycling Association Tour 2023 Gearing-up
    Pun intended! Come register your team and don't miss out on all of the excitement!
    Registration instructions are here: Wittenberg thread
    It even has its own podcast!
Immigration News
    During Avrïu XLIV we received 5 immigration applications from:
    • þerxh Sant-Enogat
    • Angel Castilla
    • Cindy Leiler
    • Mack Patrick
    • Jason Coffey
      And Ian Óscar Andrinescu became a citizen!
Sad News
  • THE KING v. Cauvesc Carlüs Xheraltescu
    A high profile lawsuit was filed with the court. No jokes here as it is a very serious matter.
    The Court thread is here: Wittenberg thread
    Statement from the Prime Ministers office: Wittenberg thread
    Further commentary here: Wittenberg thread
  • Death of Laura Hand Donohue
    His Royal Highness King John I announced the tragic death of Laura Hand Donohue, sister of Manus Hand (Lord Hooligan).
    Wittenberg thread
  • Ián S.G. Txaglh Renounces Citizenship
    Our final bit of sad news from Avrïu is Ián S.G. Txaglh renouncing his citizenship.
    Wittenberg thread
The Wheel of Time in my mind has always been punctuated with "MUD" because The Wheel of Time MUD is one of the longest running Multi-User Dungeons still in existence. I've never actually played it (I'm more a fan of Achaea myself) but that was pretty much my only exposure to the Wheel of Time series until now.

I started watching the new Wheel of Time show on Prime Video and it inspired me to read the book. Not long after I started listening to the audiobook version, I quit watching the show because it was so much better!

I just finished the audiobook for Eye of The World and it was great! The world feels large and expansive, while at the same time it is clear that the world the characters actually experience is very narrow; there are rumors that change in detail depending on who's telling it. There are mysteries just hinted at, that may or may not be explored in later books. Even the influence of the queen only goes so far in her own queendom because it is so vast.

All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sad that it's taken me so long to enjoy this classic!

Has anyone else read any of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan?

Below is the text version per aceßivalità:

QuoteOn this day, the Culture and STUFF Ministry is pleased to announce the revival of the Cultural Initiative Support Fund. The fund will offer micro-grants to private cultural proposals. Restoring this program is a part of increasing the presence of private cultural endeavours.

The Culture and STUFF Ministry has requested $100 in the 58th Government Budget. Upon budgetary approval, the Ministry will publish an application form for interested individuals and groups.
La C'hronicǎ
Fevraglh XLIV / February 2023
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Wittpocalypse XLIV
Due to hosting issues Wittenberg went down for approximately 48hrs. You can get more specific information, ironically, on Wittenberg:
Official Statement from the Prime Ministry:

Seneschal's Medal of Merit Recipients Announced
In the wake of Wittpocalypse, the new Seneschal saw fit to award those brave souls who looked error logs in the eye and said "Not on my watch!", with the Seneschal's Medal of Merit. The highest award bestowed by the government of Talossa.

58th Cosa Election Results
The election results for the 58th Cosa came in!
View the results here:
Letter of Majority:
Watch the live state opening here:

58th Cosa, First Clark Voting Begins
Voting for the first Clark of the 58th Cosa began running through 21 Martǎ

New Fora Talossa Series: Dialogues
The first in (hopefully) a series of dialogues between Baron Alexandreu Davinescu and former Seneschal Ian Plätschisch was released. The inaugural episode of the appropriately named series Dialogues can be viewed on YouTube:

Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Opens for Submissions
Submissions for volume 3 of the cultural dynamo Talossan Book of Cuisine are now being accepted!

17 Citaxhiéns Lose Citaxhienità
Unfortunately more bad news this month, as 17 Talossan citizens have lost their citizenship due to lack of voting or responding to a census in the last 2 years.

Talossan Music Top 20 Special Edition: Final Voting
Another cultural dynamo, the Talossan Music Top 20's most recent edition (the Special one!) had it's finals this month!

TMT20 Special Edition Nominations: Songs Released On or After October 30, 2019
And last but not least, nominations were accepted for the next iteration of the Talossan Music Top 20: Songs Released On or After October 30, 2019!
El Glheþ Talossan / La Cita es La Cita
April 25, 2022, 10:31:24 AM
I thought it would be a fun translation exercise to try and translate some of China Mieville's novel The City and The City. Mainly because I really like the story, it seems very relevant to how Talossa exists in the world, and it'll give be good El Glhetg practice because I learn better by doing.

If It's alright, I would like to post it here for correction and make sure I'm on the right track. Here is the first bit:

La Cita es La Cita

Pärts Viens: Besźel

I could not see the street or much of the estate.
Éu ni put vidar la stradâ ni belacop dal façiendâ.

We were enclosed by dirt colored blocks,
Noi girdevent à caramidâs pigmentadăs vianiaeasca

The second line describing the "dirt colored blocks" I'm not so sure about. I'm pretty sure I rendered it OK with "dirt-like colored bricks" but again, definitely open to a better way to translate that phrase in particular.
Whereas our Futbol team Els Soleiglhen do not currently have a Head Coach (Cäps Entraineir),

Whereas Els Soleiglhen obviously have natural talent, which can only be improved by the direction of an entraineir,

Whereas I have interest in said position,

Therefore, I, Carlüs Vilaçafat would like to petition for the position of Cäps Entraineir da Els Soleiglhen.

What is your name? Carlüs Éocart Vilaçafat
What is your request? If it so please the Squirrel King of Arms, I request the assistance of the College in designing and obtaining arms for myself and my lawful heirs.
What is your favourite colour? Purple, but green is a close second.
Maricopa / Soleiglhen da Maricopa Futbol Jerseys
April 11, 2022, 03:03:04 PM
Azul fellow Maricopan's!

With the first win of the season for our illustrious Soleiglhen, I thought it appropriate to mock up a jersey. I've based it on the flag of our mighty province, and I would like to know what everyone thinks!