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Topics - Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat

El Glheþ Talossan / La Cita es La Cita
April 25, 2022, 10:31:24 AM
I thought it would be a fun translation exercise to try and translate some of China Mieville's novel The City and The City. Mainly because I really like the story, it seems very relevant to how Talossa exists in the world, and it'll give be good El Glhetg practice because I learn better by doing.

If It's alright, I would like to post it here for correction and make sure I'm on the right track. Here is the first bit:

La Cita es La Cita

Pärts Viens: Besźel

I could not see the street or much of the estate.
Éu ni put vidar la stradâ ni belacop dal façiendâ.

We were enclosed by dirt colored blocks,
Noi girdevent à caramidâs pigmentadăs vianiaeasca

The second line describing the "dirt colored blocks" I'm not so sure about. I'm pretty sure I rendered it OK with "dirt-like colored bricks" but again, definitely open to a better way to translate that phrase in particular.
Whereas our Futbol team Els Soleiglhen do not currently have a Head Coach (Cäps Entraineir),

Whereas Els Soleiglhen obviously have natural talent, which can only be improved by the direction of an entraineir,

Whereas I have interest in said position,

Therefore, I, Carlüs Vilaçafat would like to petition for the position of Cäps Entraineir da Els Soleiglhen.

What is your name? Carlüs Éocart Vilaçafat
What is your request? If it so please the Squirrel King of Arms, I request the assistance of the College in designing and obtaining arms for myself and my lawful heirs.
What is your favourite colour? Purple, but green is a close second.
Maricopa / Soleiglhen da Maricopa Futbol Jerseys
April 11, 2022, 03:03:04 PM
Azul fellow Maricopan's!

With the first win of the season for our illustrious Soleiglhen, I thought it appropriate to mock up a jersey. I've based it on the flag of our mighty province, and I would like to know what everyone thinks!

I would like to apply for Fellow-ship in the College of Arms. I understand the general process from this previous application post

So I understand if I need to wait for the Oblivious Auditing Fellow position to become available. I just wanted to "throw my hat in the ring" as it were.