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l'Etats / Motion to approve homestead
Yesterday at 06:15:33 PM
I move to accept the homestead application of
Bråneu Excelsio,
that being for   a.k.a.é
and surrounding 3 meters as per A13, An Act to secure Homesteads on the Isle of Cézembre
What say you, @Dame Litz?
Moving discussion of the status of Talossa as a legal entity here.

The laissez-faire approach to finances is an impediment to the proper functioning of the Kingdom, which rears its ugly head from time to time.

Some method to organize will assist the Treasury in operations and occasional transition.

One way would be to become a fund within a non-profit organization of some type, and another may be to form our own non-profit organization.

In either case Talossa then could reference an Employer Identification Number (EIN) - not that Talossa would have employees, but that designation would be needed under US corporation and taxation laws such that individuals would not be the holders of the Talossan Treasury, but would be identified as officers with access that may change from time to time.  Such an entity would have a registered agent who would need to report yearly on the corporate status, and to receive various government communications.
Wittenberg / Word Mark TALOSSA
March 21, 2023, 08:46:53 AM
Moving this from the finance thread to a separate discussion:

It has now been a decade since the US Patent and Trademark Office recognized the Talossa as a trademark.  Although unlikely to be used elsewhere, it would be useful for the Kingdom to claw back the rights to this.

Word Mark   TALOSSA
Goods and Services   (CANCELLED) IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, providing historical, cultural and political information about an organization in the nature of a fictional nation. FIRST USE: 19791226. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19850701
Standard Characters Claimed   
Serial Number   78401395
Filing Date   April 14, 2004
Current Basis   1A
Original Filing Basis   1B
Published for Opposition   March 1, 2005
Registration Number   2955054
Registration Date   May 24, 2005
Owner   (REGISTRANT) Madison, Robert B. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 8631 North Servite Drive Unit 118 Milwaukee WISCONSIN 53223
Type of Mark   SERVICE MARK
Register   PRINCIPAL
Live/Dead Indicator   DEAD
Cancellation Date   January 24, 2013
l'Etats / l'Etats Spring 2023
March 11, 2023, 08:52:22 PM
The Spring session for l'Etats de Cézembre will commence on the 1st day of Spring, 20 March, 2023

Item already added to the agenda is spreadsheet of claims homestead approval #10 (highlighted) for Bråneu Excelsio

Prior to system outages an attachment was made of a map. The system administration will be consulted to determine if it is appropriate to place again.  The location of the claim in Englis is or au françaisé

Other items may be brought forth on the agenda in this thread.
Cézembre / Recovery items
March 09, 2023, 04:30:04 PM
Stubbing in things until can confirm durability of new postings

The election ran past the date of the outage backup

election results

agenda item homestead approval

Bråneu Excelsio
The election for l'Etats de Cézembre shall take place either online in this official public or voting by secret ballot from which will arrive by email.  There will not be administrative access to secret ballots until the end of the election period.

There are two candidates

1. Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN

2. X. Pol Briga

You may vote for one, or vote for both, or abstain.
Now that elections for the Ziu have taken place (with congratulations to all those who stood as candidates and thanks to those who voted) as also posted at


This information mirrors information sent via email to Cézembre citizens and supplements There may be subsequent adjustment, if there is any change in the post of Sénéchal.

As Le Sénéchal I shall conduct the upcoming election for l'Etats de Cézembre according to existing law, and the administrative authority vested in this office.  I have invoked Article 8 of the constitution to hold local elections, and am updating the previous proper notice both in this forum and via email.  Cézembre election law is found within the constitution and various amendments quoted for reference after this proclamation.

There is no specific l'Etats election act, but there are procedures established in subsequent Sénéchal and Lord Warden election acts that will be adopted as administrative procedures for this election.

As to authority to act

1.    Until such time as there is another candidate for Le Sénéchal, I shall continue in office and there shall be no election for Le Sénéchal following the procedure of the Lord Warden election act enacted subsequent to the Sénéchal election act and establishes Cézembre election procedure and which states "no election will be held and the sole candidate will be considered elected to the position." should I remain the sole candidate as the existing officer.

2.   Should there be another candidate for Le Sénéchal, I would immediately withdraw my candidacy for continuance in that office, and should that person remain the only candidate, then they would be elected in a similar manner.  I offer to become the conducting officer for the election of l'Etats if desired by the new Sénéchal, or that person could assume that duty, or that person could decide to ask the Chancery to conduct the election.

3.   Should there be more than one candidate for Le Sénéchal other than myself, I would again immediately withdraw my candidacy for continuance in that office, but would continue as the conducting official of the election of the new Sénéchal as well as l'Etats.

Should my authority to act proceed, then I proclaim that the election for l'Etats shall proceed by nomination by name of any Cézembre citizen to serve in l'Etats.   Those citizens named as candidates may identify with no party, or one party, or multiple parties as they wish, however, votes shall be cast only for the name listed on the ballot which must be declared in the nomination period defined in the first week of the election period, with voting taking place in the second and third week of the election period.  These can be self nominations, or nominations by Cézembre citizens of other Cézembre citizens who subsequently affirm their intent to stand for election within the nomination period.

In the past, there were issues of potential confusion between votes for parties and votes for persons, which were subsequently combined for purposes of allocation of seats within l'Etats.  There were also issues with rules that the Chancery must follow regarding write in votes which are not part of Cézembre law which result in vacant seats due to the lack of a representative of a party for those votes cast.

The times of the election based upon the constitution and the existing Chancery election to the Ziu shall establish the first week of nominations on until Februrary 8 19:30 TST (February 9 at 0230 CZT) and the election February 8 – February 22 19:30 TST (February 23 at 0230 CZT).  Candidates are encouraged to make their self-nominations known even prior to the election in the appropriate thread on Wittenberg, or via email, and as early as possible within the nomination period to assist in the balloting process.  Those who nominate someone else should communicate their wishes to the nominee such that the candidate may affirm their standing within the nomination period.

The election will take place in an official voting thread, or via the system which has been tested and found satisfactory and conformant to the requirements of the constitution, or via email, or telephone, or postal mail as any individual Cézembre citizen may desire when the official ballot is issued. (Note: electionbuddy can be used without cost for up to 20 voters, and the current population of Cézembre is currenty 19.)

Those who wish to raise questions with this proclamation are advised to bring said questions to the Wittenberg thread before the end of the nomination period.  This will be the place for any adjustment of the process, however, those not satisfied may seek relief via Cort Pü Inalt as per Article 19 & 20 of the CAG.  This proclamation, after ratification by the Governor-General also will be sent via email to those who do not participate in these forums for response.

X. Pol Briga a.k.a. xpb

Specific references to the CÉZEMBREAN ADMINISTRATION GUIDE (hereinafter CAG) follow with full document found at

Constitution of the Sovereign Province of Cézembre
From Article 1.  ...Cézembre is an autonomous and self-governing...

From Article 7. ...l'Etats shall consist of no more and no less than twenty (20) seats.
Seats in l'Etats de Cézembre can only be assigned to citizens of Cézembre. Citizens may hold more than one seat, but no more than six. One seat cannot be divided among nor assigned to more than one citizen.

From Article 8 ... The Sénéchal (or the Governor-General in case the Sénéchal has been absent
for more than one week) may request the chancery not to conduct those elections in no less than one week before balloting day. If the Sénéchal (or Governor-General) makes such a request, the Sénéchal (or the Governor-General) shall conduct the elections in accordance with provincial election laws and rules.

Article 11. Le Sénéchal shall be the elected leader of Cezembre. Le Sénéchal shall have the power to issue proclamations which have the force of law. These proclamations may be appealed or amended as regular laws. These proclamations may not act as acts of attainders or any activity prohibited by the Organic Law (with regards to Prime Dictats). These proclamations must be counter-signed by the Governor-General (or the King, in case of, by lack of appointment or by long-term absence, a Governor-General).

Article 14. Elections as described by article 10 will take, no less and no longer than 3 weeks. Cézembrians must announce their candidacy in the first week of the election and polls shall open on the first day of the 2nd week and close on the last day of the third week.

Article 15. Elections, as described in articles 10 and 11 will start no earlier than one week and no later than two weeks after the election deadline of Talossan general elections or after a resolution has been approved by a majority of the l'Etats de Cézembre removing the previous
Sénéchal or should the Sénéchal, resign, die or be unable to fulfill his duties for any reason.
The election for the 58th Cosa is nearly complete, and a number of Cézembreans have yet to cast a ballot.  Please refer to on the various ways to vote in public or private.  You have until
1 February, 2023 19:30 TST (UTC-5) (This corresponds to 19:30 in Milwaukee (WI), USA)

Declarations of candidacy will run up to one week after the general election for seats in l'Etats and Sénéchal or until 05:30 9 February CÉT (UTC+1) = 8 February 19:30 TST (UTC-5) and then the Cézembre election will commence with both public and private options for voting.
Based upon the SOS post, the election in Cezembre will take place after the general election, following the Cezembre Administration Guide Articles 8, 14, and 15, with the Sénéchal conducting the election.

Declarations of candidacy will begin now up to one week after the general election for seats in l'Etats and Sénéchal or otherwise until 05:30 9 January CÉT (UTC+1) = 8 January 19:30 TST (UTC-5) if a month of recess is not declared.

Voting will begin sometime on 9 January, and continue until 23 January.  It is likely that the Electionbuddy system will be used. 

Between now and the end of the declaration period, l'Etats may bring forth various referenda to be included on the ballot.  For those interested in serving in l'Etats, a reply in this thread is requested.
CCC / New Moderator?
September 21, 2022, 08:11:52 AM
As Amada Merþedes has not been active for around 18 months, is there some other Cézembrean that would like to be moderator for these Cézembre board area?
Cézembre / With respect
September 08, 2022, 04:06:31 PM
With respect, Cézembre mourns the passing of Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.
Cézembre / 77 years ago on this date
June 06, 2022, 09:14:45 AM
Take a moment today to pause and reflect on the supreme sacrifice and ultimate victory that was in part achieved by the landings in Normandy, just a bit east of our province in the area of Brittany.  Operation Overlord went into action 77 years ago on June 6, 1944.
l'Etats / l'Etats Summer Session
June 02, 2022, 08:39:30 AM
The summer session of l'Etats will cover 21 June to 21 September.  Legislative activity will begin in RAK discussion with items being brought forth as the opportunities present themselves.
This is the official public polling place for the April/May 2022 election for l'Etats de Cézembre, with notice posted in and also sent via email to all citizens.  Those who wish to vote by secret ballot should reference a link that has been sent to them via with their access key and password for the specific vote at and if there is any issue in receipt of same to make a declaration here for assistance or send a personal message to Le Sénéchal de Cézembre, @X. Pol Briga who has been re-elected as per A8: The Sénéchal Elections Act of the CÉZEMBREAN ADMINISTRATION GUIDE as being the sole candidate.

The candidates are as follows:
@Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
@X. Pol Briga

Citizens should select one candidate, or abstain. 

The total votes a candidate receives will place them into the allocation system for seats as defined in Article 9 of the CÉZEMBREAN ADMINISTRATION GUIDE (CAG)  There are up to 20 seats assigned in the election, but one person may only hold a maximum of 6 seats.  A candidate must receive at least one vote in order to enter the allocation process.  As per the proclamation of election, referencing various parts of the CAG, since the province is conducting the election, there is not a process for write in nominations, and there are named candidates who represent a party who are allocated seats until such time as they may allocate seats to any other Cézembre they see fit.

There is one Amendment to the CAG on the Ballot:

Sticky Slate Amendment


The Cezembre Administration Guide specifies when Cezembre conducts an election, and

Whereas as per Article 14 specifies that the candidates must declare prior to the election their intent to stand, and


Thus there are not write-in candidates, and


It is desirable to have the option to retain effective legislators, and


There can be logistical challenges when Cezembre elections are held by statute no earlier than one week nor no later than two weeks after the general election of the Ziu, and


The right for anyone to declare candidacy shall be maintained, and


The right for anyone to decline candidacy shall be maintained


All seated l'Etats members shall be placed on the ballot for the next session of l'Etats, unless they specifically request not to be listed along with others who declare their candidacy. Others not already seated in l'Etats may declare their candidacy during the nomination period.

This process only establishes the slate of candidates -- if a candidate does not receive any votes, they would not enter into the apportionment specified in CAG Article 9.

Voters will select YES, NO, or ABSTAIN

Since a budget for this activity has not been established, it shall proceed under the free version of Electionbuddy, which allows for a simple election for up to 20 ballots.  Since there are 19 citizens currently according to, all will receive a secret ballot, however, any may choose to vote in public instead.  There will be no administrative access to the secret ballot until the end of the election period on 14 May and any other person may request access to the balloting system to review the results.
CCC / Updated map published by CLO
March 31, 2022, 10:49:22 AM
The Cézembre Land Office has published an updated map of homestead claims through 31 March 2022.  New claims may be made to be considered by l'Etats in upcoming sessions.

Click on the map to download a high resolution pdf
Cézembre / Election information for Cézembre
March 15, 2022, 11:37:01 AM
The Cézembre election will be conducted in a manner similar to the previous iteration.  Candidates for l'Etats, and Sénéchal may declare their candidacy in this thread.  Up for polling of the populace will also be the (to be finalized) Sticky Slate Amendment discussed at

Polling information to follow.

an attempt at translation - can anyone suggest edits?
Celebratar Péngö Reconeiçal Ziuă
Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day
20 Januar

l'Etats / Session for l'Etats 24-31 January 2022
January 13, 2022, 02:40:23 PM
So as not to conflict with the current or next Cosa session, and to conduct business such as homestead claim confirmations and other items brought forth from the RAK, I hereby call a session of l'Etats de Cézembre for 24-31 January 2022.

X. Pol Briga
le Sénéchal
As might relate to legal discussion in other forums... I suppose I could take a cut at it and let others correct my flawed language skills while I learn - that is if this hadn't been done previously.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the world, according to Guinness World Records. The six page document was produced by the United Nations in 1948, and has been translated into over 500 languages and dialects from around the world, ranging from Abkhaz to Zulu. The document outlined for the first time, the fundamental human rights to be universally protected. The premise is that all people, regardless of their race, religion, country of origin, or any other factor, are entitled to those rights enshrined within the document.
In the first year of the Cézembre Homestead Act, there have been seven citizens who have availed themselves of the opportunity as follows:

Name followed by the English claim and the French claim (which describe the same location)

Iason Taiwosège.squelette

Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselvaéenne.mimétique.beaucoup

Béneditsch Ardpresteirétachons.voguant.nageons


Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieiréaliser.touchant.rivaliser

Ián Tamorán S.Héditrice (an additional description in Celtic, and those who desire a homestead are encouraged to describe their location in any language offered in w3w in addition to English and French)

This image of a map also links to a higher resolution PDF

All others interested are encouraged to complete the form for the Cézembre Land Office or to send email with an inquiry to