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Topics - Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu

Estimats Senators,

As per the standing rules and traditions of The Senate, please lodge your votes here or elsewhere as appropriate.
El Senäts/The Senate / Mencei for 58th Cosa
February 06, 2023, 04:07:04 PM
Estimats Senators

In accordance with the standing rules of the Senate, the Mençei is chosen at the beginning of each term.  It says in the absence of a Mençei, the Dean of the Senate shall conduct the election.  However, there is a sitting Mençei (me), so I believe it falls to me to conduct the election.

Thus, pursuant to Standing Rules 2.3, "The Acting Mençei shall allow for nominations to be lodged for a period of at least a week from the beginning of a term. Should a Senator receive nominations from a majority of Senators, the nomination period shall end and the Senator be considered duly elected; otherwise, a ballot shall be held using Instant Runoff Voting. Seniority shall resolve any ties that may occur during any stage of elimination."

I would like to open nominations from this date (2/6, also coinciding with the Secretary of State's certification of the election) for a period of 2 weeks (concluding 2/20) to allow our newly and re-elected colleagues an opportunity to pay their fees.  Should a Senator receive nominations from a majority of the body, that shall conclude the election immediately.  Otherwise, we shall proceed to a formal election on 2/20.  Please make your nominations in this thread.
Wittenberg / Peculiar Thoughts inn Re: The Monarchy
January 21, 2023, 07:30:17 PM
Much of the digital ink being spilled around the question of the monarchy seems to fall into two basic areas.  The question of the monarchy ITSELF (ie, monarch v. republican) and the second but related question of THIS monarch (ie, The Wolf v. someone else).  And I think, though they can be discussed separately, it might behoove us to think structurally about potential reform.

Why do monarchs go inactive?  The Wolf isn't the only one to really do so in Talossan history, Robert II and Florence also had their quiet stints (though in the fast-paced micronational world of 20+ years ago, things were different).  But I would suggest, at least given our current constitutional order, that they do so out of boredom.  Forced into apolitical roles, they are the ostensible guardian of Talossanity but also somewhat removed from it.  The rollicking debates, such as they are, are theirs no more.  Theirs is a job that is cutting ribbons, shaking hands, and being an attractive but useless gewgaw.  At their most active, such as threatening citizens, their involvement at least raises eyebrows if not hackles.

And, in an open and democratic system, that is as it should be.  For the health of the society, an unfair thumb on the scale is not good.  But I can imagine that it makes the view from the throne at least somewhat boring.  Having attained the highest office there is, and guaranteed it IN PERPETUITY, there are no more worlds left to conquer.  I would be unsurprised if Alexander wept.

I cannot speak to the motivations of the current rump on the seat.  But I can speak to his actions, or lack thereof.  They don't speak of an engaged or interested person.

I think this is essentially built into the Talossan monarchy, down to the studs.

Opposition to limited-term monarchy is that this simply makes the individual a "president," and that's no fun... because having a monarchy is fun.  But how much good is a dead rump on the seat really doing?  Who is having fun here?  I'm not even convinced the monarch is.

If you want a dedicated monarch, you need to incentivize activity for someone to fill the role well.  And without limited terms/potential reelection to stimulate responsiveness, what is a self-respecting people to do? 

I would like to bring back up an idea the NPW had floated before, that of the fragile throne.  What if the durability of the institution was flipped from the default?  Let's make the sitting monarch almost impossible to remove, but the INSTITUTION of the monarchy easy to abolish.  The sitting monarch is incentivized to protect the institution, as opposed to ride the security of their own seat.  A failure of the individual becomes a failure of the institution.

It would also be interesting to create a bifurcated constitution.  A greater constitution guaranteeing rights, freedoms, and certain responsibilities would run as a relative constant in Talossan life, but with the accession of each new monarch, a lesser constitution is negotiated between the monarch and the people that spells out the operations of the government for the time.  Talossa is NEVER more active than when it is debating its own makeup, afterall.
As the New Peculiar Way will not be fielding a list for the Cosa this election, we have opted to formally endorse the FreeDem ticket for the Cosa and encourage all Peculiaristas and Talossans to vote the FreeDems.


  • The status quo on the monarchy (including and especially the current rump in the seat) simply isn't working.
  • Cutting the red-and-green tape can help every Talossan find and ride their hobby-horse to victory.
  • Greater democratization is the path to greater Talossanity.  The rhetoric surrounding "real Talossans" that often is tied to stultifying monarchism and blaming others for "ruining the fun," attempts to corner the market on what is and isn't Talossa.  Enough clubbiness.

Votez FreeDem for Cosa!  Bornatfiglheu for Benito Senats!  NPW for Benito!
New Peculiar Way / NPW Endorsement
January 09, 2023, 07:52:07 PM
Estimats Peculiarists, as we are not fielding a Cosa delegation for this election, what are your thoughts in regards to endorsing the list of another party?  I think the Freedems might be the closest to our thinking, but would like to check.
This piece combines sci-fi, noir, and comedy in an almost pitch-perfect way.  Also has a cameo by Ivan Stand and J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, for those Subgenii out there.
Estimats Peculiaristas,

With an election upcoming next month, what would you like to see inn the NPW mannifesto for the Cosa?  Not that we have the people to field a Cosa delegation at the moment (though I am considering running for Benito Senats again), but I feel like if we are going to be a Talossan political party, we should weigh in on the debates of the day.

So what would you like to see in the manifesto?  I'll start:

1.)  Term limits for the monarch.  A person's lifetime is an ETERNITY in terms of micronational politics (or even small groups such as social clubs).  Perhaps a sort of "supreme line" not unlike the Oddfellows or some Masonic lodges use for their officers?  All I can say is that the current monarch is a do-nothing.  Change (and the ability to make it effectively) is needed.  "bUt THE MunARChy is FuuUUnnn."  Please, go take a running leap.  I mean it sincerely.  You like having a friend of yours in charge with minimal accountability.

2.)  Abolition of the Senats and provincial system.  We don't need it.  It barely functions, and Talossa really needs fewer houses with boarded-up windows.  Lets replace this with self-defined groups (the Cjovani come to mind) who, if sufficiently established, can send parliamentary nonvoting delegates to the Cosa.  Why not?  It makes about as much sense as federalism in a system where the constituent entities have almost no vested interest of their own.  This is why Hamiltonian Federalism doesn't work here.

3.)  Let's just kill Talossa and see what rises from the ashes three days later.  I'll throw that in here because someone will be along shortly after I hit "post" to make that accusation.  Have ChatGPT write a new, bare bones, constitution and see where it goes from there.  Talossa is NEVER more active than when it is arguing with itself about itself.

4.)  We believe in the value of individuality and the power of eccentricity. We will work to create a society that celebrates and supports people who are different and unique.  To encourage diversity in thought and action, lets create a "hobby horse support network" to help provide infrastructure to the weird and wild ideas Talossans generate.  Funding?  Maybe.  Webspace?  Perhaps. 
New Peculiar Way / Calling All Peculiaristas
October 25, 2022, 06:28:30 PM
Peculiaristas, one and all,

Monarchist and Republican alike,

It is long past time Talossa has thrown off the yoke of derivativist claptrap!  Join us!  Help us mold Talossa into something the likes of which the Earth has never truly seen, a just nation that truly listens!
El Senäts/The Senate / CONSULT: Electoral Commission
October 25, 2022, 04:54:46 PM
Estimats Senators,

Is anyone who's not

A.)  A party officer
B.)  Not having their term expire this Cosa

interested in serving on the Electoral Commission?
Wittenberg / The NPW Rides Again
October 23, 2022, 06:33:56 PM
Estimats Talossans,

The NPW, Talossa's only Peculiarist Party, has been quiet for far too long.  As you know, we did not stand for the previous Cosa, and the only current Peculiarist in office is your Mencei, yours truly.  That simply will not do.

For those playing at home, Peculiarism is one of Talossa's oldest distinct ideologies.  The definition provided by Talossawiki, is that "Peculiarismeu is the belief that Talossa is not a country like other countries, but is instead its own special sort of entity. It is a genuine and unique Talossan ideology. According to this way of thinking, as Talossa is unique, it does not have to imitate other nations and their habits."

That's pretty fair.  My own attitudes, as a singular example, are that Talossa COULD explore the political possibilities presented by Heinlein's Lunar Govt. in "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," or elements of governance from "A Canticle for Leibowitz."  Other historical examples include some of the thought of Danihel R. Lauriéir and Dieter Vercáriâ.

The current NPW does have a strong Republican attitude, at least partially driven by the personal attitudes of the current active membership.  It is something that could change (though I hope it doesn't!).  As such, Peculiarists of ALL Repub/Monarch stripes could find a home here.  If you're interested in joining, or would like to know more, please reach out!
Esteemed Senators,

Please vote here or elsewhere as established by law and custom.
Estimats Senators,

In accordance with tradition, statute, and the rules of business, please post your votes and debate for this Clark here or elsewhere (you know the places).
Wittenberg / The Finest Talossan Speeches/Writing
August 27, 2022, 07:52:07 PM
Every nation has its major speeches.  Those addresses that help to define or redirect a culture.  The US might have the Eulogy for the Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger from Reagan, The Four Freedoms by Roosevelt, and I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King.  Or perhaps the Cornerstone Speech by Alexander Stephens or the Mission Accomplished Speech of Bush.

What are these speeches for Talossa?  Given the great majority of our interchange is written on fora, that would extend to writing, I imagine.
Estimats Senators,

Please register votes and debating over the current Clark here, or elsewhere as established by Law and Custom.
Senators, please lodge your votes here or elsewhere as established by law, custom, and past practice.
Estimats Senators,

Please find, for your convenience, a debate and voting thread for the 4th Clark of this Cosa.
To Whom it May Concern,

The Ministry of Culture, pursuant to El Lexhatx D.2.7.2, in recognition of his services to and abilities with the Talossan language, do name @Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial as Ladintsch Naziunal.

Wittenberg / NPW Convention and Recruitment Thread
April 22, 2021, 08:00:34 AM
Estimats Peculiaristas,

The time has come again for us to figure out what what we want to pursue for the next Cosa.  So, as Chisleu Bruno of the NPW, I am issuing the call for ideas.  Also, if any non-aligned Peculiarists are interested in membership, make yourself known and get involved with one of Talossa's oldest political movements.

Wittenberg / [CULTURE]: Independence Day Gift Exchange
December 13, 2020, 01:49:19 PM
Estimats Talossans,

Would anybody be interested in holding a gift exchange in honor of upcoming Independence Day?  Just an exchange of some small something (No more than USD 25 or so) that you think might make the other person smile.  We might be cutting it close, but I think that holiday spirit can be extended!

If you're interested, just drop me an email at with your name, address, and some general interests by Friday, 12/18.  The Ministry can then facilitate the exchange of information.  Much festive!!

The New Peculiar Way is a major advocate for the adoption of a dual head of state system.

Some like the pomp and ceremony of Royalty, with heraldry and symbolism.

Others would prefer a more Republican, periodically elected, type of Head of State.

The NPW says you can have both.  El Regeu and El Schac'h.

El Regeu is chosen just as we currently choose our Regeu.  For life.  El Schac'h is chosen periodically by popular election.  They are coequal, and exercise their powers in alternating Clarks.