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Wittenberg / Re: Talossan Video Gaming
« on: January 07, 2021, 10:55:30 AM »
i am gaming a bit myself :) but i am into strategic things rather than RPG, adventures or suchs. recently i acquired the PC version of the old board game "game of thrones". we played a lot this one ages ago with my friends. the PC allows to play it even over mountains and seas.

does anyone know e.g. anno 1404?

Wittenberg / Re: COVID-19 update
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:50:36 AM »

You make an excellent point. We must of course exercise caution when taking data from the horse's mouth. I certainly wouldn't want to give the impression that I admire the containment strategy of the PRC. But, as a one-party state, they are 'playing on easy mode', for lack of a more sensitive term. It must be somewhat easier to contain an outbreak when you can simply ban people from going where they please under threat of force. I wish that some of my Australian countrymen were less inclined to fawn over the PRC's draconian measures as though they were worthy of emulation.

if we continue to dissect the chinese authoritative regime, you are right, that they have more tools in their arsenal to contain the epidemy, but they failed in the critical initial stage, when the epidemy started. the combinations of suspicion towards their subjects (there is no infection, only dissidents are trying to mess up our brave new world) and of trying not to loose the face (cos we cannot admit we started it) produced very similar political failure as this of clueless demo regimes later.

honestly, it was a quite a sad coincidence of circumstances - absence of proper legal background for food business in china (almost no regulations at; being an analytical biochemist, i know it from my friends who work in food analysis and regulations), by faaaar different level of urbanisation and market culture in china, their rigid authoritative/totalitarian regime, overall unregulated traveling (not that i cry for its regulation, but it gives us this kinda payback), increasing political populism in demo countries and generally increasing distrust for official institutions (including medical science). it is a toxin cocktail, which accumulated over time and became a founding ground for covid-19.

and in the light of this, i really admire people fighting it directly (nurses, docs, whole rescue system), cos despite what is or might be wrong, they go on. my bro and sister-in-law are nurses who are directly involved, so to them too!

sorry, if i am annoying, the steam must be vented ;)

Wittenberg / Re: COVID-19 update
« on: January 04, 2021, 05:20:50 AM »
Conversely, the People's Republic of China, a contemporary gulag archipelago, has contained its own outbreaks remarkably well.

:o there is this one thing which puzzles me, how would we know any relevant data from PRC? e.g. recent WHO research tells, that at least in wuhan, official numbers (infected, deceased) are at least one order lower than they, high probably, were. i lived in bolshevik country, i lived in the time of chernobyl (i was 16), so i would not believe any PRC official in regard to anything regime-sensitive even he tells me he has nose in-between his eyes ;)

yes, czechia, UK, USA, ..., quite some political representatives in demo countries mostly pretty fucked up facing covid, but they are not secretive and publish even quite unfavourising data. well, we may debate what's good in it, but i prefer honesty and openness, even it does not bring the right fruit right at time, to totalitarian dirigism and cryptogamousness(TM).

i appreciate and admire your attitude to what you've said 8) it is damn difficult to admit one's wrong and it is a mastery hard to achieve.

¡sa viva talossa!

i vote për for both :)

Wittenberg / Re: COVID-19 update
« on: January 03, 2021, 05:34:05 AM »
Is that the Czech Republic which you're referencing?

I didn't know that Prague was in such poor shape. Much luck to you.

Hopefully the EU can help out. That would be the purpose, one would hope, of an economic confederation.

yes, it is czechia. our PM boasted during spring that we are "best in covid" not knowing, we really will be later, but worldwide in number of deceased per citizen and overall appalling anti-epidemic measures :'(

thnx, at least there is the EU not allowing our politicians to capitalise each and every foul idea they come up with. the central controlled distribution of vaccine is among the things, i hope, which will be helpful quite a lot.

the former eastern block is still under the dark spell of the past, our civil society never really grew strong, and people seem to be prone to distrust and wild conspirations (i can only speculate why american and east-european societies became so similar). "funny" fact, according to latest polls, around 25 % of poles are afraid of covid, but almost 50 % are of the anti-covid vaccine... where is any sense in it, except for it being product of general fear, absence of education and proper critical thinking?

Wittenberg / Re: COVID-19 update
« on: January 02, 2021, 07:43:31 AM »
i really envy the NZ its government and political culture.

almost total absence of credibility of local CZ politicians causes people to disrespect even rational measures, not to mention increased conspirationistic attitudes fuelled by disinformation sources, which are thus more credible than official sources. plus, local politicians are really quite incompetent, causing economic havoc where they should calm it down. would you say, that facing the biggest state budget deficit, our parliament approved significant decrease of taxes with increasing mandatory expenses? moreover, the change in taxes favours rich people much more that the poor ones. and common people rather consider not to go quarantine when ill or suspected, because with their low incomes, the 14 days isolation without proper compensation (it makes 36 % of the regular income) cripples their family budgets. the social tension is so high, that people go rather for a dance macabre of frequent parties that considerately stay at home. oy vay :-\

Wittenberg / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 01, 2021, 07:56:30 AM »
laßetz që ça serà miglhôr që c'estava :)

Wittenberg / Re: annexation
« on: December 21, 2020, 07:27:53 AM »
Mohlo by to být mnohem horší. Můžeš být Angličan.

well, yes, bojo, brexit and covid seems to be powerful combo. anyway, i suppose you would agree that billionaire by european subventions slash former commie secret service agent slash PM slash i-can-manage-anything-cos-i-am-genius is a fair competition.

ps. conditionals are tricky in any language, definitely for me in english. it is supposed to be "mohl bys být angličan", similar to use of past tense after if, if i get it right in english, a condition not real.

Wittenberg / Re: annexation
« on: December 20, 2020, 11:45:59 AM »
Ahem… Czechia

happy to see someone not confusing it for chechnia :)

anyway, czechia or czech republic, we are ripe to become 17th federated state of germany or else, cos ar gobbermint iz iffictivilly non-existent. i haven't feel so frustrated in ages. sorry, the steam must vent out.

Wittenberg / annexation
« on: December 20, 2020, 04:33:22 AM »
here is an emergency broadcating with an urgent message. i would like to ask talossan officials to seriuosly consider immediate annexation of czech republic czechia. this is a critical situation, i repeat, this is... aaaaaargh... gh... uh

Wittenberg / Re: ANNOUNCING: the Campaign for an Elected Head of State
« on: December 11, 2020, 06:35:34 AM »
your problems and rothschildt's money, that's what i miss of all right now, is what we use to say here when seeing someone to solve interesting pseudo-problem :)

within entities like talossa, it hardly matters that much if they have king or president, monarchy or republic. you always need some extent of likemindedness of its members to keep it alive, but the formal ones, which attract 90 % of new members who then simply vanish with the wind, those are really pointless (i made a typo "pintless" which i somehow like). i like the idea of having fun doing things together with friends which allow me to take some new social roles i did not (and mostly do not want to) try in real world. it has to be a process, vivid thing, otherwise it fades into inexistence. remember penguinea-pangea-polyphony? ;) we have to admit we grow older, things funny once are not that much today. do you see a new generation of agile and clever talossans, 25-30 yrs, trying to kick (y)our ol'butt of (y)our comfort chairs? i do not. that has to be here. king or dwayne elizondo mountain dew herbert camacho, not important. good feeling, important. no good feeling now.

Wittenberg / Re: Please Take Part in the Second National Survey
« on: October 06, 2020, 03:46:32 AM »
we substitute the physicality by meeting here, virtually, which cognitively creates weak bonds and does not inspire much activity. to our minds, it is not much real and subconsciously appealing. we have to accept, that embodiment and enactment are irreplaceable in social life. "out of sight, out of mind" proverb says that with full force; "sight" means here a physical interaction (sorry for obviousness, but i want to be as precise as possible).

What about literature, art, music, science, religion etc? Sometimes the biggest adventures are happening in our minds, and there's a lot of social life going on merely by intellectual exchange. Looking at where we (the two of us) are coming from in terms of our micronational experiences, Penguinea, Rep. Talossa and what not eventually provoked our real world meetings, but before this, we couldn't escape from getting lost in an overwhelming narrative which created strong bonds, iMHO.

Being part of a "real" nation may be generating less feelings of "strong bonds" for various reasons. I'll never meet all the 82 and then  some millions of people who make up the country where I am living. But a nation and a culture aren't constituted exclusively by physical meetings.

of course penguinea and republic were quite inspiring, but also kind of explosive, it was a boom of creativity, which did not have the anchor to bind it to the ground. it burnt bright, but then just ashes and memories are lying around. i am more for less flammable more stable approach, kind i know from elsewhere (ark), it is mostly the personal and physical what creates the core on which you may build the art and suchs. i am not proposing any particular approach, i am not that bold, i am merely trying to analyse the life cycle of micronat... nationettes  ;) my concern is a long term stability and viability.

Wittenberg / Re: Please Take Part in the Second National Survey
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:21:18 AM »
i would like to share the last comment i made in this survey:

the physically meeting citizens and unambiguous physical manifestation of talossa would be better for its stability. problem is, being scattered all over the globe, we hardly can meet in person. also, talossa is too bound to a large urban environment fully occupied by non-talossan activities. there is nothing physically & distinctively talossan, a phenomenon in which a passer-by would notice its differentness and possibly even talossanity without necessity of prior knowledge - artefacts, places, presence...

we substitute the physicality by meeting here, virtually, which cognitively creates weak bonds and does not inspire much activity. to our minds, it is not much real and subconsciously appealing. we have to accept, that embodiment and enactment are irreplaceable in social life. "out of sight, out of mind" proverb says that with full force; "sight" means here a physical interaction (sorry for obviousness, but i want to be as precise as possible).

Wittenberg / Re: upcoming battle of the autumn semester 2020
« on: September 25, 2020, 01:59:30 AM »
Teaching online is far more difficult I have found than doing so in person!

it is very tiresome. one would say sitting at home would make it comfortable, but the brain is not used to read peoples faces and speech in the even tiny tiny time-delayed visual comparing to live talk. i feel like a squeezed lemon after a videocon lecture or seminar, but i am never sure if my juice made a good gin fizz or just spoiled a milk. what is even worse, the commented ppt presentation. i envy all actors to be able to do that, but speaking to "faceless" microphone is the worst psychotorture i ever went through, considering talking to people when i was a teenager.

Boy howdy you're right.  Though with the theatre closed, my workload has pretty much evened out.

i hope your theatre will be open soon and people will be coming back for plays. here, they are allowed to play live, but only with proper social distances around 2 m and face masks, meaning four to six time less people come than when at full capacity. i also feel with all those who had to work or study with face masks whole day on. this monday i sat like that for 10 h during theses defence and i had quite a difficulty to keep myself focused due to the limited breathing.

i am really worry about the people, who are vitally dependent on the vivid society and human contact - actors, small & local business, teachers on elementary schools. it is not that bad in europe (and AUS or NZ, afaik) with all the social backing from government (but even that might be better, imho, at least here), but e.g. india and similar countries are going to suffer greatly. 謝謝小熊維尼主席...

Wittenberg / upcoming battle of the autumn semester 2020
« on: September 24, 2020, 04:25:21 AM »
as the populistic epidemiology continues to worsen the situation here under brilliant leadership of our local PM (similar kind of idiot as bojo or trump), effectively, the whole new semester is going to be taught on all unis online and we expect another lock-down (they expect to lose the grip over the situation in two weeks; prague is already without any ICU for covid patients). moreover, my parents-in-law are in not an easy situation, both recover after surgery, nothing fatal, but still serious, so i am very much consumed by all this stuff. being deputy for study on our institute and myself a reader of 6 lectures and two seminars, i have to fully move to online teaching, which i only improvised in the half of the period during spring (we had 6 weeks of total lock-down). to prepare such stuff that it makes sense and can be attained by students who are cut off involuntarily due to health and technical issues is a big challenge.

so, my attention to talossan matters is weakened, i hardly read witt in the last week and hardly pick up any strength to participate. "fortunately", talossa is not a boiling pot right now, which fact sets me a bit at ease ;) just to let you know.

hopefully, i have tons of books to read, films to see, perfect wife to survive the cabin fever, large garden and two funny cats (funny, but serious, yesterday, zaerti has brought us a weasel, and ate half of the poor sodder, which explained the mystery of strange shit found all over our lantifundiae and strange sounds too. she also brings snakes, time to time. aneru is more specialised in birds. lovable killers).

mouse over :)

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