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Messages - Sir Txec dal Nordselvă, UrB

Quote from: Breneir Tzaracomprada on Yesterday at 10:13:04 AMUpdate: removed the bill where I'm not the main sponsor.

Hellooooo Mr. Secretary, I am pleased to clark the following:

Clarked as RZ14 The Florencia <3's Vuode Act
Clarked as RZ13 The Grandfathered Transparency Act
CLarked as RZ12 BHAID: Effective Altruism Act
Clarked as RZ11 The A-X's Little Helper Act
Clarked as RZ10 CpI Advisory Opinion Expansion Amendment
Not yet Clarked (waiting for CRL approval) The Seneschal Uber-Active Clarification Act
Yep, this I can Clark.
This bill cannot be submitted to the Clark until it is properly formatted. The bill talks about a modification to El Lex D.8.9, and how certain information must be transmitted in a certain format. However, for the bill to actually take any effect, the provisions of El Lex. D.8.9 should be specifically modified to include the specific information to be transmitted.

For example, you could modify 8.9.1 to state "All internal government communications on Government-owned fora, including discussions by any Standing Committee, shall be...." (you get the point).

This bill would just be floating about in the ether if it were to pass as it does not modify existing law in any way.
Brenier you are not the main sponsor so it must be Clarked by Miestra. It also has not been approved by the CRL.
This bill cannot be clarked until it has the approval of the CRL.
It is my pleasure to open call for bills of the March 2024 Clark.

Eventually, the clark can be viewed in real time here:;clark=4 (for the votes)

and here:;clark=4 (for the bills )

It is NOT too late to submit bills, of course, as you have OFFICIALLY until the morning of the 29th of this month, provided your bills have been in the Hopper before end of business day the 15th, of course. I will make the Clark on March 1st's morning and bills submitted up to a few hours before that will probably also be taken.

PLEASE note that in order to support a bill, you need to:

1 ) Be a Senator, the Secretary of State or the King
2 ) Have been nominated as a Cosa Member for the upcoming Clark BEFORE the 15th,

To vote on the Clark, you will once again have 2 options:

1 ) You will be able to vote in the Clark thread (which will be created later on the 1st of March), as usual. I will enter your votes in the DB.

2 ) You will be able to vote directly in the database, using your usernumber and DB password (which you can retrieve at: using the PSC of the election) or by login via Facebook (which retrieve manual activation on my part).

Secretár d'Estat/Secretary of State
RZ6 passed 185-0-15 in the Cosa and 6-1-1 in the Senäts
RZ7 passed 169-31-0 in the Cosa and 7-0-1 in the Senäts
RZ8 passed 200-0-0 in the Cosa and 6-0-2 in the Senäts
RZ9 passed 200-0-0 in the Cosa and 8-0-0 in the Senäts

The VoC passed 115-85

All MCs and Senators voted

Secretár d'Estat/Secretary of State
Apologies. I've been unwell. I did see the original question but I've not had much opportunity to respond.

The information you request was provided to the previous government, while you were Seneschal. Baron Alexandreu was the recipient.
Wittenberg / Re: Citizenship Petition for Damian Adams
February 10, 2024, 09:29:29 AM
TANDI QE Damian Adams tent compiaçat toct i resquiraziuns lexhitais per l'aðmiçiun àl Regipäts Talossan, es tent comvimçat la naziun es noi da sieu intereçù in la citaxhienità Talossan (la Mhiglhor Cosă Qe L'Erxhent Non Put Comprar), da sieu intenziun es desireu à partiçipar in noastră vidă naziunal, es da sieu leialtà àl Coronă, noi sint rat es þonourat àð aðmiçar perventüră Damian Adams àl statüs exaltat del/dal  575-l:t CITAXHIÉN VEITAT/VEITADĂ DEL REGIPÄTS TALOSSAN, es dal provinçù Maritiimi-Maxhestic , cün toct i drepts, privilexhuns, es deveirs qi sint iherinds à ça.

Fäts par va mha in la nómină del Regeu Ian es sub sieu Saxhel Rexhital li 10. Fevraglh in l'anneu dal eră comun 2024, in el 15-l:t anneu del röin da noastra soveran cortös Regeu Ian, es el 45-l:t dal independençù da Talossa.

Secretár d'Estat

WHEREAS Damian Adams has completed all the legal requirements for admission to the Kingdom of Talossa, and has satisfied the nation and us of his interest in Talossan citizenship (the Best Thing Money Can't Buy), of his intention and desire to participate in our national life, and of his loyalty to the Crown, we are pleased and honoured hereby to admit Damian Adams to the exalted status of the 575th NATURALISED CITIZEN OF THE KINGDOM OF TALOSSA, and of the province of Maritiimi-Maxhestic , with all the rights, privileges, and duties thereunto appertaining.

Done by my hand in the name of King John and under his Royal Seal this 10th day of February in the year of the common era 2024, in the 15th year of the reign of our gracious sovereign King John, and of the independence of Talossa the 45th.

Secretary of State
Technically an MC can not be removed from the Cosa unless he fails to vote or other provisions are enacted such as by a Cort for civil disability. A party cannot remove an MC.

Until the Baron misses two consecutive votes, his seats cannot be reassigned. He could also resign the seats.
Wittenberg / Re: More about Talossa :- Where is it ?
February 05, 2024, 02:09:14 PM
Just coins.