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Messages - Mic’haglh Autófil, SMC EiP

Wittenberg / Re: Talossan Coffee Day 2024
Yesterday at 12:25:02 AM
Quote from: Bråneu Excelsio on July 17, 2024, 11:50:56 PM
Quote from: xpb on July 17, 2024, 10:13:07 PMReady to French press that day (and most others)
Nice, the classic cézembrean press.

The true name for the method, of course. ;)
Wittenberg / Re: Talossan Coffee Day 2024
July 16, 2024, 11:50:08 PM
Quote from: Bråneu Excelsio on July 16, 2024, 11:15:27 PM
Quote from: Mic'haglh Autófil, SMC EiP on July 16, 2024, 10:49:37 PMAh, perfect, because my new Chemex arrives in about 14 hours.

The first one accident.

Ouch. You bought it with the wooden thing or the plastic thing?

Wooden, the traditional design. It was knocked over by a little gray aschantì who shall remain nameless when he jumped up on the counter last week.
Wittenberg / Re: Talossan Coffee Day 2024
July 16, 2024, 10:49:37 PM
Ah, perfect, because my new Chemex arrives in about 14 hours.

The first one accident.
Qe ça piaçadra Voastră Maxhestà:

Osprei ünă eleziun xheneral conductadă par la Cantzelerïă, noi, els Membreux dal Cosă subsignhats, represantent ünă maxhorità dels eschcaes da din această cámeră. Noi piedent respectunösmint qe Voastră Maxhestà, d'osprei las stipulaziuns d'Artical IV del Legeu Orgänic, apünta Miestră Schivă come voastră Seneschal.

May it please Your Majesty,

Following a general election conducted by the Chancery, we, the undersigned Members of the Cosă, represent a majority of seats within that house. We respectfully petition that Your Majesty, under the provisions of Article IV of the Organic Law, appoint Miestră Schivă as your Seneschal.

@Miestră Schivă, UrN
@Bråneu Excelsio
@Mic'haglh Autófil, SMC EiP
@Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir
@Bentxamì Puntmasleu
@Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial, UrGP
@Sir Lüc
I second the nomination of @þerxh Sant-Enogat for Túischac'h.
Minor update for our friend MC @Flip Molinar , but as per this bill we are "la Provinçù Liveradă es Soveran da Belacostă". (Didn't want to gum up the Call for MCs thread with this.)
WHEREAS the Legislative Chancery of the Province Formerly Known as Benito passed an Act renaming that Province to Belacostă; and

WHEREAS the citizenry of that Province did approve of the renaming via referendum; and

WHEREAS the Act in question requests the Ziu and Government to implement this renaming at the national level at their earliest convenience, then

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that all uses of the word "Benito" in El Lexhatx are replaced with the word "Belacostă", namely those in Lex.B.12, Lex.E.7.5, Lex.F.12.3, Lex.F.26.3, Lex.F.29, and Lex.F.36.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the use of the word "Benitians" in Lex.F.5.2.3 is replaced with the word "Belacostans".

Uréu q'estadra så,
Mic'haglh Autófil, MC
Lüc da Schir, MC
As with the previous instance of a picker-wheel tiebreaker, I have generated both a Certification Link and an image of the wheel itself (attached). The winner of the final seat is the Independent Party.

As a result, the Belacostan Assembly for the 60th Cosă is assigned as follows:

Free Democrats of Talossa (Leader: @Miestră Schivă, UrN ) - 5 seats
Open Society (Leader: @Breneir Tzaracomprada ) - 3 seats
Independent Party (Leader: @Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN ) - 2 seats
Parti da Reformaziun (Leader: Mic'haglh Autófil) - 1 seat

I invite the leaders of each party to assign members to their seats. As leader of the PdR, I assign that party's sole seat to myself.
I would like to echo S:reu Tresplet's sentiments regarding the PdR's seat (and any appointment deadline).

Best wishes from Beni Belacostă.
The PdR assigns its seats to Zirecteir Naziunal @Mic'haglh Autófil, SMC EiP
As per the Database, the election results are as follows:

OPEN            2
PRESENT         3
IND             1
FREEDEMS        3
PDR             1

With "Present" votes excluded and the "Baby Ducks" ballot spoiled, seven valid votes have been cast.

FreeDem: 3/7*11 = 4.714 (4 seats, remainder 0.714)
OPEN: 2/7*11 = 3.143 (3 seats, remainder 0.143)
IND: 1/7*11 = 1.571 (1 seat, remainder 0.571)
PdR: 1/7*11 = 1.571 (1 seat, remainder 0.571)

Nine seats are filled, with two remaining. With the largest remainder, one of the two remaining seats is granted to the Free Democrats. If there are no objections, following the precedent established for the Assembly during the 58th Cosă, a picker wheel should be used to assign the final seat between the Independent Party and the PdR.
The PdR's fee is sent.
Quote from: Sir Txec dal Nordselvă, UrB on June 15, 2024, 08:26:03 PMUnfortunately if this was not posted in the official thread and/or I wasn't tagged, I likely missed it.

It looks like Therxh did edit his post to contain the list, but he does not appear to have tagged you at any point.
Wittenberg / Re: Future of the Chancery
June 06, 2024, 05:34:45 PM
Quote from: Baron Alexandreu Davinescu on June 06, 2024, 04:39:27 PM
Quote from: Mic'haglh Autófil, SMC EiP on June 06, 2024, 04:26:06 PMI was actually just thinking the other day on how easy it would be to implement something like this as a set of Google Sheets. It would be a lot less centralized, to be sure, and we would likely lose some degree of functionality as a result, but the tradeoff is accessibility for both the SoS as the primary user and anyone who assists in maintaining things. Could also write some macros as well to automate certain tasks, I'm pretty good with that.

It would be a transition that works best in stages, but it can be done. Ideally we find the biggest pain points first.

Yeah, I think we'd probably go through at least one full cycle all the way through, soup to nuts, before we even think about getting rid of the database.  I'm sure we'd love to have your help -- and maybe you can think of stuff to do with Infoteca to make it fancier, too!

At that point I'm sure we could find a way to integrate it to Infoteca -- creating a data output to match Infoteca's input format, effectively. Might not necessarily make Infoteca fancier, but more automated / less tedious, at least.

Quote from: Miestră Schivă, UrN on June 06, 2024, 05:17:07 PM
Quote from: Baron Alexandreu Davinescu on June 06, 2024, 04:39:27 PMWe're going to input Txec into the spreadsheet too, like TRON.

Featuring a digitized MPF as Master Control

Alright, but if Daft Punk isn't doing the soundtrack to Talossa Database 2: e-Txec Boogaloo, I don't want any part of it.