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I don't want to add to the gloom, so I'll just say that it's not true that there are dolphins in the canals. There, I said it. Don't drink and write, foreign press.
Well this is disappointing...

The Lobby / March 2020 Results (54th Cosa, 3rd Clark)
« on: March 22, 2020, 07:05:54 AM »
[th colspan=2]54th Cosâ, Clark #3 results[/th][th style=" text-align: center;"]Amendment?[/th][th]Ziu[/th][th colspan=4 style="border-left: solid 4px black; text-align: center;" ]Cosâ[/th][th colspan=4 style="border-left: solid 4px black; text-align: center;"  ]Senäts[/th]
BillTitle ResultPërContrâAbstainResultPërContrâAbstainResult
[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=14"]The This Ain't it, Chief Act[/a]No (double majority needed)
[td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass
[td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]109[/td][td align="center"]5[/td][td align="center"]24[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]4[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td align="center"]2[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][/tr][tr][td][th]RZ15[/th]
[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=15"]The Seneschál Election Amendment[/a]Yes (2/3 Cosa needed, Majority Senäts)
[td bgColor="#FF0000"  align="center"]Fail[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]133[/td][td align="center"]5[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]2[/td][td align="center"]4[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td bgColor="#FF0000"  align="center"]Fail[/td][/tr][tr][td][th]RZ16[/th]
[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=16"]The There's No Such Thing As A Free Senäts Seat Amendment[/a]Yes (2/3 Cosa needed, 2/3 Senäts)
[td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]128[/td][td align="center"]10[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]4[/td][td align="center"]2[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][/tr][tr][td][th]RZ17[/th]
[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=17"]Abolition of Compulsory Voting and Determination of Legal or Actual Decease Bill[/a]Yes (2/3 Cosa needed, Majority Senäts)
[td bgColor="#FF0000"  align="center"]Fail[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]112[/td][td align="center"]16[/td][td align="center"]10[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]2[/td][td align="center"]4[/td][td align="center"]0[/td][td bgColor="#FF0000"  align="center"]Fail[/td][/tr][tr][td]VOC[/td][td colspan="2"]Vote of Confidence[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td align="center" style="border-left: solid 4px black;"]111[/td][td align="center"]15[/td][td align="center"]N/A[/td][td bgColor="#00FF00" align="center"]Pass[/td][td colspan="4" bgcolor="#000"][/td][/tr][/table]

[h2]Cosâ  Member Votes[/h2]
[th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=Number"]#[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=Name"]Name[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=Province"]Province[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=CosaSeats.Party"]Party[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=NumberOfVote"]Seats[/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=14&cosa=54&clark=3" target="_blank"]RZ14[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=15&cosa=54&clark=3" target="_blank"]RZ15[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=16&cosa=54&clark=3" target="_blank"]RZ16[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=17&cosa=54&clark=3" target="_blank"]RZ17[/a][/th][th][a href="/files/cosa_vote_result.php?bill=0&cosa=54&clark=3&sorting=CosaSeats.VOC"]VOC[/a][/th]
541[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=541"]Andy ParkFiova[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=AMP" target="_blank"]AMP[/a]11-----
210[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=210"]Audrada RôibeardétFiova[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=NPW" target="_blank"]NPW[/a]2-----
208[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=208"]Breneir ItravilatxFlorencià[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=AMP" target="_blank"]AMP[/a]11PërPërPërContrâYes
519[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=519"]Cresti da Ion Nouacastra-LäxhirescuMaritiimi-Maxhestic[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=AMP" target="_blank"]AMP[/a]12AbstainPërPërPërYes
330[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=330"]Eiric BörnatfiglheuBenito[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=NPW" target="_blank"]NPW[/a]10PërPërContrâAbstainNo
254[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=254"]Éovart GrischunVuode[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=PNP" target="_blank"]PNP[/a]13PërPërPërPërYes
298[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=298"]Iason TaiwosBenito[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=NPW" target="_blank"]NPW[/a]3PërPërPërPërYes
493[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=493"]Jordan PlacieMaritiimi-Maxhestic[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=AMP" target="_blank"]AMP[/a]12-----
277[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=277"]Litz CjantscheirCézembre[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=PNP" target="_blank"]PNP[/a]12-----
101[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=101"]Martì-Paír FurxhéirAtatûrk[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=FREEDEMS" target="_blank"]FREEDEMS[/a]20PërPërPërPërYes
114[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=114"]Miestrâ SchivâFiova[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=FREEDEMS" target="_blank"]FREEDEMS[/a]20PërPërPërPërYes
315[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=315"]Munditenens (Dien) TrespletMaricopa[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=FREEDEMS" target="_blank"]FREEDEMS[/a]12AbstainPërPërPërYes
61[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=61"]Mximo CarbonelFlorencià[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=MTGA" target="_blank"]MTGA[/a]5ContrâContrâPërContrâNo
386[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=386"]Txec Róibeard dal NordselvaMaricopa[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=FREEDEMS" target="_blank"]FREEDEMS[/a]20PërPërPërPërYes
494[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=494"]Þon Txoteu É. DavinescuMaricopa[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/party.php?party=FREEDEMS" target="_blank"]FREEDEMS[/a]12PërPërPërPër-
Number of Cosâ Members : 15

[h2]Senator Votes[/h2]
[th]Province[/th][th]#[/th][th]Name[/th][th][a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=14" target="_blank"]RZ14[/a][/th][th][a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=15" target="_blank"]RZ15[/a][/th][th][a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=16" target="_blank"]RZ16[/a][/th][th][a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/bills.php?cosa=54&bill=17" target="_blank"]RZ17[/a][/th]
Atatûrk432[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=432"]Sevastáin PinátschAbstainContrâContrâContrâ
Cézembre525[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=525"]Açafat del ValAbstainContrâPërContrâ
Florencià317[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=317"]Béneditsch ArdpresteirPërContrâContrâContrâ
Maricopa466[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=466"]Ian PlätschischPërPërPërPër
Maritiimi-Maxhestic328[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=328"]Lüc da SchirPërContrâPërContrâ
Benito96[a href="http://www.talossa.ca/files/cit.php?cit=96"]Gödafrïeu Válcadác'hPërPërPërPër

The following members did not vote and risk losing their seats if they miss the next vote:
@Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN

The following member did not vote for the second consecutive time and have lost their seats:
Andy Park
@Audrada Roibeardet
Jordan Placie[/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table]

The Hopper / Re: The Non-Hereditary Monarchy Amendment
« on: March 21, 2020, 06:21:47 PM »
Should they have a veto over reforms that the centre-Left government have been fighting for for years, and have succeed in getting a Cosa supermajority for?
No. Nobody is arguing for that. In this particular case, my main point isn't even about keeping the hereditary monarchy. Personally I have doubts about replacing it, but if a majority wants to get rid of it, it is what it is (though I wish an even larger part of that had been new or old citizens being convinced and a smaller part had been monarchists leaving).
Just suggesting that taking some time to implement the best version of a suggested change and get some broader support isn't such a bad thing. Again, you are free to ignore that. I don't think it'd be very wise.

Please stop with the strawman arguments though.

The Hopper / Re: The Non-Hereditary Monarchy Amendment
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:49:49 AM »
With due respect, this amendment had been Hoppered since December and has generated little discussion.

I am sympathetic to calls to delay Clarking a bill while discussion is ongoing (my opposition to Clarking the Electoral Roll stuff is what got the rest of the Government to lay off) but that isn’t what happened here.

A 2/3 bar in both the Ziu and the populace is a pretty high bar, but I agree there could be a better system. However, developing such a system could take years and this is a step in the right direction.

Hard disagree.

1. I'm not sure that developing a more complex system would take multiple years. It depends on how much effort supporters of the change want to put in it. Alternatively, we could probably come up with a bill that creates some extra barriers or an electoral college right now. Of course there's not much reason to assume any quick solution would be the best or even a good solution, but that's not the case for this proposal either. (Actually there seems to be pretty much a consensus that this bill would not be the best solution.)

2. Taking some time to do this is not at all a bad thing either. It's a pretty big change. At the moment, the pace of change in Talossa is leaving people behind. Activity on new witt hasn't been particularly high. Many will not even have seen this amendment yet. Of course, the government is correct that they have the right everything they've got a majority for at the rate they please, but that doesn't mean it might not be wise to take some time to do it right, and maybe take some more people along as well.

3. tbd

4. tbd

5. tbd

6 tbd

The Lobby / Re: The March 2020 Clark (54th Cosa, 2nd Clark)
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:15:22 AM »
Apologies. It was just pointed out to me that under the new OrgLaw, a vote on the VoC is no longer strictly required...

Didn't know about that (or more likely, knew about it at some point, but forgot).

The Lobby / Re: The March 2020 Clark (54th Cosa, 2nd Clark)
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:44:03 PM »
I vote per on all

I guess all could technically be interpreted to include the VoC, although that question really is an üc/non one, so I'm not 100% sure about this one. It would help if you could clarify your vote on the VoC.

The Lobby / Re: The March 2020 Clark (54th Cosa, 2nd Clark)
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:38:32 PM »
    RZ14 - PER
    RZ15 - PER
    RZ16 - PER
    RZ17 - PER

I can't (yet) enter this vote as it does not (yet) contain a VoC

The Hopper / Re: The Hat Redistribution Act
« on: March 18, 2020, 02:57:51 PM »
With provincial activity down and not likely to recover anytime soon, the Chancery is likely to keep conducting most senatorial elections.

Also, `just recently I made a decision that cost a senator (the senator of my own province no less) her seat. Of course I would argue I did not have a real choice because I was just following the law, but it is clear that interpretations of the law can differ and others would have come to a different conclusions.

I have been very wary of even expressing a public opinion on senatorial races. What constitutes an "obvious" conflict of interest might be rather subjective. Personally I don't think the Secretary of State should also be a senator.

I do agree with the other changes proposed in this act and the other amendment.

The Lobby / Re: MCs for the 54th Cosa
« on: March 03, 2020, 10:30:55 AM »
Don't have time to look up all the precedent and laws now, but to my mind Lüc is right, meaning status changes can happen during the clark and the record only becomes permanent at the end of the clark. I would assume that is how mpf acted and how I would have acted had it come up. So if that's true (and from Lüc's post I gather it is) then either option is fine (just not both).

The Lobby / Re: MCs for the 54th Cosa
« on: March 03, 2020, 09:41:23 AM »
I have just cast my votes on the 3rd Clark via the DB, and now I, Éovart Grischun MC, hereby resign my Cosa seats and from the 54th Cosa.

Some confusion about what exactly the intention is here.
I'm guessing it's not to have your MC votes count, then resign and then also vote as a Senator and have other MC's appointed who vote using the PNP seats as well, cause that probably shouldn't be possible.

I'd say either you are not an MC this clark (in which case your MC votes don't count) or you are, but then your resignation (and the corresponding MC/Senate appointments) only take effect once the clark ends.

The Lobby / Re: MC seat changes
« on: March 01, 2020, 04:47:31 PM »

The Lobby / MCs for the 54th Cosa
« on: March 01, 2020, 04:46:44 PM »
Will include the full list soon-ish.

Post your re-assignments here...

The Lobby / Re: The March 2020 Clark (54th Cosa, 2nd Clark)
« on: March 01, 2020, 04:44:53 PM »
Note: the database is still doing that thing where it lists the wrong province for senators in provinces alphabetically following provinces with vacant senate seats. Best ignore that for now...

The Lobby / The March 2020 Clark (54th Cosa, 2nd Clark)
« on: March 01, 2020, 04:42:58 PM »
The March 2020 Clark is now here.


Or here: www.talossa.ca/files/print_clark.php (this is the printer friendly version)

In PDF Form (which was made from the print_clark.php page):


or can vote online here: www.talossa.ca/files/clark_vote.php

Or in this thread, until the 21st of the month, at 19h30 TST.

Senators or Cosa members are allowed to create a single thread in the Senate/Cosa chamber to post all of the Senate/Cosa Votes that are not cast in this thread. If MZs want to create separate voting threads on the Cosa or Senate board on old witt votes there will also be counted. Any votes not posted either using the form above, the current thread, or any of the Senate/Cosa threads on either witt might be ignored and void. Please do not vote by email or private messages.

When you vote, do not indicate any conditions which may make it sound like this vote isn't final: you can always change your vote later.

Please do not vote by email: We've had problems with email votes being caught in the spam filter.

All Cosa Members and Senators will be emailed today.

Glüc da Dhi
Secretary of State

The Hopper / Re: The Non-Hereditary Monarchy Amendment
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:32:12 AM »

I agree that if any of this happened it would not be great,
So any thoughts on amending this proposal to minimise these risks?

One possible alternative could be to have the general electorate vote on candidates one at the time where the first candidate is the person who is closest to being a citizen for 30 years. (wanted to say 59 but that may be a bit long)

Or we could institute some kind of electoral college where the members are selected separately over a longer period.

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