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Wittenberg / Re: Word Mark TALOSSA
March 24, 2023, 06:54:32 PM
Quote from: Baron Alexandreu Davinescu on March 21, 2023, 02:56:10 PMHe could?  I must not understand something about the process.  I would have thought that we could file to claim a canceled trademark not otherwise being used in commerce.

If I  am correct in my understanding of the matter here (and keep in mind my IP knowledge is mainly in terms of copyright and licensing), Ben could essentially say "Hey!  I use that too, and it is therefor too common for their sole use."

Essentially how you can trademark a specific logo and name, but not a type of business.

And, even if he ISN'T within his rights... do we have the resources to slug it out in an American court?
King should not be able to authorize expenditure without the Cosa, and your and/or gives him the ability to do this.  Given that financial bills have to originate int he Cosa, they should be the backstop here.
Approve.  Clark it
There are a fair number of moving parts.  But I THINK it will function.

Looks fine.  Approve.
So the bill is meaningless.  Got it.

I think there's a problem here in getting this bill to do what you want it to do, and that is there is no method spelled out for doing this.  What does it mean to be "released to the Royal archives?"  Would it be sufficient to give whomever is the archivist access to the same forum?  And is the royal archivist then required to publicly publish the same?

Also, 10 years is a dog's age in Talossa.  That's not transparency.
For what it's worth, I don't much think there should be a guaranteed succession upon the ending of the monarch's term (life, abdication, or whatever).  Or at the very least, I don't think that the current monarch should be naming their IMMEDIATE successor (for public/popular review or otherwise).

At least partially, I think that is too prone to either:

  • Simply going to whomever the King is tight with at the moment -or-
  • You wind up with a Charles III situation where the heir apparent simply sits there like week-old crudite and YET ANOTHER person is locked into a near lifetime of relative inaction.

This is at least based on the assumption that the named heir will be expected to "hold themselves above the fray," and I don't see why they wouldn't be.  And its not like Talossa has the personnel to really sustain itself at current.  Locking down a second (presumably) active individual seems like a bad idea.

As it stands, I don't see how the preference of a single individual is at all preferable to the vagaries of partisan preference.  I know the current monarch has used to analogy of "the grumpy old man who saves the town from itself," and I guess that would be great if I at all trusted the current occupant to do right by Talossa.  And, quite simply, I don't.

The problem with monarchy is that it is almost impossible to fully divorce the structure from the personality.  It's right there in the name, baked right into the clay, that you cannot fully do so.
So the way this reads to me, and I'm not sure this is the intention, is that the anniversaries are: 5, 10, and 35 (which is 25 years thereafter [which means "after that time"]).  You might just want to trim this down and lead with something like

"Each citizen, upon being a citizen for 5, 10, 25, or 50 years" may request a certificate...."

Honestly, I think the bill SHOULD top out at 25 or 50, because if you're a citizen passing milestones beyond those... the Ziu and King really ought to be passing special legislation for you.
Structurally, with the Baron's revisions, I think this bill is going to operate like you want it to.

One other thought, if your bill is to congratulate the Cjovani, why not make it "Cjovani Day?"  "Provincial subcultures day" feels kinda mealy.

Second point isn't a bar to the bill insofar as the CRL is concerned.  Approve
RZ1: Per
RZ2: Per
RZ3: Contrâ
RZ4: Contrâ
Estimats Senators,

As per the standing rules and traditions of The Senate, please lodge your votes here or elsewhere as appropriate.
In terms of the general CRL proofreading, this appears to pass muster just fine.

I think it also will help cut through potential parental entanglements as well.
El Senäts/The Senate / Re: Mencei for 58th Cosa
February 13, 2023, 04:03:52 PM
Estimats Senators,

Gentle reminder that 7 days remain for nominations for the Mencei.  At current, there is one nomination.
Estimat SoS,

Where can we access results of provincial elections held by your office?