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Wittenberg / Ian Tamoran steps back a little
« on: April 01, 2020, 03:41:48 PM »
I said, a while ago, that before the end of March I would write, and publish, a detailed description of my thinking in and about the most recent Cort case for which I sat on the bench. Well, good friends, I break my promise. And I apologise.

I am in one of the most vulnerable groups, being in real danger should I catch Covid-19 (I have only about a 4 in 5 chance of surviving). Hence I am completely locked down here at home, staying utterly clear of everyone, except for my darling – and very patient – wife. And, good fellow citizens of this noble nation, it pains me to remind you that there are more important things in life than the onerous burdens of careful official thought here. You may have noticed that I proudly announce myself to be a philosopher, and so I am – and by long experience I have learned that philosophy and careful thought cannot be a rushed affair, but must be given time and space in which to be examined from all sides.

And, even though I am nearly 75 Earth years old [I have calendars that tell me my age in Mars years, and Venus phases, and I wot not else!], I am very busy – busy with the things I simply must finish before I pass on, things which no-one else can do. Someone else can examine my past postings here both in and outside the Cort, and draw conclusions on what I might have meant or could have been thinking – but no-one else can finish writing the music I am writing, or planning the rest of the (long) book I am writing. Someone else can persuade Talossa to enter the twenty-first century and use metric measures (and UTC?) as very nearly every other country in the world does [aircraft hight being measured in feet is absurd – and that will, and must, change!] – but no-one else can be grandfather to my grandchildren, can finish writing for them the stories I have started... I have already written and published two books for children, but I need to finish my third one (currently in progress). I want them to remember me.

I have no doubt that you too, my Talossan friends, and those who come to this nation after me, will remember or (just sometimes) mention me; and I have no intention of disappearing totally just yet – I enjoy life, and want to hang on to it as long as I can... but, being realistic, “as long as I can” is not very long.

From other postings you will have learned by now that I have resigned as the most senior Justice. I no longer have the concentrated time that is needed to put my real mental efforts into that interesting – and important – office. Time is, alas, our one finite resource.

But still you will see me lurking in corners of our chambers, and abroad in our highways, and popping up from time to time to make a suggestions, or crack a joke, or throw a stone when I see some bad logic, or hatred, or impoliteness – but you will not see me doing any official business. You will see me, and maybe hear me, on some of our real-time meetings (whatever did we do before Skype and Zoom and Facetime??) and I can explain face to face (if you ask, and if you are interested!) what I was thinking about – what I am thinking about, and what my opinions are.

Thank you all for being who you are. Let’s carry on having fun together.

Wittenberg / In absentia
« on: February 25, 2020, 04:51:17 PM »
Some of you may have noticed - but many of you will not - that I have been absent from our splendid nation for several days.  That is because I am tired.  Not tired of Talossa - perish the thought! - but physically tired.  I am now (I think) the oldest of our citizens - I was born in 1945, and will shortly be three quarters of a century old. I am trying to catch up on all those things I "should" have done earlier in my life, but "never got round to". This occupies more of my time than I anticipated, and - yes - it is tiring. For those of you that are interested (and that's possibly no-one <grin> ) I am writing my tenth book - a book I started on years ago, and which has got more and more complicated the more I research it... it's about Interstellar Travel, and it is science fact, not science fiction. I am also proofreading my nineth book - which is already published, but needs corrections in future editions... that's a book of music - mostly male-voice music from rare copies, and from printed versions that require both corrections and performance notes.

That means I do not (at the moment) have the time or the energy to give my full attention to the current/recent actives in the Cort. It would be remiss of me - very remiss - to jump in and make comments in the Cort, or outside of the Cort about legal actions, without having read and understood all that has been said since I was last here.   I recognise that the most recent case in which I gave judgement has ignited much discussion, not all of it temperate.  I would like to make some detailed comments on how I reached my decisions, and why - and I shall try to do that before the end of next month - March 2020/XVI.

I shall temporarily sign off here, with the reminder of what I have said (or hinted at) often in the past: the function of Justice is Justice, not Law. Human law is an attempt to codify Justice, but in final analysis Justice cannot fully be codified or restricted into unwavering pre-ordained channels - it is more subtle, and deeper, than that.

Wittenberg / Judgement Published re. Legality of non-Talossan Names
« on: January 06, 2020, 11:02:58 AM »
The judgement of the CPI has been published on "the old-Witt".

There being no further (visible) cort cases active, I suggest that all Cort business be moved over to this talossa.com

Ián Tamorán S.J., C.J.

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