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Wittenberg / Re: A very incomplete history of Talossa's Wittenbergs
« on: December 29, 2019, 12:52:14 PM »
It's really a shame that both Witt X and the different RepubliWitts were allowed to just go offline, and that they currently only exist in archive form on the computers of a few people.  At the time, the argument was that there were a bunch of conversations in the forum only available to registered users, where people in the Republic said stuff they didn't want others to know now, but it is going to be a big gap in our history going forward.  In time, the Republic will be known for what people said about it, not what it was.  That's a serious loss.

I can't see the hidden logic in this. The Republic would be known for what their citizens said and discussed in public and not for their password-protected stuff, which analogously might resemble people in public places, opposite to people in their living rooms and bedrooms, or some such. Researchers might regret the lack of access to those hidden informations, but still the Republic will be known for what it evidently was on the public side.

Anyway, given the required server software and passwords are still floating around, there are complete backups of the entire Witt XIIb content, AFAIK.

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