TERPELAZIUN Àl Minister of the Interior/Question to the Minister of the Interior

Started by Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir, November 08, 2021, 08:46:24 AM

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Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir

Can the Interior Minister please update us on the current state of Talossa's immigration steps; and what they intends to do about our immigration system/issues in the remainder of this term?

(also i apologise for not knowing the Talossan for minister of the interior)
Party Secretary of the Free Democrats of Talossa
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Françal I. Lux

Thank you for question!

Aside from restarting La C'hronica, the IntMin is currently working on an information packet to be dispensed to new Talossan citizens. That being said, the state of immigration has been a cause of concern for some time now. It is imperative that we gain more citizens in the very near future if we are to continue as a nation and to this end the Interior ministry is in need of assistance. We would like to collaborate with the foreign ministry for the rest of the term to tackle the low volume of immigration to Talossa as Interior's purview only extends to prospective citizens already signed up to become citizens.

Lastly, I'm still in the process of finding a good, reputable 3rd party source to acquire gear and other memorabilia in relation to TalossaWare, but I am frankly more focused on immigration as it is the most pressing issue this ministry, this government I would say, is currently dealing with.

I appreciate the questions and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to elaborate on the IntMin's currently activity.

F. I. Lux
Minister of Interior
F. I. Lux, Minister of Interior