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Author Topic: Statement from the Seneschal regarding the events in Waukesha, Wisconsin  (Read 32 times)

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It is becoming far too often that such statements must be made, but tonight… we stand in remembrance and solidarity with the good people of Waukesha, Wisconsin… specifically those killed, injured, or directly impacted by the events at their community’s Christmas Parade.

As an Oklahoman, I have seen these kind of tragedies far too often, including the Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade crash just six years ago in Stillwater.

These senseless attacks on peace and communities throughout our Big Neighbor and around the world have to stop! These incidents accomplish nothing but heartbreak and the loss of lives with so much ahead of them… like the five lost this evening in Waukesha.

I ask you all to keep these innocents, many just children, in your thoughts in the coming days. May their families be comforted, may those taken Rest In Peace, and may the perpetrator of this heinous act face the full power of the laws of the United States.

Gen. Txoteu Davinescu, O.SPM
Seneschal of Talossa
The Most Honourable General Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM

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