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25 years! Do I win a medal from the Ziu ?

Started by mximo, February 07, 2022, 06:37:34 PM

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25 years ago... The cosa was voting on my citenzenship application.
25 years ago... Wow!!!
And you can bet this vote was hard... already a contreverse in the little royaume de Ben le mad king ;-)
But who here can said he watch a baseball game between Talossa home team the Brewers of Milwaukee and the Montreal Expos here in Montréal ( yes Once upon a time in Montreal Stade Olympique) with his majesty King Ben the first and his wife the Queen ;-)

I don't recall who wins the game...

So do I get a medal or what guy ?
And yes I will vote this time ...

But for who?

Mximo Carbonèl
Mximo Carbonèl
Florencia Senator