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Author Topic: [Scribe] January 2020 update - Digest of Laws caught up  (Read 349 times)

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[Scribe] January 2020 update - Digest of Laws caught up
« on: February 05, 2020, 06:45:57 PM »
The January 2020 Clark has been scribed and put to the Digest.

The Digest of Laws ( has been finally caught up, a project that began in earnest on 9 January 2020 and which, on 5 February 2020 has come to a conclusion for now.

The formatting is not pretty, but I have learned to work with wikicode tables and have even learned to make a primitive template: {{veto}}. 

The necessity for all these tables has been made clear to me.  People actually use them to search out laws, etc., and I am at a place where I will be able to keep them caught up from now on.

I have discovered over this past month just how much work has gone into the Digest and the whole of the Wiki.  In a project like this, one stands on the templates of giants.

A new project has made itself apparent to me: the necessity of going through each and every Clark, entering in information from the original L'Anuntzia as well as checking information taken from other primary sources.  Getting this done will be a task too large for me to handle in any reasonable length of time, and when the time is right, I will reach out to everyone for help in making the Digest and the future Clarkives as accurate as humanly-possible.

I think it would be interesting to throw out some statistics.  Our Clark records are more voluminous than we realize.

Most or all records of the 1st through 5th Cosâs are either truly lost or reside in the National Archives, lost to us in the present Kingdom.  The first Clark was published and voted on in September 1987.  From the 6th Cosâ through the 53rd, inclusive, are 48 Cosâs, not including the present 54th, which is too new to bother including in this analysis.

Most Cosâs in the Clark era have gone the full distance of six iterations in a term.  I would estimate the average number of Clarks per Cosâ to be so close to 6.00 as to not be worth mentioning.  Let's go with a figure, however, of 5.9, to get a wee bit closer to accuracy.  Eventually, I or some other enterprising individual will do this thing properly.

The number of bills in a Clark varies wildly.  I've come across a Clark with 12 bills, and some Clarks have none at all.  Let's put the estimated average number of bills in a Clark as 3.00.  3 bills per Clark x 6 Clarks per Cosâ x 48 Cosâs as enumerated above gives us an estimated number of bills to have ever been Clarked as 864. 

I suspect this number is over a thousand bills, but the point I'm trying to make is, again, our extant law records are immense.

+ + +


The protocol outlined in a previous update continues to work well.  As of 5 February 2020, the Royal Archives has yet to extract from these archives the secret private-messages which keep these files from being made public.

+ + +


1. Creation of an archive of all extant Witt VIII combined with the 2002-2003 PM archives of GV, Mximo, and XConâ
2. PM / Witt VIII archives in the new edition of the Water Street Codex
3. DONE - Catching up with the TalossaWiki Digest of Laws
4. Clarkives primary sources list
5. Witt XI archiving

FUTURE PROJECTS to be begun soonTM.

Of course, all of these are in concert with the 42 Project.

1. Sync Wiki Library with the Library of Talossa...

...into the Library of Talossa on GoogleDrive and the Library of Talossa on the TalossaWiki - This will mean keeping two iterations of the Library of Talossa.  Redirect to the Wiki and on the Wiki, put a link to the GoogleDrive. 

See also if I can put a link from the GoogleDrive to the Wiki.

5. the Clarkives themselves: official archives of bills, Cosâ elections, Senäts elections, government formations, governmet changes, Royal assents/vetos, Prime Dictates, and primary/secondary sources for all

6. A fully-fleshed-out academic census of all extant editions of Àr Päts with the creation of talossan-name translations for all of these.

7. A final census and vetted talossan-name translation for the Big History (1992 edition, last corrected in 1994)

Many thanks, all!

GV, Scribe etc.

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