Hello new, potential neighbors

Started by Antonio Montagnha, Ed. D., March 25, 2022, 02:05:26 PM

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Antonio Montagnha, Ed. D.

Hello everyone.

I am a newly prospective citizen and if I understand provincial assignment correctly I believe that I would likely be assigned to Maritiimi-Maxhestic. I look forward to participating as a responsible citizen, with my personal goals focusing more on culture and knowledge and no more politics than a good citizen should.
Antonio Montagnha, Ed. D., MC
Deputy Minister of Culture Select, Member of the 57th Cosa
Member, Talossan Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Whisky Society

Baron Alexandreu Davinescu

Let me first offer my congratulations at your good fortune. Our province is widely acknowledged throughout the province as the best province.
Alexandreu Davinescu, Baron Davinescu del Vilatx Freiric del Vilatx Freiric es Guaír del Sabor Talossan

Bitter struggles deform their participants in subtle, complicated ways. ― Zadie Smith
Revolution is an art that I pursue rather than a goal I expect to achieve. ― Robert Heinlein

Ian Plätschisch