About our flag and some thoughts on the Fiôván cantons.

Started by Bråneu Excelsio, August 26, 2022, 06:00:16 PM

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Bråneu Excelsio

Is there a reason for the star to be "upside down"?
I mean I like it, tho.
I begin to see in lots of places unconsciously and I really like it.

I also  think we should have El Colétx Fiôván dels Armeux active again. I know there are at least 5 of us often here. We can do stuff.
(I don't know if doing stuff just for the sake of doing it is "right" or "not right" but that's what I'd like to do)
The Colétx Fiôván dels Armeux is ours. It's legally technically just ours. I don't care if it's not "valid" anywhere outside of Fiôvâ.
I'm thinking we should do little flags for our counties. Also I think we should have exclusive Fiovan Heraldry, perhaps. Someday. I don't know if there are records of what the Colétx did in its active time, I'd really like to see it.

We have officialy 5 counties in 2 cantons. I enjoyed that process.
Maybe we can discuss naming them?
I'll make a thread for that, tho.
If we could, I'd like to call dibs on the orange county in Las Înaltans Maxhestic.
I've seen it on Google Maps and its full of coffee shops, hehe.

Cheers, fellow fîováns.
Let's keep this Province active, please if you will.


Audrada Roibeardet

The flag is based on imagery from the TV show "Firefly". If I remember correctly, when I suggested the idea, the star was point up. Can't remember why it got flipped.

I completely agree that every county have a flag and possibly a coat of arms or something like that. Gives us the opportunity to do something creative with our province.

I think that each of us (given that there appears to be 5 active Fiôvâns) should get a county to "play with". If you have your heart set on one, I have no problem with you taking it Bråneu.

Bråneu Excelsio

Oooh, I see it now.

There are "straight" and "upside down" flags, I don't know why haha but nice! Didnt know that (:

Bråneu Excelsio

Also yes!! You should consider one county too so you can "play with" it.
That I'm sure will increase Fîován culture and that sounds exciting tbh.

WHat do you think sould be the things to be done with the counties?
I believe:
1) Name
b) Colors (2-3) ((Maybe 1 base color for everyone?))
III)  A tradition for each.
qator) An animal to represent it? perhaps thats too much

Should the names be related to one another? Or should they be new words? Talossan words! Things from other places of the world?

That's a lot of questions.

Audrada Roibeardet

Obviously, each county should have a name. I'd like one of the counties along the river because I want to name mine "Manáweg" after the Milwaukee River.

I like the idea of county colours. I don't think we need to have a common colour. As they say, "Variety is the spice of life". (:

I don't know if you can just add traditions to anything. I think those develop over time. You can certainly "plant the seeds" of tradition. I leave that up to you and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I certainly think we should each have a county symbol. If you want to select an animal, I have no issue with that.

I have a lot of ideas about this but I need to get those ideas in order before I share them.