Toxophilite Club Headquarters

Started by Audrada Roibeardet, August 29, 2022, 10:58:10 AM

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Audrada Roibeardet

Welcome to the Toxophilite Club Headquarters

The Toxophilite Club is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the skill, practice and sport of traditional archery.

What is "traditional" archery?

Traditional archery is often defined by the equipment used. The most common bows used for traditional archery are the longbow and the recurve bow. While the longbow is often associated with traditional archery, the recurve bow is considerably more popular.

The longbow and recurve bow might be the most common bows used today but they are not the only options. The history of archery goes back thousands of years and cultures around the world have developed their own archery traditions and equipment. From the simple "selfbow" to the more complex Asiatic "horse bow", traditional archery takes many forms. The Toxophilite Club embraces all of these archery traditions and encourages it's members to explore those traditions.