Archery Safety

Started by Audrada Roibeardet, September 01, 2022, 09:33:09 AM

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Audrada Roibeardet

Archery is a great hobby but it can also be dangerous. Follow these simple rules to keep yourself and others safe.

1. Only point a bow and arrow in a safe direction.

2. Only nock an arrow when it's safe to shoot.

3.Be aware of your target and what is in front, immediately behind and beyond it.

4. Only shoot when you have a safe range and a safe backstop or background.

5.Never loose a bow without a nocked arrow. This may damage the bow and can injure the archer.

6. Do not shoot arrows straight into the air.

7. Wear protective equipment when shooting.

8. Use caution when handling arrows.

9. Inspect equipment prior to each use. Repair or replace any worn or broken equipment immediately.

10. Store archery tackle in a safe and secure manner.