[RArchives] Significant Witt XI archiving update

Started by GV, April 04, 2020, 01:35:41 PM

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Within the last five minutes, I completed what I term the 'first pass-through' of getting .html single-file for the whole of Witt XI.  This does not include the long task of double and triple-checking for accidental ommissions, nor does it include the long process of uploading to GoogleDrive, but I do have everything on iCloud.

The completion of this first step was one of my chief goals for the COVID-19 shutdown period, and this first step (of many) is a culmination of the first part of this project, which began about ten years ago, I think.

This being able to be done at all within a feasible amount of time has been made possible by optimizing steps with the 'Save Page WE' Firefox add-on.  My workflow for this has evolved to the following:

1. Click on pre-made hyperlinks in a giant .xls: thread 1, 2, 3, etc. in groups of ten.
2. Everything opening in tabs in Firefox
3. Check for multiple thread-pages
4. Click on each tab, pressing a hotkey-combo to do the save with no manual data-entry and in such a way the thread URL is preserved in the filename.
5. Threads with 10 or more pages saved separately from all other threads with fewer pages - I save the little threads altogether first, then focus on the biggie threads.
6. Firefox allows one to choose a folder to which to save downloads.
7. Make sure all open tabs are saved.
8. Rinse and repeat for the next set of ten threads in groups of one hundred to each archival folder.

This process has evolved over time with my finding new ways to take out clicks and typing.  This has been made possible by improvements in add-ins over the years such I have not had to manually enter thread numbers anywhere in many years, thereby avoiding the opportunity for manual data-entry error.

During this shutdown period, I will being the very long process of checking for any threads/thread-pages I may have missed.  Once I'm satisfied all the html single-files are in order, I will save as many threads as possible in at least one graphical format.

More to come!

GV, RArchivist