Senate and Provincial elections vote FreeDems!

Started by Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir, January 27, 2023, 08:41:29 AM

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Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir

Hi all,
First off, I'm sorry this is so late in election season, mh has not been the best of late, but I'm here now, and as FreeDems leader I fully endorse and support @Martì-Paír Furxhéir for senate, if you agree that the King has been an absent king for to long, if you believe that less red tape is needed, if you think @Ian Plätschisch has done a great job as Seneschal then vote for FreeDems for the Cosa, Senate and Provincial seats. We need your support and if you wish to join our party then please contact me or @Ian Plätschisch, the party secretary, for more information.

Vote FreeDems #TheKingMustGo

Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir
Leader of the Free Democrats of Talossa
Party Secretary of the Free Democrats of Talossa
Talossans in Christ Church :-
Başbakan of Ataturk