Question concerning townships.

Started by Audrada Roibeardet, February 02, 2023, 02:04:44 PM

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Audrada Roibeardet

I've been working on naming the townships of Manaweg County and I've stumbled upon an issue.

If you look at the map with the townships, there is an unnumbered section in Manaweg County. It's located south of township 69 and east of township 65. I'm unsure which township this unidentified section belongs to. Logically, this section should be part of township 69 given that a large wholesale company occupies both township 69 and the unnumbered section. However, that section could very well be part of township 65 and I'm simple unaware of some law that makes it part of said township.

It's not the most pressing matter but it is something I'd like to address.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is there a law that I am unaware of? Am I investing too much time and effort on this subject?

I think the answer to the last question is "yes".  ;D

Bråneu Excelsio

I always said to myself "You gotta finish naming the three thousand townships you said 'Ooh I bet naming five thousand townships is gonna be so easy!'" but I got caught up with stuff frequently and never got to it.

But your enthusiasm is contagious I'm afraid, I'm feeling my own enthusiasm starting to grow again (:

The dark truth behind County 69 is that I forgot to erase that unfinished line dividing it lol :(
The days I used to make those edits/overlays I made like six different photoshop files and mixed some stuff up but it's not too late to fix it.

Looking at Google Maps I think it's better if we make it its own county but

If we're gonna fix counties, we can also make fewer of them, Idk.
The only active provincial law is the one that says
that we have 2 cantons, 6 counties and 81 townships but they're not named nor numbered in that law.

What if we keep talking about this and what if we make fewer townships?
Like every 4 blocks = 1 county instead of 1 block = 1 county.
Or something like this:

We can go anywhere with this information.
What do you have in mind?

About the things that I consider holy are:

Cuntat Ziuăs Felicăs is where the Bronze Fonz is.
(The orange county where Township #12 in the image above is located)

The southern county is called "Manaweg County".
(Townships #13 and #14)
Also, Kaldi, your township. (Can be #13 o #14 I believe?)

Everything else is up for discussion I believe :)

Audrada Roibeardet

Cutting down the numbers would make naming everything easier. Do we need to change any laws to make this happen or can we do it without going through all that paperwork?

Audrada Roibeardet

I'm still interested in sorting this out. Pretty busy at the moment but I'll have time this weekend to work on this.

Audrada Roibeardet

If we're going to reduce the number of townships, I think Manaweg should be divided into 3 townships.

Township 13 is fine as it is. I think Township 14 should end at Corcoran Street, the former northern border of Township 73. This would create a third township, Township 15, which runs along the river.

Let me know what you think.