[CRL] Embassy rhymes with Coffee Act

Started by Bråneu Excelsio, April 28, 2023, 01:27:08 PM

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Bråneu Excelsio

WHEREAS there is a need for a clear guide to establish embassies and
WHEREAS such a guide would be useful for future generations seeking to establish embassies in non-traditional locations such as a bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or other public establishments

THEREFORE be enacted by the law, Cosa and Ziu the following text shall be added to El Lexhatx as the seventh Subsection of Subsection six of Section two of Title D, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Quote2.6.7.1 Any Talossan citizen living in another country can petition the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish an embassy in the country of their residence. The petition must include a proposal to establish the embassy in a suitable location, such as a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or other public establishment open to the public. This must include a description of the physical space with pictures. The petition must also include a promise to display information about Talossa in the establishment. This information shall be displayed in a frame that must include:
1. The talossan flag.
2. The King's Coat of Arms.
3. Brief description of Talossa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall review the petition and consider the suitability of the proposed location and the potential benefits of establishing an embassy there. The Ministry may request additional information from the petitioner if necessary. If the Ministry approves the petition, it shall announce the decision and work with the petitioner to establish the embassy. Once permission has been granted, the embassy should operate in accordance with all local laws and regulations, and should maintain good relations with the host country's government and people. The Ministry shall maintain a list of all authorized Embassies, including their locations, names, and contact information.  Authorized Embassies shall be subject to periodic review and evaluation by the Ministry to ensure compliance with the conditions of authorization and the standards of the Talossan government. Any violation of the conditions of authorization or the standards of the Talossan government by an Embassy may result in revocation of the authorization and closure of the Embassy. The Ministry shall notify the petitioner in writing of the reason for the revocation and closure.

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Bråneu Excelsio

I'm posting it again because last time 10 days had not yet passed since I published it in the Hopper. I apologise for that.
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs.
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Baron Alexandreu Davinescu

Bill looks fine to me. The only thing I might suggest changing is the formatting of Maybe make that list a another set of subsections underneath it?
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Bråneu Excelsio

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Breneir Tzaracomprada

Hope I'm not butting in. @Sir Lüc is the tag for the Túischac'h.
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Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu

Also looks fine by me (sorry I missed it).  I'd say Clark it.
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Bråneu Excelsio

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