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The Organic Law Party

Started by Viteu, May 15, 2023, 05:05:17 PM

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Baron Alexandreu Davinescu

I think "concerned" is probably the right word, Antaglha.  Gluc, maybe I came in a little hot -- I was pretty surprised by the whole thing.  But as I said from my first reaction, I thought it was suspiciously out-of-context.

Viteu, is there more here, or was this the "going nuclear"?  As I said last night, this actually looks way worse for you than it does for Miestra, no matter how it's read.  It's also a weird way to launch a new party.
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Quote from: Üc R. Tärfă on May 16, 2023, 01:05:30 AMHello, I just had my morning coffee.
This is getting ridiculous.

I just read that in the last hour a sitting Judge of the CpI stormed a courthouse, bullied and threatened a sitting Judge of the Tribunal on the verge of sentencing, threatened a Public Defender, founded a Political Party to "defend" the OrgLaw (the same OrgLaw he's ditching), posted private conversations with a citizen without permission, threatened more and more, de facto, the Ziu, and now announced to the world that our own constitution that came into force 3 years ago is a joke.

For what is worth, all I can see in that private conversation improperly shared now as a sort of trophy is a sitting Judge of the CpI believing - and who still believes now by its own admission - that the Organic Law he should judge upon is a joke, and that for three years this Country allegedly run on a piece of paper without any legal value. I'd like at this point to read what he testified in the Senäts Committee on this matter.

I dearly miss the time when our Judiciary was not bullying, storming, possibly breaking the laws and threatening the citizens and the institutions he might be asked to judge upon sometimes.

Lol and the freedems posting a private Facebook status on Witt is okay? Wow you people play games.

It's all good. I'm leaving this shitshow of a country anyway.
Viteu Marcianüs
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