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[XHUSTICIĂ] Appointment of Grefieir d'Abbavilla

Started by Baron Alexandreu Davinescu, May 29, 2023, 07:10:08 PM

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Baron Alexandreu Davinescu



Appointment of Grefieir d'Abbavilla

It is my honour as Avocat-Xheneral to appoint @Üc R. Tärfă as the Grefieir d'Abbavilla, or Scribe of Abbavilla.

The position of Grefieir d'Abbavilla is a sacred duty.  The leader of the Scribery must faithfully record and display all of the laws of our country -- and our country is mostly just law and culture, set teeteringly high on a few specks of brick and mortar.  The slip of the proverbial pen could prove disastrous if the duties of the Grefieir d'Abbavilla are neglected.  S:reu Tärfă has shown he can be relied upon to do his duty.

But even further, S:reu Tärfă has shown that he brings that spark of delight and ingenuity which can turn a chore into a monument.  As Distain Grefieir, he has annotated and simplified el Lexhatx, and in the process uncovered many small improvements that can be made through legislation.  A system is already visibly forming which will assist the Ziu and Government for years to come.

The Government believes that the nation will be well-served by S:reu Tärfă, and we hope he will accept this appointment.
Alexandreu Davinescu, Baron Davinescu del Vilatx Freiric del Vilatx Freiric es Guaír del Sabor Talossan

Bitter struggles deform their participants in subtle, complicated ways. ― Zadie Smith
Revolution is an art that I pursue rather than a goal I expect to achieve. ― Robert Heinlein

Üc R. Tärfă

I accept the appointment and I vow to fulfil the tasks of the assignment to the best of my ability.

I also apologise for the last few days, real life was very stressfull.
Üc Rêntz'ëfiglheu Tärfâ
Membreu dal Cosă | Distain Grefieir d'Abbavilla
FREEDEMS President | Presedint dels Democrätici Livereschti
Keys to the Kingdom (Cézembre), Stalwart of the Four Stars (Fiovă)