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Author Topic: Minions call on hold for now - GV hiatus from Talossa 'til June  (Read 302 times)

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I have made a snap-decision to not log onto Witt until 1 June, at which point the scribing of the Clark will take place as usual.  Usual backups from, Witt, and the Wiki will go on as usual.  The King, PM, and other Scribe-critical people know how to get ahold of me, and I've voted in the Clark already for this month.

I've just disovered something: the first Clarks ever voted on in September and October 1987 featured a combined sixty-three bills!  I'm glad for the people who scribed all that all those years ago.

Nothing funny has happened with me, but I've decided I must spend the rest of the oodles of time I've left in quarantine productively doing more non-Talossan stuff - lol.  See ya'll in June!

GV, Scribe etc.