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Seneschal travelling

Started by Breneir Tzaracomprada, August 16, 2023, 10:17:22 AM

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Breneir Tzaracomprada


Folks, just a quick note that I will be travelling again starting in a few hours. This time not so pleasant (funeral, my niece's suicide). I will have a reduced presence here on Wittenberg. Our Distain @Baron Alexandreu Davinescu has agreed to cover any emergent needs arising in the Seneschalsquab during my time of reduced presence. My sincere thanks to you, Baron. I will continue to monitor our immigration mailbox for applications to be processed.

I will be back in non-travel status on Sunday evening, 20 August.


Sir Txec dal Nordselvă, UrB

Yikes! Prayers for your family!
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