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Started by xpb, July 19, 2023, 09:18:14 AM

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With the resumption of shipments of Stamps and Coins last month, I have a question - has there ever been a design for letterhead and/or business cards for the Kindgom?  I usually enclose a hand written note with purchases, but it would be nice to have stationary or even just a card to tuck into the package.

There are a number of entities in the web sphere that print cards for a very modest sum if you allow their logo for the printer company to be on the back, a bit more if you have that logo deleted, etc.  Or perhaps there is a citizen in the printing business?

With some standardized design, then perhaps holders of either civil or political office could purchase their own cards from some entity that was granted a royal warrant as the official producer?


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This could be a good use for the seals that already exist for each Ministry, IMO.

"Very nice. Now let's see Pol Allen's card."

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I don't think there has been.  The Government this term has taken steps to be more consistent with official announcements, but we're incrementing gradually in this direction rather than trying to gin up dramatic standards.
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I may use the opportunity of my Advanced Typography class this semester to see what could be developed as a prototype