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[PRÜMĂ] Updates

Started by Baron Alexandreu Davinescu, March 24, 2023, 08:27:02 AM

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Baron Alexandreu Davinescu



Website Updates

While the government has been working hard at back-end technical fixes to the site, including restoring the email services and implementing daily backups, we have also been working on the front-end presentation on our website.  Most of the site is outdated or broken, and a decision was made to triage many pages.  While this made sense at the time, we are working to improve the situation.  Below is a running list of fixes and improvements.

  • Creation of Infotecă, an online information portal about Wittenberg, the Royal Treasury, and our immigration.
  • Fixed the social media plugins that were broken.
  • Revised the top menu for ease of access and presentation.
  • Restored the wiki embed plugin.
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