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Author Topic: [PRIME DICTATE] 54PD2: Coronavirus Solidarity Fund  (Read 332 times)

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[PRIME DICTATE] 54PD2: Coronavirus Solidarity Fund
« on: May 08, 2020, 05:17:05 PM »

54PD2: Coronavirus Solidarity Fund

WHEREAS a novel strain of Coronavirus, known as Covid-19, has spread globally, resulting in an ongoing pandemic, and

WHEREAS the effects of this pandemic are impacting every living soul on the planet, and

WHEREAS governments around the world have taken measures to protect and to help their citizens including unprecedented measures to help them financially in as far as practicably possible, and

WHEREAS the government of Talossa recognizes that we, too, share that same responsibility to help our own citizens in times of peril, and

WHEREAS the government has analysed the state of the Treasury and has taken into account estimations of projected income and expenditure for the next two years, and

WHEREAS the government, in group conscience, has achieved achieved consensus on the following, so

THEREFORE be it resolved that:

A financial assistance fund of US$480 shall be made available for the benefit of Talossan citizens who may find themselves suffering from financial difficulty as a result of events related to the pandemic of Covid-19.

Talossan citizens may apply for financial grants and loans from this fund by making an application to the Ministry of Finance. Any loans awarded from this fund shall be zero interest. The Ministry of Finance shall, as far as practicable, obtain evidence or supporting documents when processing applications, such as proof of illness, proof of loss of income or evidence of financial hardship.

Payments from the fund shall be administered by the Burgermeister of the Inland Revenue. The Burgermeister shall release monies from the fund to citizens via whichever methods are most practicable. The Burgermeister shall release monies from the fund upon authorization from the Minister of Finance with the assent of the Prime Minister. The Burgermeister shall not release any monies without authorization from the Minister of Finance with the assent of the Prime Minister. Each individual release of monies requires the authorization of the Minister of Finance with the assent of the Prime Minister.


His Majesty the King has already consented to this PD by email.

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