Motion to approve updated map with new homestead and office

Started by xpb, January 31, 2024, 11:37:27 AM

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Cézembre map updates - new map link

I move to accept the homestead application of:
Barclamïu da Miéletz corresponding toère
and surrounding 3 meters as per CAG A13, An Act to secure Homesteads on the Isle of Cézembre

And a location within Zone Authorizee for: 
Consulate of Vuode
corresponding toçons.nuque
Which is located in a place immediately west of Óifisch Rexhital del Tourismeu and surrounding 3 meters

I have also found links for to the Consulate of Cézembre in Vuode at corresponding toéémetteur.indivision.crémeuse
Of interest is a notation of the Martha Coles Community Room nearby at corresponding toénommer.fondamentaux.jurer

I also note that there is listed a Héliport de Cézembre at and I have added it provisionally as well

Perhaps outfits such as utilize this location?