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Author Topic: Senator's Office [54th Cosa]  (Read 291 times)


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Senator's Office [54th Cosa]
« on: March 02, 2020, 04:49:08 AM »
Reopening this thread on the new forum. This month we're voting on:

  • RZ14 - The This Ain't it, Chief Act
  • RZ15 - The Seneschál Election Amendment
  • RZ16 - The There's No Such Thing As A Free Senäts Seat Amendment
  • RZ17 - Abolition of Compulsory Voting and Determination of Legal or Actual Decease Bill

We are also voting on three Medals of Honour, to Glüc da Dhi, Eðo Grischun and Gödafrïeu Grammyfrïeu Valcadac'h.

I will likely support RZ14 and RZ16, and I'm leaning against RZ17, but I'm still pondering its implications. RZ15 unfortunately has some issues with its language that has to be addressed.

Do any of you have any opinions on this month's bills? What do you think about New Witt?