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Proposal for provincial anthem

Started by Barclamïu da Miéletz, May 06, 2024, 04:57:56 AM

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Barclamïu da Miéletz

Estimat RAK,

With this post, I propose my original composition "The song of Cézembre" to be the anthem of our province. And, if possible, as soon as there is a trilingual version, make that official. Below attached is the sheet music. Using this link you can listen to my creation.

More than a fortnight has passed since I first made a concept. I am looking forward to my composition be the anthem of the best province.

I consider it unique as it is an original composition, unlike other provincial anthems.

Barclamïu da Miéletz
Barclamïu da Miéletz, Consul for Cézembre in Vuode and creator of Talossan licence plates. | Consül per Cézembre in Vuode es createir da targăs d'enrexhistrar Talossan.