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Author Topic: fütür dë tälössä / future of talossa  (Read 321 times)

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fütür dë tälössä / future of talossa
« on: June 18, 2020, 04:27:02 AM »
reading the hopper discussion, i am here to through my twopence as i am not a deputy to talk there.

you want to know the future of talossa? ask talossan people about their present and past. why are they here right know, what makes them stick.

apart from obvious things like we are mostly not-that-young-as-we-were-when-it-was-real-fun, we have real life outside which may roll over us time to time, we are tired (and bored), we should ask ourselves about the nature of ár naziuneta.

talossa was always somewhere in the middle of smth deadly serious and smth funny, humorous and not-that-serious. talossa has laws, CoAs and judges, but it has also berbers, peculiarists and hereditary king.

i am in this stuff (if i say micronationalism here, would it make me an outlaw?) for long 42 years. i know why i started it - i liked the idea playing state & might - drawing banknotes, maps, devising titles, ranks, languages, organising the less ambitious but still interested folk (yeah, i was the oldest in the band and pretty enjoying my influence). later on i was more into new philosophical background, culture and finally, i am here for the friendship and companionship of the people struck by the same disease.

i decided to re-join NPW, if elected i am going to serve my terms with honesty, but it is not my primary drive. i want to read you, talk to you, learn and see.

ask people to recapitulate their history with talossa, their motivations, their problems, ask them about the future. for i suspect, lots of people left, cos they felt someone stole their game, their fun, they may feel cheated and neglect. i do not judge them, i try to understand them. it is pointless to ponder if they are right or it is just their offended vanity. listen, talk to, discuss. go for new talossan concord, there's plenty of room at the baseline to paraphrase the wise.

i took part in penguinea, in republic, i have been taking part in the kingdom, i had (and still have) my doubts, but as we say here, all good pigeons will come home one day again. let them come home, make a pigeon hole for them, let them feed here, let them thrive here. be open to silliness, as we do not want to end up dead(ly) serious. uniqueness of talossa has to be in two overlapping magisteria - fun and real.

cuncorðeu talossán noveu c'è fütür de talossa.

ián suôrsch grültcätsfiglheu txáglh
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