Talossa.ca due 7 July? Perhaps NameSilo?

Started by xpb, July 01, 2024, 02:27:57 PM

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Since 30 November 2023 I have not received any requests for reimbursement for web fees (in part due to DoRoyal proving some service due to errors with their system earlier in 2023) however I don't know how long that credit lasts, nor for domain registrations and,

I do see Talossa.ca expires on Sun July 7.  Who is the administrator?

There were also updates to talossa.com on 6/29, talossa.net on 5/4, and kingdomoftalossa.com on 6/26 (there may be other URLs in play as well) however I have not received any requests regarding those for reimbursement.

X Pol Briga as Burgermeister of Inland Revenue

Last Updated   Aug 21, 2023
Expires On   Jul 07, 2024
Registrar   NameSilo Technologies Corp.

Registered To   Domain Administrator
Email   pw-45deaa42b48d10f6bb8e0827e470488e@privacyguardian.org
Last Updated   Jun 29, 2024
Expires On   May 25, 2025

Registered To   Redacted for privacy
Last Updated   May 04, 2024
Expires On   Sep 21, 2024
Registrar   Hong Kong Juming Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Registered To   Domain Administrator
Email   pw-4bd493caf5cf8d617e82581a7cd6dab9@privacyguardian.org
Last Updated   Jun 26, 2024
Expires On   Oct 20, 2024