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Opening the Cabana

Started by Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă, GST, August 03, 2020, 07:33:31 AM

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Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă, GST

It's that time again and I figure no one will mind if I do it so let's get the party started.

I stake my claim to a seat.

Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselvă, GST, O.SPM, SMM
Secretár d'Estat
Scribe of Abbavilla
Guaír del Sabor Talossan
The Squirrel Viceroy of Arms, The Rouge Elephant Herald, RTCoA
Justice Emeritus of the Uppermost Cort
Former Seneschal

C. M. Siervicül

Danihel Txechescu

Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM

The Most Honourable General Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM

Senator for Maricopa, Kingdom of Talossa

Béneditsch Ardpresteir

Senator Béneditsch Ardpresteir, Esq., O.SPM

The Noir Eagle Herald
Dean, RTCoA

Member, Royal Talossan Bar

Vice Admiral, Royal Talossan Navy

Owner of Schneiderian Steels

Formerly :

Justice of the Uppermost Cort
Attorney General
Deputy Immigration Minister
Member of the Cosa
Undersecretary of State
Premier & Provincial Secretary of Maricopa
Chancellor of the O.SPM
Jolly Good Fellow