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Author Topic: [Chancery] It is with sadness  (Read 525 times)

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[Chancery] It is with sadness
« on: August 14, 2020, 06:21:50 PM »
that the Chancery has concluded that the following citizens have not voted in a general election or responded to a census in the two years preceding the election deadline:

#157 - Nikü
#212 - Sherry Leah Stuart-McDonald
#214 - Éovart Caçeir
#343 - Niclau Patíci
#411 - Xherált Ups Cantoûr
#448 - Mataiwos Tgagunitz Réitschar
#482 - T. A. Zilect
#488 - Alessandro Piazza
#492 - Förat Vandadour
#515 - Maxx Weiss

In accordance with Org.X.5 these citizens shall be deemed to have renounced their citizenship. Their status in the database will be changed accordingly.

Citizens who have lost their citizenship in this way can regain their citizenship by one of three options:
- Send an email to from the email address that was previously on file including the following information: Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number.
- Go through the regular immgration process.
- Ask an MC or Senator to sponsor an act restoring your citizenship.

New population: 180 (After the previous election 185)
Excluding dandelions: 148 (After the previous election: 153)

Glüc da Dhi,
Secretary of State
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Re: [Chancery] It is with sadness
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2020, 11:11:36 PM »
If this is your last act as SoS, Glüc, it is to deliver the sad news our population has decreased a little.  This is to be expected and out of more than five-hundred people who have ever done Talossa, 180 are still with us.  Our rate of retention is actually quite healthy, but the 'roll of the dead' is still not pleasant reading.

Not your fault, of course, your work over these years of your service being exemplary.  Again, sir, thanks for everything, and enjoy the retirement!