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Author Topic: The Crown's non-feasance is preventing the government from doing it's job!  (Read 436 times)

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The Crown's obstructionism and non-feasance is now preventing my Ministry from completing work on governmental projects, not to mention preventing the Ministry from ensuring compliance with the law (LEX.D.2.10)

I last heard from the King on the matter that we were dealing with just over two weeks ago.  Within the last fortnight I have sent the King two emails, plus he has been contacted via sms text direct to his phone.  These points of contact have yet to yield so much as confirmation of receipt.  As a result, my Ministry is now in limbo on the particular matter at hand.  I cannot move forward with the project and I am currently, technically legally, in breach of the law because I cannot bring the current status of our webdomains to be in line with what El LEX demands without his action.

Seriously, at what point is enough actually going to be enough?  It's no longer just a matter of the King failing to perform his own duties and damaging his own office; he is now preventing a governmental minister from performing their duty and potentially damaging the office of someone other than himself.

This is not on!

I, hereby, publicly demand that @King John responds to my communications immediately else I will begin legal action to seek remedy.
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For those watching, His Majesty did in fact reply promptly to the MinSTUFF on his initial query about the domain names - but has simply not responded to several emails and text messages since.

You guys all know what I think about this, and where it's heading. The King's response to the State Opening of the Cosă will be the deciding event. If he decides to boycott that too, then cosăs automaticalmînt pasarhent.

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