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Author Topic: The 2nd National Survey (Pre-release Public Consultation)  (Read 210 times)

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The 2nd National Survey (Pre-release Public Consultation)
« on: September 28, 2020, 02:01:42 AM »
As stated in the FreeDem platform and in line with the mandate we achieved in the recent election, the coalition government will be conducting a second National Survey to gain valuable insights in regards to "activity" in Talossa.  The survey has now moved out of its drafting phase and we will be going live with this on October 1st.

Links to the survey software will be published on Oct 1st on Wittenberg and on our official social media channels, and will also be sent out by email to all citizens via the Chancery's systems.

We have decided to pre-release the content of this edition of the National Survey so that everyone can have a think about how they will answer and to invite feedback and suggestions before final release.  Please do not post your answers to the questions just yet; rather, please wait for the survey to go live.  Likewise, please refrain from starting conversations and debates on any issues raised until the survey has taken place. 

If you have suggestions for any more questions that you would like to see in the survey or any comments on the existing questions, then please get in touch with myself either by sending me a Witt PM or by email at stuff@talossa.com or if you prefer you can post such comments here in this public consultation thread.

The questions that we intend to include in the upcoming survey are as follows:

1. How often do you check the Wittenberg discussion forum?

2. Over the last 5 years, has the amount of time you spend on Talossa increased, decreased or stayed the same?

3. If the time you spend on Talossa has decreased over the past 5 years, what reasons would you give for that?

4. Do you think that more interaction between Talossans should take place Off Wittenberg?

5. Which of the following options would you be interested in seeing more of in regards to Talossan interaction?  (Tick all that apply)
(possible answers for Q5: Social Media, Emails, Live chat rooms, Teleconferencing, Physical Meetups)

6. When prospective citizens apply for citizenship, do you greet them, ask them questions about themselves or otherwise engage with them during their immigration period?

7. Please give any more detail about your answer to the previous question, including what could be done to encourage you to engage with prospective citizens more, if anything.

8. Do you think that Talossa as a nation and a community is healthier, less healthy, or about the same as it was a year ago? (By "healthy" we mean enjoyable and attractive to participate in).

9. Which of the following would increase your interest in learning/using the Talossan language? (tick all that apply)
(Possible answers for Q9: (a) More or better learning materials for absolute beginners. (b) More literature, poetry, videos or songs in Talossan (whether original or translated). (c) More discussion on Wittenberg (or elsewhere) in the Talossan language. (d) More of the business of Government (including law-making) carried out in Talossan. (e) None of the above.)

10. Do you think Talossa would benefit from a fully rewritten new Organic Law?

11. Does the current level of impoliteness/nastiness in Talossan conversations discourage you from participating?

12. Do you have any other comments on Talossa, or suggestions on what could be done to improve citizen involvement?

Many thanks.
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