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Author Topic: Please Take Part in the Second National Survey  (Read 920 times)

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Re: Please Take Part in the Second National Survey
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2020, 05:17:00 PM »

Raw results available on the National Webspace.

Summary of Recommendations

The Office of the Seneschál, based on the input of the Talossan people as provided by this survey, will recommend the following to Cabinet and the Ziu:
  • Promoting non Wittenberg ways for Talossans to meet up. The Ministry of STUFF will accelerate and prioritise plans for a Talossan social media system and promote live video and Instant Messaging interactions between Talossans. The Ministry of the Interior will also investigate ways of encouraging real life meet ups between Talossans , perhaps based in the Greater Talossan Area itself or based on provinces.
  • Reforms/tweaks to the current Immigration system. The Ministry of STUFF will investigate technological ways to alert existing citizens to new prospectives. The Ministry of the Interior will examine possible non technological improvements to the Immigration system, including ways to encourage prospectives to introduce themselves in a way which improves citizen engagement. This may involve the Seneschál's previously stated interest in restoring the requirement for citizens to read up on Talossan history and perhaps answer questions on it.
  • The Bureu del Ghleþ will discuss with SIGN the best ways to produce new Talossan language learner materials, as well as literature both originally written in and translated into the national language.
  • The Culture Ministry will recommit to prioritising the promotion and/or organisation of Talossan games, competitions and quizzes.
  • The previous survey raised the ideas of “exit interviews for departing citizens” and “a week/month in review thread". These suggestions were not repeated this time, but those who are still interested in those ideas might want to raise them again.

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