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Author Topic: LEGISLATING FIX TWO: Separate Cosă and Senäts debates  (Read 32 times)

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LEGISLATING FIX TWO: Separate Cosă and Senäts debates
« on: April 03, 2021, 01:51:42 AM »
I think this would enable us to have to consider each bill separately in each Chamber, increasing the amount of scrutiny:

X1. The Clark shall comprise two sections; one, including bills to be considered by the Senäts; the other, including bills to be considered by the Cosă as well as the Vote of Confidence. No bill shall be voted on in both sections in the same month, except to override a Royal veto.

X2. A bill shall be considered first in the chamber where its primary sponsor sits. If the bill is approved by one Chamber, and the bill does not have a secondary sponsor from the other chamber, the Chair of that chamber shall Clark it for that chamber upon its sponsor's request.

Also amend the existing H.11 thus:

The same bill can not be submitted to the same chamber on the Clark more than once in the same Cosa, unless:
- the original bill was vetoed
- the original bill had been retired or voted down by its main sponsor during the voting period
- the bill has been substantially amended, as judged by the Secretary of State.
- the original bill has been passed by the other chamber in identical form on an intervening Clark; in which case it may not be submitted a third time except as provided in the three cases above.

This can be combined with the other Legislating Fix, OR either of them can be adopted separately. They'd both be good reforms, it's just what people prefer.

There's another, bigger question of "depowering the Senäts" so the Cosă can push its will through in certain circumstances, but that opens the door to Wholesale OrgLaw Reform, and I won't worry about that until after the election.
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