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Author Topic: [STUFF] Great Big Whopping Talossan Zoom Gathering of 2021 (aka La Raßemblă)  (Read 147 times)

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La Raßemblă

Coming Soon: The Ministry of STUFF will be organising a great big whopping Zoom gathering for all Talossans.  Well ... we will be organising a Zoom gathering, but whether or not it becomes great, big or whopping (or a combination thereof) is entirely up to YOU! So, please, please, please show your Talossan patriotism and help make this event one to remember.

As you might know, the Ministry of STUFF recently delivered TalossaNET to the nation; a fully featured social networking site for Talossa.  TalossaNET was built with a Zoom video chat integration, so this will be the venue for this great big whopping event.

TalossaNET's video chat integrations will allow us to host the live event and record it for posterity by storing a saved recording for future viewing and downloading as well as saving a transcript log of the accompanying text chat.

You will be able to participate in the event whether or not you have a webcam or mic.  You can join in with full video chat, but you can also just join with microphone audio or even just take part as a text chat participant.


Still to be decided is the when.  Please let us know your preferred dates and times.  We will collate the information that everybody gives and (hopefully) come up with a date and time that will allow for the greatest level of participation.

From now until the event we will also be drafting, for lack of a better term, an agenda for the event.  Some kind of outline for the event host(s) to work from to let the event flow smoothly.  Please also let us know what sort of things you would like to see happen during such an event and we will do our best to accommodate. 

We will also need event hosts!  To a degree this will entail some moderating, but I'd prefer to think of the role as more like that of a 'chat show host'.  Somebody who can help keep things flowing and moving.  Someone with loads of chatty skillz who can prevent dead air and be able to steer the overall session(s) using the "agenda" to guide them.  Think this is for you?  Get in touch!

The plans are not set in stone yet.  This post serves as the initial announcement to start to get the hype train a'rolling.  So, get hyped, get excited and get ready for La Raßemblă!  Coming soon in 2021.

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I can be a host for sure.

And don't forget my Talossan anniversary Zoom at 7pm Central on the 26th.  It will not be recorded, btw.

Zoom link will come day-of. 

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At the moment, I am generally available for the entirety of the weekend. However, I can be available at almost any time with sufficiently advanced notice. I would love to be involved.

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