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The Speech from the Throne (40th Anniversary)

Started by Sir Lüc, December 26, 2019, 07:43:47 AM

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Sir Lüc

Today, in the 40th anniversary of Talossan independence, I am proud and honoured to present to you King John's traditional Speech from the Throne, exceptionally delivered by video.
Sir Lüc da Schir, UrB
Directeur Sportif, Gordon Hiatus Support Team

In my free time:
Túischac'h dal Cosă / Speaker of the Cosa
Wittmeister & Permanent Secretary of Backend Admin / Secretar Parmanint per l'Aðmistraziun del Backend
Deputy Scribe of Abbavilla / Distain Grefieir d'Abbavillă

Sevastáin Pinátsch

Good speech. Thumbs up from this minion.

If you do get another, please adopt a rescue dog. Lots of people want a puppy. It's the castaways that need a loving home.

My last 8 dogs (we've generally kept a pack of 3-4 at a time) were all adopted in the age range of 9 months to 3 years and gave our family lots of love in the 3.5-13.5 years they lived.

Our 5 year old Labrador died unexpectedly at the end of September and we're still feeling the loss. We got him from a kill shelter on December 19, 2015. Probably the saddest circumstances and the most rehabilitation we've ever endured in rescuing an animal, but I'd change nothing. Sometimes you get ~4 years. Sometimes you get ~14.  Every day with each of them was a gift. Well... is. We currently have two. Both were surrendered by people who didn't realize the responsibility of large breed dog ownership until they had 70 pound, partially-trained young adults rampaging the house.

~ SP
Sevastáin Pinátsch, Senator for Atatürk

C. M. Siervicül

Happy 40th Independence Day, Talossans!

God save the King! God save Talossa!