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An open message to our Lord Warden

Started by xpb, March 27, 2021, 09:13:26 PM

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@Ián Tamorán

In regard to your consideration of

as it relates to the existing Organic Law
Article II: The King
Section 3

The King of Talossa is King John I, until his demise, abdication, or removal from the throne. Should the King at any time renounce or lose his citizenship, that renunciation or loss shall be deemed to imply his abdication of the Throne. Upon the demise, abdication, or removal from the Throne of the King, the Uppermost Cort shall be a Council of Regency. (54RZ28)

I was not aware that the King had abdicated, nor have I seen any formal process to remove him, only to remove this section of the Organic Law as a fait accompli - am I missing something?


I am sorry to see the results of the vote with no further discussion here.